POD: The Sealed Train that Lenin was put on crashes. Lenin is killed so the Communists are left without their leader at the time the provisional government is still in power.


December 1917: Germany makes peace with the Russians allowing them to shift all forces into Western Europe four months earlier than OTL. Germany promises to aid Russia in the rebuilding.

December 9th 1917: America announces that it will ship food to Russia in order to prevent mass starvation.


January 2nd 1918: Lavr Kornilov is killed by a sniper in Red Square, Kerensky makes the move to continue with the democratization of Russia.

January 30th: Germany has withdrawn most of its forces from the Eastern Front; First shipments of grain from America take place: First American troops land in France.

February 15th 1918: Germany launches its Spring Offensive earlier than in OTL and is able to secure victory in the Western Front.

February 22nd 1918: France and Britain sue for peace.

April 17th 1918: First Elections of Constituante Assembly are launched: Russian Provincial Government is not much changed but because the election takes place renews spirit of Russian People.

April 31st 1918: German Government keeps it word and gives Russia two billion dollars in aid to restart Russian Industrial strength giving several million jobs and quieting the economic chaos that Russia had been facing although not erasing it.

By the beginning of July 1918 Russia is at least slowing the rate of its situation although there are serious problems still facing it. Things start to improve greatly for the Russian people.

November 11th 1918: Treaty of Berlin signed. Britain and France are punished less than they punished Germany in OTL.

The main terms are

1. Britain and France must pay 25 billion dollars in war reparations to the Central Powers. They also must pay 100 million dollars into Russia a year for the next ten years (Germany did this to humiliate the Allies in that they were paying to an Ally).

2. Britain must turn over half of its Navy over to Germany and France must turn over 3/4 of their ships. Also their armies are left to only be 300 thousand soldiers a piece OTL (100 thousand for Germans).

3.Britain cedes British Somaliland, Nigeria and Kenya to the Germans. France cedes: Algeria, Vietnam and Madagascar. Germany now is the 2nd largest empire in the World now, (Germany lost all of its colonies).

4. America must continue to send grain shipments to Russia.

5. Belgium is officially annexed to Germany - as well as Malta.

1919 to 1923 the Years of Decision

By late 1919 Russia had been well on the road to recovery Because of the success of the aid in restoring the large amount of the Russian economy and the grain shipments from America preventing starvation and feeding the Russian people. Russia seems to be nearing what it used to be. Because of the popular support the Russian Civil War was far less deadly as the Bolsheviks were not as numerous as they were and only the wealthy nobles were in favor for the czar and was crushed easily with German help.

In Western Europe, France and Britain were in better shape than Germany in 1920 but still had miserable countries. There was national shame as they had lost the war against the Monarchies.

The Second British Revolution and French Revolution take place for four long years in which millions are killed. Monarchies are in placed in both countries.

In the United States the economy is not shot to pieces but enjoys growth from the war mobilization. America pledges to maintain a large military and there Army is kept at 1.1 million soldiers and is equipped with a powerful Navy. During this time America directly invades and annexes Nicaragua and Honduras in spite of International protest.

1924-1925 The Austrian-German/Russian War

Austria-Hungary only gaining small amounts of land from the Treaty of Berlin is angry and launches an Invasion of Southern Germany.

The Germans were thrown off guard and were struggling to recover. The Austrians were able to advance through Bavaria, however, were stopped at Munich. The Germans were rapidly recovering and the Austrian Army is being beaten back.

In September of 1924 Russia launches a massive invasion of Hungary and stops only 30 miles from the German Front. It is apparent that the secret military aid given to the Russians by the Germans was paying off.

In January 1925 The Germans had taken Vienna. One company of Austrian troops led by Adolf Hitler fought heroically at the Academy of Fine Arts. Hitler survives although his company is annihilated (only 4 survivors).

The Treaty of Vienna split the now dead Austrian-Hungarian Empire between Germany and Russia.

The United States under Calvin Coolidge had been alarmed by how strong the Russian and Germans are and in order to show off their military might invade Panama in order to secure the Panama Canal for good.

Britain and France suffer Revolutions of their own. The monarchy led by King Edward VIII promises to restore the glory of the British Empire. French nationalist forces under Charles de Gaulle win against the French Republicans and De Gaulle takes the title of Napoleon the 4th.

