Iberia-Italy(The United Superpowers)
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Union of Crowns

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Anthem: "The United Nations"
Capitals: Florence and Lisbon
Largest city: Rome
Other cities: Madrid
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Ethnic groups:
Portuguese, Spanish and Italian (Tuscan)
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Type of government: Democratic Monarchy
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Currency: Italian Tuscan and Iberian Ibero
Internet TLD: None

Iberia-Italy was a nation in Europe.

History of Italy


After the fall of Rome,Italy went to Odoacer.He was however overthrown by the Ostrogoths.The Ostrogoths were defeated and conquered by the Byzantines. Byzantine rule lasted but the Lombards conquered Northern Italy and parts of South Italy,the southern part of Italy was conquered by the Normans.Sicily was captured by Arabs before being reconquered by Normans.The Franks defeated the Lombards and annexed them.The Pope gained the Papal States.In the Treaty of Verdun,it became part of Middle Francia.(which held the Imperial title)On the last Middle Francian emperors deathbed,Italy became the Kingdom of Italy(which also held the imperial title).After some time,Italy fell into civil war.In 961,Otto of Germany captured Italy before being crowned Emperor of Rome founding the Holy-Roman Empire.

Imperial Period

During the imperial period,Italy was united with Germany.At times,Italy was separate.After a long period of unity,the city-states formed the Lombard League.This league declared war on Italy and won shattering the king's power.This event markets the end of the Imperial Period.

Tuscany and Florence

The Marquisate of Tuscany was tied to Carolingian power.However in the HRE,it survived for a while.Later,it degenerated into Siena,Florence,and Pisa.In Florence,a republic was formed.This republic eventually came under the consistent control of the Medicis.After that,the Medicis were crowned dukes of Florence,ending the republic and founding the Duchy.The Medicis embarked on conquests,conquering Siena and eventually Pisa.After Pisa was captured,the Medicis became Grand Dukes of Tuscany.The Tuscans invaded Mantua and conquered it.These events lead to the Lombard League unifying into the Kingdom of Lombardy.War was declared and Tuscany invaded Lombardy.

Tuscan-Lombard War

The Tuscan-Lombard War was fought for a while.At first,it was a stalemate.Later,it went into a Lombard swing with the Lombards capturing Mantua.Tuscany however recaptured Mantua and restored the stalemate.Finally,it took a Tuscan swing and Tuscany captured large amounts of land.After this,Milan left the Lombard League and restored the Grand Duchy of Milan.Later,Tuscany captured most of Lombardy and Pavia declared independence as the Duchy of Pavia.At last,Lombardy signed the treaty of Mantua,Lombardy was annexed to Tuscany.Italy was reunited.

Unified Italy

The Unified Italy was a monarchy.This monarchy was headed by the Medici family.Cosimo Medici united Italy with Iberia and ruled justly.Italy was technically part of the HRE but was for a long time a grand duchy called the Grand Duchy of Italy.In its later days however,it was upgraded to the status of kingdom becoming the first non-imperial kingdom in the HRE.This caused the Papal States to demand kingdom status eventually this was agreed to and the Papal Kingdom was formed.

Histörÿ of Iberia

Post Roman Pęrįød

The Iberian peninsula was at first divided between the Visigoths(Wisigoths),the Suebs,and the native Basques.The Visigoths attacked and conquered the Suebs.The native Basques surrendered and agreed to be annexed to the Visigoths.The Romans(Byzantines) had a colony in Southern Spain called Spania.This was reannexed to the Visigoths.The Umayyad Muslims annexed the Visigoths except for Asturias a separate kingdom.These were defeated by Charlemagne and large portions of spain became Frankish. Eventually,the Muslims were only completely repulsed in 1492.


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