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The flag of Icktus

The flag of Icktus

As always, the background is, surprisingly, Icktus green. The famous circle representing the sun, freedom, liberation, and that kind of things, is in fact multiplied by 10. In other words, there are 10 circles, and the smallest one is the darkest one, while the largest one is the brightest one. An arrows sticks out of the biggest one. This arrows points upwards, representing a rising sun, a brighter and better future, but it also points to the right. Icktus was, at that time, bordered by the Kingdom of Raisch to the right and by barbarian tribes to the left. There is a black stripe with pointy points at the left side of the flag, and it is black. It probably represents the barbarians, and the man standing next to the sun with a sword and a bow, would then be firing arrows at the barbarians. This corresponds with the arrow on the sun, and the fact that how larger the sun is, the brighter it is.

Icktus kingdom of raisch

The flag of Icktus under the Kingdom of Raisch

The flag of Icktus under the Kingdom of Raisch

You'll probably not be surprised to learn that the Kingdom of Raisch added 2 vertical borders in their yellow color. Icktus (not the Kingdom of Raisch) has toyed with the idea of adding another man firing arrows, representing the Kingdom of Raisch, but this idea always stayed an idea.

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