Republic of Hynesfor
Matanitu Tugalala o Hinesofori (Hynesforian)

Timeline: Vikings in the New World
Preceded by 1798- Succeeded by
Flag Pacifica VINW

Flag of England

Hynesfor Flag
Flag of the Republic of Hynesfor
Matanitu Tugalala o Hinesofori (Hynesforian)
Hynesfor Nesia VINW
Location of the Republic of Hynesfor
Matanitu Tugalala o Hinesofori (Hynesforian)
Capital New Ipswich
Largest city New Ipswich
Other cities Dover, Watford
English, Hynesforian
  others Polynesian
  others Polynesian religions
Ethnic Groups
  others Polynesian
Population 995,543 
Currency Hynesforian Pound

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Hynesfor peacefully gained independence from England in 1798. They agreed to recognize the queen as the formal head of state, but still was recognized as a free country. It was recognized by the rest of the world very soon after England freed them, due to England being a major world power.

After their freedom, they technically were still a monarchy, although it had mostly republican ideals. It stayed a close ally with England for the most part, and kept a close peace with the rest of the countries in Estrell.

During the first Great War, they were mostly on the side of Arabia, but stayed technically neutral. England ordered some of the people in Hynesfor to join their army, which completely shattered their pacifist ideals. Although Hynesfor refused, due to them being an independent republic, it severely strained their relations with England. By the middle of the war, they had enough of them. They withdrawed from the so-called "commonwealth", and refused to recognize the English queen as their head of state. When England lost the war, they were ordered to to force Hynesfor to rejoin.

Today, the country celebrates a stable republic, which also has many aboriginal island preservations. The name Hynesfor derives from one of the Welsh words for archipelago (Hynysfor).