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Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Empress Huo-Ting
The Empress in her younger years

Empress of China
1893 – 1961

Predecessor: Empress Yin
Successor: Emperor Tianzong

Holder of the Mandate of Heaven
1893 – 1961

Predecessor: Empress Yin
Successor: Emperor Tianzong
Born: 23 August 1878
Died: 9 December 1983 (aged 105)
Personal name: Wu Song Zhou
Throne name: Huo-Ting
Spouse: Wu Tu
Consort Kai
Consort Shun
Concubine Zen
Concubine Han
Imperial House: Zhou Dynasty
Father: Wu Shen
Mother: Wu Ma
Issue: Shin Zhou
Religion: Mahayana Buddhism
Huo-Ting, born Song Zhou was the longest reigning Empress of China in the history of the nation. She ruled for more than 68 years from 1993 until her abdication in 1961.

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