The World seems to be nearly preparing for another World War.

1926-1927: The Beginning of Trotsky Era and Tensions rising

In 1926 The Russians seemed to nearly recover from the devastation from the First World War. It was believed that they would be on the cusp of a golden age when Tragedy suddenly struck. On April 17, 1918 Alexander Kerensky was shot and killed by a Communist assassin named Joseph Stalin. Leon Trotsky took over immediately as Vice President and ordered a Great Red Purge that lasted Over a year. It killed over 100 thousand suspected communists and was condemned by the rest of the World. Trotsky would then launch reforms in the steel and coal industries which caused major grumbles among German investors and hundreds of German workers and managers are killed in Russia.

At the Same time Edward the VIII announced that he would rebuild the Navy to the world's surprise. Germany is too concerned about threat of War looming with the Russians that they rebuilt. By the end of 1927 the British Navy had doubled its size even though the size was still half of the 1918 level.

Napoleon - with the support of Edward VIII - announces that they are going to refuse to pay any more war reparations which are critical to Germany's economy. However, they actually increase the money to Russia to 125 million dollars a year in order to fuel the fire growing between Russia and Germany. Germany is threatened to be engulfed by a two-front war.

In addition America is now charging Russia for the food it is sending them. Russia by now can feed much more of its population with its own food but is dependent still on U.S food. However, due to the troubles between Russia and Germany the critical aid that was being put into the Russian Economy was threatened.

War seemed around the corner.

1928 Assassination Crisis

Russia is now deporting thousands of German Workers and it seems that war between Russia and Germany is near. Britain and France make a new pact called the Grand Alliance of the Two Empires. While still not able to threaten Germany Directly they remain a problem for the Germans to deal with.

On February 7th 1928 the Kaiser is assassinated by "supposed" Russian Spy named Igor Zachariev flees to Russian embassy. Zachariev is son of the important General Boris Zachariev who has more than enough influence to "convince" the ambassador to keep his son.

German Forces surround the embassy and declare that it will be considered an act of war unless the Russians extradite Zachariev to face trial

Field Marshall Erich Ludendorf takes over the government as there is no successor made to the throne. He immediately mobilizes 14 divisions to attack Russia near Warsaw.

Russia refuses to turn him over so the Germans storm the embassy and kill Zachariev. General Zachariev is furious and shells the German Embassy in Moscow killing Ludendorf's nephew, Capitan Issac Schliffen. War is about to break out.

The Germans mobilize 70 divisions in addition to the 14 already prepared to attack. Five of these are used as there is still hope in preventing an all out war. During a fierce seven day called the Battle of the Frontiers: The Germans advance 30 miles into Russia but are stopped by a fierce Russian counterattack as fighting ties both of them down. By the end of the battle Casualties for the Germans are 9,000 dead 22,000 wounded. Russian Casualties are 14,000 dead and 24,000 wounded. The Ferocity of the conflict scares both the governments of Russia and Germany. In the Treaty of Warsaw Russia is made to seed modern day Finland which is rich with coal and oil to the Germans while the German investors are made to stay and comply with Trotsky's demands. Warsaw changes hands from Russia to Germany. World War II has been delayed for the moment.

At the same time the United States, deciding to show of more of its military might and fulfilling their mission as permanently staying the major power in the Western Hemisphere, invades Mexico conquering both Baja California and Baja California Sur. It is believed that the Americans will use the two states as strategic bases to invade the rest of Mexico. Mexico appeals to Germany and Germany threatens war if America goes any farther. America decides to heed the warning and 'purchases" both states for 500 million dollars. Mexico is forced to accept it and uses the money to start modernising their military. Germany pledges them additional aid. 1/3rd of the British and French warships captured from the Treaty of Berlin are sent to Mexico in order to dramatically increase the strength of their military. XIX Corps of 40 thousand men are sent to Mexico as well in order to strengthen military and to counteract the dangerously strong United States.

Germany decides to blockade to island of Corsica and threatens to invade unless war reparations continue.

