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Men's ice hockey
at the XXII Olympic Winter Games
Dates12–23 February 2014
Competitors300 from 12 nations
Gold medal Olympics 
Silver medal Olympics 
Bronze medal Olympics 

The men's tournament in ice hockey at the 2014 Winter Olympics was held in Sochi, Soviet Union between 12–23 February 2014. For the fifth consecutive Olympics, players from the National Hockey League (NHL) participated. Twelve countries qualified for the tournament; nine of them did so automatically by virtue of their ranking by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), while the other three took part in a qualification tournament.

With the gold medal, the Soviet Union won its first gold medal since the 1992 Winter Olympics and became the first team to finish the tournament undefeated since 1984.




Preliminary round

Group A

Group B

Group C

Playoff round

Playoff standings


  Qualification playoffs Quarterfinals Semifinals Gold medal game
  1D  Soviet Union Soviet Union 4  
    E4  Norway Norway 1  
8D  Norway Norway 4
9D  Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.svg Yugoslavia 1  
  F1  Soviet Union Soviet Union 2  
  F4  Finland Finland 1  
  4D  Finland Finland 3
    E1  United States United States 1  
5D  United States United States 6
12D  Austria Austria 2  
   Soviet Union Soviet Union 3
   Canada Canada 2
  3D  Canada Canada 2 Bronze medal game
    E2  Flag of Latvia.svg Latvia 1  
6D  Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland 1  Finland Finland 3
11D  Flag of Latvia.svg Latvia 3    Sweden Sweden 1
  F3  Canada Canada 3
  F2  Sweden Sweden 0  
  2D  Sweden Sweden 4
    E3  Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 3  
7D  Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 5
10D  Germany Germany 3  

Qualification playoffs



Bronze medal game

Gold medal game

Final ranking

The official IIHF final ranking of the tournament:

Gold medal Olympics Soviet Union Soviet Union
Silver medal Olympics Canada Canada
Bronze medal Olympics Finland Finland
4 Sweden Sweden
5 Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
6 United States United States
7 Norway Norway
8 Flag of Latvia.svg Latvia
9 Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland
10 Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.svg Yugoslavia
11 Germany Germany
12 Austria Austria

2014 Olympic Champion
Flag of the Soviet Union
Soviet Union


Tournament all-star team


Leading scorers

Leading goaltenders

See also

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