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March 15, 44 BCE : Julius Caesar attends a gladiatorial sport at Pompey's theater hosted by his would be assassinators. However, Mark Antony was able to intercept Caesar on his way to the forum, aided by a band of retired veterans of Legion XIII. Seeing the former soldiers sled by Antony, a hidden member of the "Liberators" charged at Caesar, though was unsuccessful since he was slaughtered by Antony. Caesar fled with Antony, and instructed Antony to spred the news of the assassination attempt.

March 16, 44 BCE: Large mobs of lower class Romans flooded the forum, listening to the speech given by Antony. Antony told of the assassination attempt and published a list of assassinators, whiched launched the "Noctes Longissima", a large scale crackdown of convicted assassinators (and many influencial, anti-Caesar patricians) by leaderless mobs of enraged citizens.

March 21, 44 BCE: The crackdown finally ended with the death of Brutus on the floor of the senate. Caesar was given the "civil crown" by one of the surviving senators.

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