Iberian Crisis
Part of the Cold War and European Nationalist Conflict
The current DMZ and no-fly zones set by the WDF, as of August 2015
Date 1 November 1953 - 23 December 2015
Location Northeastern Iberia
Flag of World Defense Federation WDF Forces

War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army Empire of Japan
Flag of the Russian Imperial Republic Empire of Russia
Flag of Montreal (No Napoleon) Republic of Quebec
New Chinese Imperial Flag Chinese Empire
Tunisia1983DDFlag North African Union
War Ensign of Germany 1903-1918 German Empire
Flag of France French Socialist Republic
IberianFlag Iberian Union
...and others

Catalonian flag Catalonian Free Army
Flag of the Basque Country Basque People's Army

 The Iberian Crisis, codenamed Operation: Union Glory by the WDF, is an armed conflict between the World Defense Federation and rebel groups in Catalonia and the Basque Country of the Union of Iberia. 


In the wake of the Second World War, the then neutral Iberia was forced to take sides due to the war threatening their border. They were quick to join the French and the Axis. After the Iberian defeat, troubles began brewing in Catalonia and Basque. The destruction of the cities there led to the citizens there in heavy poverty and resentment to the Iberian government. At first, they protested peacefully to make change to the government, but Madrid wouldn't listen. Eventually, the Catalonians and Basque would have enough of Madrid's games and attack non-Catalonian and non-Basque neighbors in retaliation.

Early Conflicts (1953 - mid 1965)

French Intervention and French-Iberian Wall

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