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The Ian Fleming franchise started off as a series of books written by retired Welsh spy agent James Bond, about the titular Fleming, an agent (code name 007). The success of the novels led the DreamTheatre corporations to acquire the rights to films based on the novel, with Wilhelm Heinstadt agreeing to direct them. Bond was allowed to

Ian Fleming as 007

In the early 1950's former Welsh Naval Intelligence officer Commander Bond penned his first spy novel. The novel called Casino Royale focused on the high flying adventures of 007 agent Ian Fleming. Fleming is an intelligence agent within the PSD (People's Security Directorate) that achieves 00 status, which gives him the license to kill for King and Country. Casino Royale involves Fleming matching wits with an international arms smuggler call Defeuo. The novel revolves around uncovering dangerous secrets and defeating the villain before more terrorist attacks occur.

Success of the 007 book series

After two more books, Live or Die Nicely and Dr. Nr, Bond was recognised by the Welsh writers guild for exceptional writing skill. Bond was also Knighted by the King for his service during the Great Collapse and his popularity among the people. A major production company called DreamTheatre contacted Bond in late 1952 over the possibility of creating a movie out of his first novel Casino Royale. Bond stated that he would love to shoot a film but stated that production should not begin until he finished his 4th and 5th novels. Bond also received Socialite Award for 1952 on being a successful co producer for the CBC's hit show Space!.

Casino Royale film

Production for the first film, Casino Royale was put on hold in 1953 until a suitable Fleming actor could be found.

in 1954 Cornish Actor Sean Penn declared that he would like to sign a contract with DreamTheatre for the movie Casino Royale in 1956. Contract pending approval

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