Nicolas Novosiltsev

In 1820, Nicolas Novosiltsev presented to Tsar Alexander I a project of constitution for Russia. In this TL, the Tsar agreed. agreed..

State charter (Constitution) of Russia – Summary:

  1. Russia is a constitutional monarchy. The Emperor has very extensive powers – he is head of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, and is head of the Russian Orthodox Church. The budget and foreign policy were fully in his hands.
  2. The legislative branch the Emperor shares with the Duma, which is elected by the nobility and the tip of the townspeople.
  3. Russia is a federated state, consists of Viceregencies with elected Viceregency Dumas, and appointed by the Emperor, Head of Viceregency .
  4. All citizens of Russia have basic civil rights, but serfdom is preserved.
Russian Viceregencies (IDNMA)

Russian Viceregencies

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