Hungarian Kingdom
Timeline: Principia Moderni (Map Game)
Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Regnum Mariae Patrona Hungariae (Hungarian)

(and largest city)
  others German, Romanian, Slovak, Croatian, Slovene, Serbian, Italian, Ruthenian
Religion Roman Catholic
The Hungarian Kingdom (or Kingdom of Hungary or simply Hungary) is a kingdom, currently run by King Gáspár I of Simon House. The king is married to Queen Lzhbieta, a former house cleaner and babysitter.

Agreements, Projects

Medical Research Agreements

  • MRA#001 - Novgorod

Student Exchange Projects

  • SEP#001 - Novgorod
  • SEP#002 - Muscovy
  • SEP#003 - Cyprus

Trade Agreements

  • TA#001 - Naples

Formal Alliances

  • FA#001 - Venice
  • FA#002 - Naples
  • FA#003 - Bavaria


Trade Relations(TR) with: Brittany, England, Bearn, France, House Orleans, House Valois, Altmark, Anhalt, Ansbach, Austria, B-Wuttemberg, Bar, Bavaria, Berg, Bohemia, Bradenburg, Brunswick, Bremen, Brunswick, Burgundy, Calais, Cambray, Cleves, Cologne, Friesland, Grisons, Hesse, Leuenburg, Liege, Limburg, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Magdeburg, Mainz, Mecklenburg, Metz, Munster, Nassau, Paderborn, Palatinate, Salzburg, Saxony, Stassburg, Sundgau, Swiss Confederacy, Thuringia, Trier, Tyrolia, Ulm, Utrecht, Valais, Westphalia, Wurttemburg, D'Asti, Genoa, Milan, Monaco, Montferrat, Piombino, Saluces, Savoy, Irish States, Nevers, Scotland, Bosnia, All Non-Christian Nations, League of Lezhe.

The countries which are striked through are aimed to be having hostile relations with Hungary, while the ones not mentioned are aimed to be in an alliance with Hungary.