1929-1933 Peace

On January 21st Germany begins to shell Corsica killing dozens of people. This outrages the Alliance. France has no significant way of resisting a German invasion of the island. However, Britain and the United States have large enough navies and a task force is sent toward to the German Blockade. In the meantime a Turkey has been modernising there military to astounding levels. Japan and Russia are poised to repeat the 1905 point. However, Trotsky has spending massive amounts of money into making a modern navy. The world though seems to repeat the Second World War, however, much earlier than in the original. However, at the Cairo Peace Summit. (King Farouk hosts it as he has much to gain for it. He makes a lot of money from German oil sales through Iraq and Allied shipping going through the Suez Canal and war would threaten to shut it down destroying the Egyptian economy). The main accomplishments at the peace summit are

1. China shall be at the mercy of the Western Powers and Japan. They only squabble among themselves. (By now China is no longer unified under any type of government).

2. Germany will immediately cease bombardment and blockade of Corsica in return for continuation of war repayments from Britain and France. However, payments are cut in half.

3. The United States of America will not threaten Mexico's right's as a sovereign nation.

4. Japan will not threaten to invade India any longer.

5. Britain shall cede Palestine to the Turkish Empire. Turkey will not threaten Allied shipping from Suez Canal. (Farouk had a large part to do with this).

6. The United States shall continue grain sales to Russia until 1933.

The treaty was signed April 23rd 1929.

The peace summit seemed to be a success. The nations breathed a collective sigh of relief that war had been delayed. However, the men at the top knew that this was only time to delay. Mexico now had 60 thousand German troops in it and invaded Guatemala on September 30th of 1929. in response to a supposed border incident. It was able to surprisingly conquer Guatemala in less than a week and the Americans are stunned that Mexico has such a strong military. It is unable to say anything as it was planning to invade in order to start there Invasion of Mexico. America is forced to allow it to happen.

Back in Russia. Trotsky is pondering on what to do. He is surrounded by three rivals. Germany, Turkey, and Japan in the Far East. He knows that there is going to be a second world war. However, it will be between the Allies, the Central Powers and the Russian Empire. Trotsky is paranoid and continues to spend money on the military and not enough in agriculture. This will lead to problems later on when America no longer has to supply Russia with still to the point nearly half of its food. Germany has stopped aid payments to Russia for a while and the only monetary aid was the amount that Britain and France still had to give to Russia as the Treaty of Berlin stated. However, Britain and France are angry that they were not able to force the war between the Central Powers and Russia as they had hoped.

In the United States a new president named Stephen Douglas is a Right Wing who would like to see Allied control of the world and one who wants to see Mexico under American rule. Germany and Japan are concerned that America will conquer Mexico and it will free them to fight the Germans and the Japanese as they were able to do in the OTL.

Germany has been stretched to the Limit with having to run all the new colonies and the territories in the world. Ludendorf sensing of an oncoming war with Russia decides to shock the world with a treaty with Western Alliance. Deciding to cut costs and at the same time hassle the Western Allies. Ludendorf announces that he is transferring Algieria back to France and British Somaliland back to the British for 640 million dollars. This is hailed as a great hallmark to peace and Ludendorf is giving the Nobel Peace prize in 1932. Germany uses the money and troops to fortify the border with Russia. It seems that it can concentrate all of its efforts on Russia and the United States. Douglas warns that the Germans can not be trusted and relations are beginning to sour

Meanwhile, Trotsky and Tojo sign the historic Moscow-Toyko Agreement stating that Russia will not challenge Japanese Expansion into Manchuria in return for grain shipments from the new province. Ludendorf is enraged by Japan not even informing the Germans of the deal putting them in danger of a Russia that can feed itself and at the same time damaging the German agricultural market. Ludendorf threatens to cut relations of with Japan if ever left out of the loop, however, knows that he needs Japan as an Ally as America is looking to increase its power in the Pacific which Germany cannot check as well as Japan can. Japan invades Manchuria as in the OTL, Douglas demands that Japan leaves Manchuria, however, is too concerned with Mexico at the time to do anything about it.

