Brazilian Intendancy of Intelligence and Security
Intendência Brasileira de Inteligência e Segurança


Coat of Arms of the Brazilian Intendancy of Intelligence and Security
Ibis logo
Logo of the Brazilian Intendancy of Intelligence and Security
Intelligence Agency overview
Formed 3 August 1815
Jurisdiction Brazilian Government
Headquarters Intelligence Command Building, Brasília, Brazil
Employees 23.312 (speculation)
Annual budget R$ 31,2 billions (2015)
Agency executives Victoria Martins Clarke, Director
Miro Nara de Souza, Sub-Director

The Ibis (Portuguese: Intendência Brasileira de Inteligência e Segurança; meaning: Brazilian Intendancy of Intelligence and Security) is the Brazilian national intelligence agency. It is the main entity in the Brazilian intelligence.

Differently from other national secret services, Ibis includes almost all levels of the Brazilian civil intelligence, acting as domestic and foreign intelligence. Its divisions, more than Ibis itself, could be compared in duties to other foreign intelligence agencies like CIA, MI6 and Mossad. Ibis is responsible mainly for intelligence collection, covert operations, counterterrorism, cyber-operations, as well as protecting Brazilian interests and Brazilian citizens in other countries. Its director reports directly to the Chancellor.

As one of the most covert inteligence agency nowadays, Ibis is considered the "darkest side of the Brazilian government" and is very criticized for its methods and controvertial operations. As well it is seen as an essential column to guarantee Brazilian liberty and security. Additionally, it has also been involved in controversial programs such as extraordinary rendition, enhanced interrogation techniques, paramillitary operations and infiltrations in foreign governments such as Saudi Arabia, China and even North Korea,.

The first and the oldest independent intelligence agency to be created, Ibis is the most secret of the major intelligence agencies. Its very existence was covered until the Second World War, a hundred years after its foundation. Even nowadays, most of the informations about Ibis internal affairs, like its staff size and who works in it, are mere speculations. Its Directors identity remained secret until 2001.

Reinforcing Ibis' history of using some least honorable methods to ensure the safety of Brazil and its people, its motto is Per fas et nefas (Latim literally: Right or Wrong; free translation: By all and any means).