This is just somewhere that I can write down what I currently have in mind for the timeline to refer to later or if others feel like they want to contribute. If you add an idea, please sign it.


Adolf Hitler:

Anti-monarchy secularist activist, politician. "Father of the German Revolution". After exile from the Austrian Empire due to his anti-monarchy and perceived occultist views, settled in Cologne, where the local majority McGregorist population was at odds with the Catholic Prince-Bishop. Began writing columns in national paper supporting a secular republic and the adoption of a civil code similar to that of North Italy. First Chancellor of the Rhineland Federation.Oerwinde 09:12, March 24, 2011 (UTC)

Barcelonian Catholics

Anti-magic religion dominant in Aragon and other parts of the former Spanish empire. Support technology over magic. Mitro 15:23, March 24, 2011 (UTC)


Magical humanoids created by magical experiments by mages done on themselves. Immortal and designed to be the "perfect" human being. A lot like High Elves, they would be physically beautiful and have enhanced senses, strength and speed. Inflated sense of superiority. Mitro 15:23, March 24, 2011 (UTC)



Proposal of how the state was established: Michael the Brave became voievod (prince) of Wallachia some time after his father Patrascu (Peter) the Good (he was his bastard with a girl of another rich family - the Cantacuzinos). He was an innate politician and warrior from his father, but had an natural talent for the arcane. An alliance of Moldova, Wallachia, Serbia and Bulgaria (sponsored by Byzantium) made war with the Avignon Catholics. During the war, Wallachia and its allies, due to big use of elemental (non-religious) magic, managed to capture most of the wanted territory. At the end of the war, Wallachia gets all of Transylvania, Partium, Banat and Maramures and moves the capital to Balgrad (Alba Iulia). Immediately after the war, Michael conquers Moldavia and annexes it. This is in Byzantium's favour, as Aaron the Bad/Evil/Wicked (many translations, though wicked sounds the best) insulted Byzantium on more than one occasion. Romania never gets called Romania, it is called Wallachia

Size: Due to the retreat of the Turks, Wallachia keeps its coast, save for the region north of the Danube, which they lose to Moldavia, but regain it with Michael. The entirety of Transylvania (look it up, its pretty big, today, Transylvania is part of Romania, Hungary, Serbia and Ukraine.) joins afterwards. Look the article Wallachia on Wikipedia -Andreas.martonosy

Which places have what religion?

This is a proposal:


Roman/Avignon Catholic Church:

  • I know of: France, Avignon, Austria, Prussia, Bavaria, Naples, Poland, North Italy
  • Not sure: HRE except of Prussia, Bavaria and Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Hansa, Switzerland
  • Proposing: Switzerland, Luxembourg (both bdue to French influence) Württemberg, Baden, Sigmaringen (all because of Austrian influence), Brandenburg, Magdeburg (both due to Prussian influence)


  • I know of: United Kingdom, Brittany, Rhineland
  • Not sure: HRE except of Bavaria, Prussia and Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Hansa, Switzerland
  • Proposing: Netherlands (due to British influence), Hansa (due to their mercantile openess), Bohemia (due to the Hussites, which unite with the McGregorists)

Barcelonan Catholics:

  • I know of: Castile, Aragon
  • Not sure: Navarra, Murcia (is that right of Islamic Spain Murcia?), Portugal
  • Proposing: Navarra, Murcia, Portugal (because of Castilian/Aragonese influence)


  • I know of: Byzantium, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Cossack Republic, Russia, Georgia
  • Not sure: None
  • Proposing: None

The other continents are coming. One question: What about the rest of the HRE? I don't know of them, Andreas.martonosy (talk) 12:50, August 26, 2015 (UTC)


Secular magic:

While most magics have been tied to religion throughout the centuries, modern times and sciences have led to combinations of magic and technology, or new magical discoveries based on knowledge of the natural world including Mathemagic, which has led to discoveries such as Portals and Biomancy, which has recently resulted in limited magical healing not tied to faith. Oerwinde 09:12, March 24, 2011 (UTC)

Church of Japan


Japanese Cross

After the Shimabara rebellion engulfed all of Japan in a religious war Amakusa Shirō, the leader of the rebellion was installed as the first Christian Emperor of Japan. His first efforts were to aid in the adoption of Christianity by the subjugated population and bring unity to the land so that Japan could be an empire to rival the Europeans. He did this by showing parallels between the local Buddhist and Shinto beliefs and Christian beliefs. Over the years many of these traditions were simply folded into the Catholic traditions, with saints replacing spirits and ancestors in many rituals and shrines. Amakusa Shirō halted any further adoption of pagan traditions in 1657, but after his death in 1693 the adoption of Shinto and Buddhist practices continued. In 1766 a Cardinal visiting from Avignon was appalled at the level of pagan rituals Japanese Catholics practiced and wrote the pope recommending the excommunication of then emperor Amakusa Hideyori. Rather than repent, the emperor instead declared the church split from Avignon and established the Imperial Catholic Church of Japan.

Touhou Project

Seeing that magic and all exists in this time-line, the Touhou Project games and manga becomes completely different. The characters may stay the same, but the games and manga won't be based from Shinto, Buddhism, and Taoism as much like in OTL. -Kogasa Symbol of Natori, Miyagi宮城県Flag of Japan 08:36, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

Orthodox Church

Beliefs of the Orthodox are that magic is a gift of God to use against the Muslims. Constantinople is one of the cities of magic, along London. The Orthodox Church has almost the same beliefs as th McGregorists, but more mystical and reclusive. -Andreas.martonosy

Potent Casting Languages

This includes the ones on the Magic page:


  • Tsakonian (Orthodox places)
  • Gaelic (United Kingdom)
  • Occitan (France and Avignon)
  • Basque (France and Navarra)
  • Breton (Brittany and United Kingdom)
  • Coptic (Northern Africa and Greek world)
  • Latin (throughout Europe)
  • Rromales (Gypsy language, Balkans)
  • Romansh (Southern German-speaking world and Italy)
  • Sami (Scandinavia)
  • Frisian (Northern Germany, Netherlands and Denmark)
  • Albanian (Balkans)
  • Armenian (Caucasus)
  • Kartvelian (Caucasus and Russia)


  • Manchu (China)
  • Ryukyuan (Japan)
  • Ainu (Japan)
  • Farsi (Arab world)
  • Uzbek (Arab world)
  • Tibetan (Buddhist places)
  • Hindu (Indian states)


  • Coptic (Northern Africa and Greek world)
  • Berber (Northern Africa and Islamic Spain)
  • Songhai (Western Africa)
  • Xhosa (Southern Africa)

Vinland and Cortes:

  • The various Skraeling languages, in particular what we call OTL Chumash in the region around California


  • Aboriginal languages

I just wrote the spreading of the language as spellcasting language, more coming.  -Andreas.martonosy


German Revolution

Secular republican movement begins in Cologne due to the writings of Adolf Hitler, results in revolutionary war across most of Germany. Eventually pushed back to only the west. Resulted in creation of the Rhineland Federation, restoration of Holy Roman Empire as a political and economic union, reduction of power of surviving German monarchies, and secularization of most german states.Oerwinde 09:12, March 24, 2011 (UTC)

Christianization of Japan

Christians having become more widespread in southern Japan due to the miracles its priests performed, win the Shimabara rebellion and, emboldened by victory, begin a crusade to bring the rest of Japan under Christian rule.Oerwinde 17:55, March 29, 2011 (UTC)

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