In the recently conquered states of Baja California and Baja California Sur, riots and rebellions have been commonplace and the states are threatening to fall into chaos. Most American troops were pulled out and many Americans wanted to return the two states to Mexico. However, Douglas orders six divisions of American troops totaling 90 thousand troops to crush rebellion and maintain order. The American Peacemaking Expedition *APE* uses tactics which are brutal and condemned by Mexico and Germany. Thousands of Mexican rebels are killed and Mexico demands that the APE withdraw immediately or face war. Douglas orders mobilization of American forces bordering Mexico. Ludendorf makes a point and immediately orders XIX corps to mobilize for war and large mobilization of Mexican Military is taking affect. After Napoleon and Edward VII refuse Douglas’ call to invade Germany. Douglas is forced to back of and the APE is forced to stop its harsh methods. However, the region stays in American hands.

Ludendorf believes that he has achieved a great victory for Germany. American power has been checked the Western Allies have been appeased and Russia was still struggling. In the Pacific the Japanese left unopposed by the Russian's control, Mainland Japan, Korea, Manchuria, Taiwan, Vietnam and Burma. Douglas is reeling from being "betrayed" by the Western Allies. The American people are embarrassed that they had to back down. Dissent is stirring in America. Meanwhile, Russia is now getting rice shipments from Manchuria. And in Mexico, President Villa is enjoying all time highs in making the hated Americans back down. In Italy the Western Allies are considering helping democratic Northern Italy conquer Fascist Southern Italy.

Turkey is improving infrastructure at the time improving its railways and roads and public works. They know that they are the successor to the Ottoman Empire and no longer want to be thought of as the sick man of Europe. They are also modernising their education and industry. 14th Janissary Division is sent to Palestine to keep peace between Arabs and Jews. They are considering an Alliance with the Egyptian Empire. However, Farouk wants to stay neutral.

In the United States tensions are rising as Douglas wants to punish Britain and France due to their neutrality in the Mexican issue. However, he views them as tools to be used. He authorizes a ten percent increase in the budget for the military also authorizing the formation of eight divisions. Meanwhile, he is pondering to invade Canada for there abundance of resources and there joke of a military. However, he needs Russia to not intervene.

The world seems to be a bomb about to blast into WW2 but isn't it always?

1934 The lull

In 1934 not much happened in the world. Britain and France were compliant with the colonies that Germany had returned to them and had a resurgence of nationial pride. The United States was complacent and decided to merely consolidate there new territories. Russia was enjoying a record harvest that year and shipments from Manchuria and America kept the people well fed. Trotsky, however, decided to step down from power. A young upstart named Gregory Zichrov replaced him. He was a fiery leader that commanded the respect of his people and his fellow leaders. Plans are made for a new tank called the T-26. In Germany Ludendorf is planning to retire next year. However, he orders that plans are drawn up for the Panzer I. Japan had trouble in dealing with Chinese rebels but were still doing well. The modern battleship the Yamato is revealed. It is the most state of the art naval ship in the world. In Mexico there army is approaching near superpower capacity. Soon enough it will be able to hold its own against America. Turkey is continuing to modernise economically. It also has invaded Syria after it was given up from Europe. German Iraq and the Turkish Empire now had a direct link. This is seen as a strategic victory for the Central Powers.

1935 Tidewater Rising

1935 is where many many things happened. Tensions that had been thought to be calmed in 1933 seem to be rising once more. On the same day Russia and Germany reveal there brand new types of tanks to the worlds amazement. Ironically it was the money paided by the Western Allies that allowed this to happen.

Germany finds out that the T-26 is far superior to the Panzer I. Ludendorf is frightened and orders development of the Panzer II which will be completed in 1936 and plans for the Panzer III ready by 1939. Four destroyers and one battlecruiser are completed this year and are added to the growing Kreigsmarine. Germany decides to sit and wait to see how things work out. the U-Boat program has over 100 submarines as it was never shut down with Germany winning World War II

In February 6th of 1935 Douglas resigns. A fiery popular war hero named Jim Cornette takes over. A fierce American expansionist and patriot he does the unthinkable. He makes negotiations with Germany with shocking results. Germany will withdraw all of its troops from Mexico by 1936 in return for the Americans to cut of all ties with the Western Allies. Cornette Agrees to do it immediately. He becomes a national hero for neutralizing the last problem with obtaining dominance over North America forever. Germany has not announced that it is making a deal with America.

