Hurtley's Rebellion was the first and only pre-Revolutionary civil war and the first pre-Revolutionary armed engagement. 

The rebellion is named after its leader, John Hurtley who captured and occupied New York City for 35 days. The causes of the rebellion were The 1765 Stamp Act, the first direct tax on the colonies that was pass by Parliament, protests led by The Sons Of Liberty gone horribly wrong, and British troops stationed at several towns and cities. All these causes formed an Colonial attempt to get rid of the British. 


The First Signs Of Rebellion. 

A turning point in Colonial history was the commencement of the Stamp Act in 1765 that imposed a directed tax on the colonies of North America. After France won the French and Indian War that was part of the Seven Year's War, the British forces were forced into depression after their defeat at The Battle Of Toronto in 1763 that marked the end of that war. With no time to spare, the British then retreated to Boston and New York City and build their fortifications there. Meanwhile, Parliament, worrying that the Colonies might rebel, decide to impose a big tax on the Colonies, Then after two years of negotiations, The Stamp Act was born and then enforced on November 1. Uproar over the Stamp Act prevailed and John Hurtley decided to led the Sons Of Liberty. Their jaw-dropping protests always end up going horribly wrong. The first shot was then fired on the morning November 19 in Upper Manhattan. 

The Siege Of New York

John Hurtley lead an army of over 1,000 men to New York from Philadelphia after gathering men in a few brief stops along the way. 

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