This story is about a theoretical war in which both sides use technology hundreds of years ahead of their time.

This is only an outline/summary of the story and may be modified by anyone.


April 4th, 1950

A massive capsule of unknown origin lands in the Arctic Ocean, in the Bering Strait. Both American and Soviet radar pick up the impact. An American scout ship from Anchorage and a Soviet scout ship from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The ships arrive approximately at the same time.

Within this capsule, several advanced weapons and other technologies are found. The American and Soviet scout teams, at first unaware of the other's presence. Eventually, the two teams meet each other while exploring the capsule. Fighting breaks out over which nation gains sovereignty over the ship; the capsule was technically in American waters, but the Soviet ship arrived minutes earlier than the American ship.

Both teams, after a firefight, take as much technology from the capsule as possible, and return to their prospective home countries.

May 6th, 1950

American spies figure out that the Soviet Union, in cooperation with North Korea, is planning to construct a massive shield generator and satellite control system in the area surrounding Pyongyang, with the aim of possibly attacking Japan.

June 25th, 1950

American President Harry S. Truman authorizes the intervention in Korea after the North invaded the South to establish a clear line of fire for the satellite system. This becomes the Korean War, but the component of preventing Soviet construction is hidden from the public eye.

July 27th, 1953

A stalemate is met in Korea. The Soviet Union withdraws the plans for the satellite control system from Korea, and begins creating it in a remote region of Siberia.


The two sides enter an arms race, hidden from the public. Both sides use information gathered from the capsule to improve weapons technology.


The Soviet Union, through agents in Vietnam, begin the construction of a highly sophisticated laser cannon in North Vietnam. After the United States invades, a long guerrilla proxy war is fought until 1975.


The Soviet Union tries to create another cannon system in Afghanistan, with the intent of being able to fire onto western Europe. The United States, having learned from its failure in Vietnam, aids the Mujaheedin through secret arms deals.


Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev authorizes the creation of a plan to invade the United States in retaliation for the aid to the Mujaheedin in Afghanistan.

July 9, 1984

The USSR mounts a full scale invasion of the United States. Unknown to the U.S army, the Soviet weapons are light years ahead and include lasers, plasma based weapons and plasma shields. No one knows how they got the technology. The effects are devastating. Though the U.S army is able to inflict some losses on Russian troops, they are always destroyed in the process.

July 11

The Soviet forces are marching through Maryland towards Washington D.C. But, in Howard County, they find U.S army resistance powerful. The reason? The U.S army units they are facing are armed with the same technology as they are. A stalemate ensues.

August - September

The U.S army launches an offensive that pushes the Soviet army back into their own country.

September 29

To stop the offensive, The USSR uses a secret weapon, an anti-matter bomb. It is air bursted over Europe. But, the Russians have severely underestimated its power. It vaporizes all of Europe (including Russia) and most of Asia and leaves half of the northern hemisphere uninhabitable.

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