Khashkhash Ibn Saeed Ibn Aswad (Arabic خشخاش بن سعيد بن اسود) (born in Pechina, Andalusia) was a Moorish navigator of Islamic Iberia. Ibn Aswad becomes famous for supposedly discovering Ard Marjhoola around 889-890, although it is disputed whether he went as far as "South America" which is colonised in 933. On his return from his discovery, he presented plants and life to his peers and fellow travellers, claiming of more where he had been. First believed to be a Madman, only the most daring of navigators and explorers would attempt to recreate his journey.

Despite that, when Ard Marjhoola was discovered and first colonised by the Caliphate of Córdoba many of his rivals and opponents grumbled their way to an apology for their doubt. Ibn Aswad would not be around to accept it however, as he was never seen again. Death too would be an uncertain, unconfirmed part of history. Claims include he set assail yet again to bring back more proof and perhaps being attacked and capsized by a sea monster, getting into a fatal drunken brawl in a Córdobian port town and eloping with a politicians daughter and fleeing towards Cairo.

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