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Iberian Empire is a Portugal, united with Spain, Morocco and Algeria. It has also received part of Mauritanian colony as a gift from Netherlands, in 1866. It currently holds an army of 774'000 regular troops, 30'240 elite archers, 60'050 experienced troops and 51'900 elite troops and has an Iberian Navy, with 3'377 iron clads, 8'058 frigates. The African Iberian territorry is called Main African Iberian Colony, even if it is not a colony, due to the low technology there, it is considered colony.


Iberian Union, was a political unit that governed all of the Iberian Peninsula south of the from 1580, through a dynastic union between the monarchies of Portugal and Spanish Empire after the War of the Portuguese Succession. Following the Portuguese crisis of succession, a dynastic union joined both crowns, along with their respective colonial possessions, under the control of the Spanish monarchy. The term Iberian union is a creation of modern historians. The unification of Portugal and Spain was announced on October 13th of 1864.


  • 1800-1813: Pierre L'Affaire
  • 1814-1880: Franco Hernandez
  • 1880-present: Julian Hernandez

Technology advancement

This includes quality of infrastructure, healthcare and life-time. It is compared to Iberian Peninsula.

  • Iberia: 100%
  • Morocco: 6%
  • Algeria: 11%
  • Western Sahara: 1%


  • WEC(Leader: US)
  • Netherlands (Formal Alliance)
  • France (Open-border policy)
  • German Federation (Formal Alliance & Industrialized Trade Agreeement)
  • Ethiopian Empire (Trade Agreement)
  • Japan (Trade Agreement)
  • China (Formal Alliance)
  • Brazil (Formal Alliance)

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