In the meantime a new player in the world is emerging. Instead of the deadly Spanish Civil War. Franco asks Salazar to invade Spain and the Spanish Army will not resist. Salazar does and three days later the Pyrenic Empire is declared. They immediately are given control of Rhodesia from the Germans as it will provide a link so the Allies can not overrun them immediately. Britain and France are in panic now. Britini pulls out of Siam leaving it open to Japaneese takeover. Japan gives 480 million dollars to Britain in "condolences" with the rapidly growing Japanese economy it is of little loss to them. Japan orders 16 divisions of troops to be conscripted from Siam Vietnam and Burma. All the buildup for the largest operation in history. Ten divisions are raised from Korea and Tawain in addition to the 56 divisions already available. and the 28 divisions in Vietnam. Japan unveils its first two aircraft carriers the Horyo and the Fuji, They also order ten divisions to be raised in Japan. The tojo tank is surprisingly advanced.

Meanwhile, Turkey launches a massive invasion of Saudi Arabia conquering it in less than two months. This angers Farouk at the unprovoked Turkish aggression and threatens to cut of the Suez for good crippling Europe.

The Russians, on the other hand, are already planning the T-28 medium tank and the legendary T-34 tank to be released in 1938 and 1940 respectively.

1936 Sparkpoint

In 1936 on the January of the 4th. China is finally united by warlord Sun Gao a skilled general. He seeks to finally bring China into the path of the superpowers. However, he is desperately trying to modernise his army buying literally everything he could. he knew that he could not win a war with Japan unless through attrition.

Russia announces its first carrier.

Turkey and Egypt are about to go to war.

The United States begins to send aid to the Pyrenic Empire. large buildup is spotted. Germany announces about the new Luftwaffe. with fighters like the BF109 and bombers like the Stuka.

Britain and France officially declare the United States to be a tyrant. Cornette dismisses this and is finalizing plans for the invasion.

Germany is complacent to watch Western Europe destroy itself. However in a shocking turn of events, the Western Allies and Pyrrhic Empire align against Germany and the United States. Mexico joins and Brazil does to. This brings alarm to the two great powers and it is decided that in case of war they will support each other. Meanwhile, the Americans unveil a new tank called the Christie that is on the level of the Panzer I. Meanwhile, the Americans begin talk of the Americluss the merger of America and Canada as one nation. Canada gives Newfoundland up to the Americans. The Americans reveal the construction of the first aircraft carrier the Yorktown. two more aircaft carriers to be unveiled in 1938 and 1940 respectively.

In Japan an additional six divisions are raised from Taiwan. Operation Rising Sun is set to take place a massive invasion of China. Sun Gao is importing large amounts of Russian weapons. However, the Japanese begin preparations for the epic invasion. Three more destroyers are commissioned.

1937 War breaks out ... Almost.

January 17th 1937, Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai border with Palestine come under heavy fire. EAF responds and destroys attacking forces.

January 19th 1937. Halie Selassie meets with King Farouk.

January 27th 1937 Ethiopian Empire merges with Egyptian Empire and becomes Grand Egyptian-Ethiopian Empire.

January 31st 1937. Gregory Zichrov orders that railroads be expanded to meet Chinese demands for weapons.

February 7th 1937, Colombia Joins the Western Alliance.

February 18th 1937, Germany invades Northern Italy.

February 28th. Great Britain and France declare neutrality.

March 7th; Farouk takes a sneaky move and attacks Libyan Italy. With most of their Army in Italy fighting the Germans Libya seems lost.

March 9th 1937, Rome is captured by Germans.

March 15th 1937, Switzerland re-declares its neutrality

March 28th 1937: France invades Sardinia. Germany doesn't mind this as they need to lure the Allies into Complacency.

April 4th 1937: Panzer II starts seeing combat action.

April 10th 1937: President Villa orders masses of fortifications to be built to guard against the incoming American invasion.

April 29th 1937: Germans reach the Bottom of Italian peninsula. They stop there and declare Italy to be defeated. Sicilian Republic is formed from Libyan and Italian Survivors.

April 30th 1937 Germany promises to never invade Sicily.

May 2nd 1937. Mexican fortifications are starting to be completed.

May 12th 1937: Union between America and Canada is fulfilled. America now has more than enough resources for anything.

May 13th 1937 Argentina joins the Western Alliance.

May 18th 1937 Germany steps up production of Panzer II"s first Panzer III is created.

May 27th 1937, Egyptian forces are shelled from Turkish positions in Saudi Arabia 17 soldiers are killed.

