The Icelandic War of Independence began on August 1st, 1785 and finished on June 17th 1794. It's resulted in Iceland's Independence from Britain and the declaration of the Kingdom of Iceland only months later.


After the thirteen British colonies in North America gained independence only two years earlier in 1783 unrest started to grow in many areas of the British Empire including the United Kingdom. Iceland, which had been a part of the UK since its creation in 1707, was tired of inequality and little representation in the British Parliament. Protesters took to the streets of Statton (Iceland's capital) on Christmas Day, 1783, to make there point. The leader of the crowd was a low aristocrat named William Douglas.

Protests continued throughout 1784, at one point a protest turned violent after a British soldier fired to stop the Protesters. It went down hill from there. Martial law had to be introduced on the Island but it just got worse and worse. On July 23rd, 1785, the Icelandic People's Congress was formed. The Congress called on the Icelanders to raise arms against the British, this finally happened just over a week later on August 1st when a small group of rebels lead by William Douglas attacked a British camp just outside Statton, the Icelandic War of Independence had begun.


The First months of the war went extremely bad for the rebels. The British were quick to block of all ports within weeks, and capture most major towns by Christmas. Statton was the only city left in rebel hands, William Douglas had been appointed Commander in chief of the rebel army though he had little military training, Douglas had fought in the American Revolutionary War as a British soldier though had never any experience as a leader. The rebel army managed to hold to March, 1786, though the British were slowly starving the island out.

Realising that they would never win this war alone the Iclander People's Comgress called on Denmark-Norway for help. Of course the Danish Government was in no way happy to help the Icelanders, the Icelanders pleaded with the Danish that if they helped the rebels an independent Iceland would pledge full alligence to Denmark-Norway. The Danish reluctantly decided to help the rebellion, realising it would be an good opportunity to weaken the British, however if they were to lose this war it would put Denmark-Norway in a dangerous position.

Danish war ships departed from the Norwegian coastlines to attack British fleets in the Summer of 1785. Danish forces arrived on the mainland only months later.

Lists of Major battles during the War of Independence:

Battle George's-burg (August 15th, 1786, Rebel Victory)

Battle of Mary's Bay (October 28th, 1786, Rebel Victory)

Battle of Britannic Valley (December 6th, 1786, British Victory)

Battle of the Coast (December 25th, 1786, Rebel Victory)

Battle of Christian town (February 1st, 1787, British Victory)

Battle of the Ditch (February 28th, 1787, Rebel Victory)

Battle of the Shire (March 18th, 1787, Rebel Victory)

Battle of Anne Fort (May 1st, British Victory)

Battle of Hamilton (June 30th, British Victory)

Battle of the Drake-land (September

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