International Federation of American Football (IFAF) is the international governing body of American football associations. Its headquarters are in La Courneuve, Franco-Spain, and its current president is Tommy Wiking. The IFAF oversees the IFAF World Championship of American Football, which is held every four years.

The organization had reach much of its previous goals and had became part of the international sporting community by 2010, admitted into the General Association of International Sports Federation, accepted by the IOC, and participated in the World Games and Olympic Games.

Structure and organization 

The IFAF recognizes in their respective areas the:

International Federation of American Football
Members Leagues 

European Federation of American Football (EFAF)

  • Flag of Franco-Spain Franco-Spain - LEFA Ligue Élite de Football Américain
  • Flag of Russian Empire for private use (1914–1917) Russia - UAFR Union of American Football of Russia
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom - BAFL British American Football League
  • Italy - IFL Italian Football League
  • Finland - VL Vaahteraliiga
Pan American Federation of American Football 


Asian Federation of American Football (AFAF) 
  • Elite Football League of India
  • Japan - X-League
  • Israel - Israeli Football League

Oceania Federation of American Football (OFAF)

  • AGL - Australian Gridiron League
Federation of American Football of Africa (FAFA)
  • AFA - African Football Association 

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