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Britain and France, while concerned about the rise of the Nazis, are not in any position to effect anything, although they do state that they will not tolerate any aggressive maneuver's by this new alliance. In Moscow, Joesph Stalin makes a similar statement, as he is more concerned with the development of heavy industry in Russia than foreign intervention.

Himmler is ecstatic that his political coup is ignored by the rest of Europe, and he believes that, once power is consolidated, he could easily dominate the rest of Europe.

However, Himmler is faced with a difficult decision. While focusing on the domestic economy is important, and is one of his promises, he has to focus on one of the branches of the army over the others, to fight the bigger enemy that the new "Großdeutschland Reich" had to face: the army against the Soviets, the Air Force against the French, or the navy against the British?

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