Republic of Iceland
Lýðveldið Ísland
Timeline: 6-2-5 Upheaval

OTL equivalent: Iceland
Flag of Iceland Coat of arms of Iceland
Icelandic Nordic Cross Coat of Arms

Þetta Reddast (Icelandic)
("All Will Be Well")

Anthem "Lofsöngur"
Capital Reykjavík
Largest city Reykjavík
Other cities Akureyri
Language Icelandic
  others Roman Catholicism
Ethnic Group Nordic
Demonym Icelander
Government Parliamentary Republic
  legislature Althing
President TBD
Prime Minister TBD
Established June 17, 1944
Currency Icelandic króna
Organizations UN, NATO

The Republic of Iceland, or simply Iceland, is a Northern European nation, and member of NATO and the United Nations. Generally described as part of the "Western bloc," Iceland has no active military and relies upon the collective security of NATO for its defence.

Iceland is located entirely on the island of Iceland, which was formed by volcanic activity. Iceland is also the most sparsely populated nation in Europe. Iceland was historically ruled by Norway and Denmark, and maintains good relations with both of those nations, as well as the other Scandinavian nation of Sweden.


Government and Politics



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