Hurricane Ana, 1983

Ana nearing the Texas coast, August 18, 1983.

Hurricane Ana was the most devastating storm and only major hurricane of the 1983 Atlantic hurricane season. Ana struck the Texas coastline on August 18 at Category 3 intensity, with 115 mph winds and a surge of eight to ten feet, a surge that was nearly doubled in height when it was funneled through the Houston Channel and into the outer Galveston suburb. All told, Ana caused nearly $4 billion in damage in a swath from northeast Galveston to southern Oklahoma. The damage to central Galveston itself was intensified by loose gravel on the roofs of skyscrapers, which was blown about and shattered thousands of windows throughout downtown. The name Ana was retired from the Atlantic naming lists in the spring of 1984 and replaced by Alicia, first used in 1987.

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