Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
Flag of Hungary (PMIII) No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Demonym Hungarian
Government Monarchy
King Sigismund III
  Royal house: House of Luxembourg
Population 5.5 Million (1495) (Hungary alone) 

The Kingdom of Hungary (formerly the Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia) is a nation in Eastern Europe. Ruled by the House of Luxembourg, its current Monarch is Sigismund III, who is also Sigismund I of Poland. Having suffered a significant loss in 1396 against the Ottomans, Sigismund I soon began a rethink of his tactics and began to focus on his local region instead. This lead to the conquest of the rebelling Bosniacs along with the growth of Hungarian power and influence. By the death of Sigismund I, Hungary had found itself to be in a comfortable position.

Under Sigismund II, Hungary finally exacted revenge for the years of Hungarian hardship against the Ottomans - destroying them in Europe with the help of its allies. Yet the subsequent Serbian rebellion would prove to be fatal for the new King as his vanguard would be ambushed by Serbian rebels and lead to his death, but not before he killed 15 rebels.

Sigismund III would inherit a nation which faced a Serbian rebellion not willing to die down. Almost immediately, he would order the destruction of the main rebellion centres, leading a small army himself to destroy numerous strongholds. Following this rebellion, he would force hundreds of thousands of Serbians, mainly men, to march to other parts of the Hungarian realm and be forced to work. This would allow him to gain much control over the vassals, and he would use this to encourage Dalmatians to migrate to Serbia and implement much better farming practices.









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