In 1917, the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia and the Tsar and the other Romanovs were assassinated. No Tsar ever ruled again, and Tsarist Russia died

But what if the Revolution failed? Nicholas II would keep ruling, and the world would be impacted forever.

Welcome to IV's Russia.



A communist revolution under Lenin fails. Nicholas II has all rebels executed. Iosif Stalin flees to Germany.

The Great War continues. On November 11, Russian and Americans joint crush the Germans, and the war ends.


Nicholas II signs the Versailles Treaty, which gives Russia a vast majority of Germany. Meanwhile, the nation of Finland is formed.

30% of Austria is set up as the Russian puppet state of Ruslan.


Hyperinflation continues in Germany.

Nicholas II sells the easternmost part of Russia to the United States due to an economic slump.

The area is annexed to Alaska. Many Americans disagree with the purchase (which cost $2.1 million dollars).

Grigori Rasputin is killed the same way as in OTL.

The House Hohenzollern forms a very small unrecognized nation in Denmark. Former Crown Prince becomes "Wilhelm III, Kaiser of Hohenzollern."


Turkey gains a small part of Greece.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is formed.


Nicholas II dies and the Tsarevich becomes Alexander IV. He puts down another revolution, this time led by Noel Ykstort and Dzugashvil Vissario, aka Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin. Stalin and Trotsky escape and decoys are hanged instead of them.


Russia, Britain, and France reform the Triple Entente.

America rearranges the Eastern Alaskan district as the Siberian territory.


The USA after the Siberian Land Act

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