The Iberian Civil War is the name given to a series of armed conflicts on the Iberian peninsula from 1689 to 1722 resulting from the hard-line stance taken by the adherents of the Church of Spain.


Following the Muslim Invasion of Spain, many people in Spain began questioning the Church of Spain and its hard-line against magic. They had already been shaken in their faith by the hardships endured by the Spanish Conquistadors in the New World, and the forces commanded by the pagan heathens there, but now with the Moors invading and carving out their own kingdoms in southern Spain, the users of magic were taking the fight to their homeland. Many felt that if God was against magic, why would his true believers suffer so much for their faith.

Spanish Civil War 1689-1699

Spanish-Portuguese War 1699-1708

2nd Spanish Civil War 1703-1716

Spanish-Portuguese War 1719-1722


The Kingdom of Aragon splits from Spain, including most of the Iberian Crown of Aragon and the Balearic Islands

The Principality of Navarre splits from Spain including most of OTL Navarre, Basque Country, and Cantabria

Mexico declares its independence.

Southern Portugal is absorbed by Spain.

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