One Dollar Bill Art by Atypyk 4


Well, when the first civilization didn't make currency, gold wasn't worth anything except armor. Everyone got something by trading.

Roman Times

The Romans trade slaves with salt and bribe other nations to join the Roman Empire with jewelry worth 12 swords. The gold never really entered a golden age because it was worthless. The Roman Empire never went to ruins because they didn't have to pay their debts with money. Rome conquers most of Europe except France, Spain, Germany, Russia, and Great Britain. The Romans finally fall to the old coalition and gets forced to release all nations it bribed into being part of.

Blank europe map1

Medieval Ages

In the Medieval ages, Gold goes completely obsolete being replaced by Iron, because it is actually useful unlike gold. Gold only goes to the poor people who might want a gold box. Iron is now the new biggest thing, being used by only the big nations and gets used the most. Ships are made to use Iron cannons. A major fight breaks out in Madrid, Spain about a trade that wasn't worth it consisting of a pig for a chicken. The old coalition is broken between the countries because Great Britain and France went to war on which France takes the Rennes region. Germany turns into the Holy Roman Empire and Rome's past remnants give the Papal States and Sicily out. The Pope wears an Iron and white hat instead of a Gold and white hat. Spain goes to the Americas and says there are cities of Iron (haha bad pun) and lies because it is mostly gold and so they can brag about what they did. Spain claims all of the new world as theirs. The wars between Britain and France cease for colonization in the new world and they say to Spain that the New world is up for grabs. Sweden declares independence from Russia and asks for help from the Holy Roman Empire. One major battle is fought in the Russian city of Tornio. Sweden secretly takes Russia's Iron trade. The Holy Roman Empire intervenes in the war on the Swedish Empire. Everyone takes a big interest on colonization. The Pope encourages Sweden's independence for Sweden declares its religion is catholic. The Pope makes Sweden's independence as the first Crusade. England, Sicily, and Spain join the Crusade. The Byzantine Empire is formed. The Byzantine Empire joins the war on the side of Russia. Rebels turn up in The Holy Roman Empire so Prussia can turn up. Britain starts colonizing (OTL) USA and Canada. France also starts colonizing the Quebec region or New France. The Aztecs fall to the Spanish rule, the Mayans vanish mysteriously, and the Incans... Well we don't know what happened to the Incans because some small plates in the sky took them (haha no they fell to the Spanish). Another Main battle of Sweden happens in Oslo, Norway, Russia, where The Holy Roman Empire and Sweden defend against Russian and Byzantine Forces. Sweden and the HRE inflict Russia with 100,000 casualties with the Byzantines losing 30,000 while Sweden loses 90,000 and the HRE loses 37,000 men. France loses a ship battle against Russia, losing the 3rd French Fleet, and Russia losing 5 ships. Russia finally gives up and Sweden finally gets their independence. The Pope is satisfied with Sweden and every catholic nation, so he gives them all 10 special iron swords all with a certain name. The one going to Sweden is called Il nuovo Svezia aka The new Sweden. The Chinese propose a new currency called a shai but everyone feels it is a bad idea. The second Crusade is called, against Egypt for controlling Antioch. The Pope says that he will give the person who takes the Holy Land back a piece of the old Roman Jewelery, which is worth 12 of those fancy swords. Everyone gives effort to the Crusade, even though the Spanish have Portuguese Nationalists. Spain also takes over Tenochitlan, gaining thousands of gold. The Spanish dump the gold out to the Ocean because it is worthless. The Holy Roman Empire allies with Sweden. Sweden, although beat up from the war, still sends a staggering 50,000 men. But England got to Antioch first and made the Egyptians bow down before them. A dog named Lassie saves a boy out of a well. India goes into a National dispute about no currency and there was an underground money system. Some of the countries got it under control with local law enforcement. Spain, France, and Sicily put laws to where it is illegal to make currency. Japan's Shogunate gives Iron to China for the local peace in the lands. England gives the Papal States Antioch and heads back to England. The Pope asks Spain to release Portugal. Spain's leader, King Juan XV refuses and the people get uppity. The people execute the King and release Portugal. Portugal thanks the Pope and the people of Spain. The world enters an Imperial age.

Imperial Age

The Imperial Age starts off with The Dutch going to America to scope out the land. (There we go if you want more name a city you want Here:My Blog and then we shall make more (and by we I mean me))Regards, Sasafred12 20:57, June 27, 2012 (UTC)

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