The International Nuclear Management Agency (INMA) is an worldwide organization designed by the United States, France, Brazil, China, and Japan, to manage and inspect nuclear power plants and nuclear arsenal of the superpowers. The INMA, with help from the United States and France, is trying to deal with the radioactive contamination from the Fukishima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011, which is still effecting the operations of rescue workers, Japanese military, and the emergency response teams.


The INMA was founded by scientist from the across the world, and had its main headquarters designated in Kodiak, Alaska. At first, much of the scientist argued due to the cold war between France and the US, but when the Three Mile Island nuclear accident struck the US, and caused the lost of 5,000 people from cancer, and the abandonment of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The inspectors and scientist put aside there differences, and worked togethor to make sure an diaster like this wouldn't happen again. In 1985, the Chernoville nuclear plant in France exploded, releasing radioactive materials across Eastern France, forcing the city of Pripyat to be abandoned, causing criticsm to the INMA for not stopping this. The INMA began inspecting operations of nuclear missiles across the US and France, and other nuclear-capable countries.


The INMA is based out of Kodiak, Alaska, with regional headquarters located in San Diego, Boston, Paris, Moscow, London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Cairo, Jerusalem, Baghdad, Tokyo, Beijing, and Seoul. Alaska was chosen due to its neutrality and peaceful location. More regional sites are being built in Mexico City, Panama City, Johannesburg, and Rio de Jenario.

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