The state of Huron will hold various elections in 2014. These include elections for the entire U.S. House delegation, a Senate seat, all statewide officeholders, and several municipal positions including the mayoralties of major cities such as Yorktown, Hale, Hamilton and Sandwich. The entire State House of Representatives will be up for election, as will all even-numbered seats in the State Senate. All primaries for every contested office will be held on April 1, 2014.




Huron is the only state that forbids its sitting Governor from succeeding him/herself, and the governorship is the only term-limited office in the state. Matthew Tran, the sitting Governor, is thus barred from seeking re-election to a second consecutive term.

Democratic Primary


  • Sandra Pupatello, U.S. Representative
  • David Miller, former Mayor of Yorktown
  • Thomas Portend, perennial candidate and anti-tax activist


  • Kathleen Wynne, former Huron Attorney General and 2010 Democratic Governor nominee
  • U.S. Rep. Ian Greene
  • Rajeet Puthrapurna, social activist

Nationalist Primary


  • Tim Hudak, Lieutenant Governor of Huron
  • Tim Schuyler, State Senator
  • Sandra McKeen, activist
  • Ray Babbin, pastor and activist


  • Tony Clement, U.S. Representative
  • John Tory, former Governor
  • Pat Mead, former Governor
  • Rob Ford, Yorktown Mayor
  • Mike Ross, Halton County Executive

Lieutenant Governor

Tim Hudak, the incumbent Lieutenant Governor, is not seeking a second term and will instead run for Governor.

Democratic Primary

  • Vivek Chatterjee, Chippewa County Executive
  • Eric Canasthe, State Representative

Nationalist Primary

  • Greg Minnows, Attorney General of Huron
  • Doug Parker, Mayor of Peterborough
  • Amy DeLauria, State Representative

Attorney General

Incumbent Attorney General Greg Minnows will not seek a second term as Attorney General, and is seeking the office of Lieutenant Governor instead, leaving the race for an open seat.

Democratic Primary

  • Paul DeSousa, Chippewa County District Attorney
  • Brian Anwar, State Representative
  • Paul Schueck, civil rights attorney and gay-rights activist
  • Jerome Carpenter, civil rights attorney and activist

Nationalist Primary

  • Donovan Whey, Durham County District Attorney
  • Mark Mandolvino, State Representative
  • Peter Adriano, conservative activist and radio host
  • Jack Shumpel, former Yorktown City Councillor

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