May 29th 1937. Western Allies begin desperate build up of forces.

May 30th 1937: Ludendorf resigns. A fierce national named General Von Runsdent takes over as president.

June 3rd 1937, British destroyer HMS Manchester is sunk by German U-boat.

June 9th 1937. Japanese begin to shell Chinese coast.

June 11th 1937 American and Mexican ships trade fire.

June 17th 1937: Columbia joins the Western Alliance.

June 21st 1937: Belgium revolts against German Empire.

June 23rd 1937: Large amounts of German forces enter Belgium.

June 28th 1937, Germans use Stukas and Panzers to devastating effect crushing the rebellion in a week.

June 31st 1937: Russia displays the T-28 medium tank.

July 8th 1937: Egyptian Air Force bombs Turkish fortifications in Palestine.

July 17th 1937, Germans start producing Panzer III's in greater numbers.

July 20th 1937: Centurion tank is announced to be main tank of Western Allies.

July 31st 1937: Cornette passes universal conscription.

August 15th 1937: Peru joins Western Alliance.

August 18th 1937 : Russia sends T-26's and T-28's to China.

August 27th 1937: Russian development in Siberia and Far east are becoming apparent.

August 31st 1937 Cornette demands that Britain and France remove themselves from the Alliance.

September 2nd 1937: King Edward VII and Napoleon IV refuse.

September 4th 1937 American announces the B-24 and B-25 bombers. P-36 will be main fighter until 1941.

September 18th 1937 Hawker Hurricane I starts to be sent into service.

October 6th 1937 Egypt receives large numbers of Panzer II's Germany accidentally bombs a supply convoy of Turkey.

October 30th 1937 Germany announces the development of several new bombers.

November 21st 1937. Yak I announced as main fighter for Russia and the Zero for Japan.

December 30th 1937 President Villa is shot dead by assassins.

December 31st 1937: Ethiopia Joins Egypt. Railroads start being built and their army strengthened.

1938 War Breaks Out

January 4th: Mexico has fallen into Chaos Cornette orders Operation Flamesword (Invasion of Mexico) to be carried out. Hundreds of thousands of troops and hundreds of tanks pour through Southern and Northern Mexico

January 9th: Western Alliance declares war on the United States.

January 11th Contrary to popular belife the Panzer III started production three years early. Ludendorf contemplates the invasion

January 14th: First Egyptian advisors appear in Egypt

January 17th: Colombian troops attack the Panama Canal and suffer a horrifying defeat

January 19th: Bombing of Mexico City begins.

January 25th: Sinking of the Battleship Hildago crushes weakening Mexican Morale.

January 31st 1938: Ciudad Victoria captured

February 3rd 1938: Durango is captured.

February 18th 1938: Battle of Salina Cruz. A strong American victory, however, took heavy losses. Southern Invasion is stalled

February 27th 1938: U.S Marines land in Veracruz.

March 2nd 1938: Americans secure Veracruz.

March 8th 1938: New American Carrier Lexington is unveiled. These two carriers are instrumental for destroying Mexican Resistance.

March 14th 1938: Royal Navy is successful in sinking two American Destroyers.

March 16th 1938: New tank named the grant is put into development.

March 28th 1938: Americans secure Jalapa.

April 3rd 1938: Colombians try to attack Panama again. They make some headway but are soon decimated by Naval and Air Force.

April 17th 1938: Operation Victorious involving over Million men make a massive leap toward Mexico City.

April 31st 1938: Mexico surrenders.

May 5th 1938: Bolivia joins Western Alliance.

May 11th 1938: Japanese Navy begins to Blockade Mainland China.

May 13th: 1938: Japan promises not to invade the Philippines.

May 17th 1938: Egypt launches surprise attack on Crete crushing naval and air bases there.

May 23rd 1938: Turkey declares war on Egypt. The race for the Middle East is on. Germany starts sending weapons and aid to Egypt.

May 24th 1938: Russia decides to send aid to Turkey.

May 29th 1938: Germany is shocked by the extent of how the British and French rebuilt there navies. Germany's navy is still significantly stronger. Western Allies have built up armaments production considerably.

May 31st 1938: Western Allies start shipping troops and supplies to their South American allies












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