People's Republic of Hungary
Magyar Népköztársaság
Timeline: President Welles
Flag of Hungary Coat of arms of Hungary (1957-1990)
Flag Seal
Location of Hungary
(and largest city)
Language Hungarian
  others Calvinism, Lutheranism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Unitarianism, Judaism
Government Marxist-Leninist single-party state
Secretary General Ferenc Gyurcsány
Population 10,000,000 
Independence from 1918
Currency Hungarian forint
Organizations Warsaw Pact, United Nations

The People's Republic of Hungary (Magyar Népköztársaság), or simply Hungary is a nation state in Central Europe. It is a socialist republic, member of the Warsaw Pact, and a satellite state of the Soviet Union. It's led by the MSZMP (Hungarian Socialist Worker's Party), and its Secretary General, Ferenc Gyurcsány.

Hungary was under Soviet occupation since 1945, and the Communist government, led by Mátyás Rákosi was installed in 1948. In 1956, a revolution took place in Budapest, which was overthrown by Soviet forces. It is officially known as a "counter-revolution" in Hungary. From the late-1950s, János Kádár took over, and under his reign, Hungary continued in a less dictatorial Communist regime.

Kádár managed to maintain a general economic well-fare, which caused the government to take a lot of foreign loans, especially from the 1970s. It has somewhat changed since the 1990s, when the general global depression caused Eastern Bloc states to tighten their expenses. Hungary is basically in a state of standstill since the 1970s.

Gyurcsány tries to maintain an image of being a "modern Communist", while remaining true to the doctrines of Kádár. Some of his most important "colleagues" are minister of interior Péter Medgyessy (also head of the secret police) and head of culture and propaganda, István Hiller.

Secretary Generals of MSZMP:

János Kádár (1956-1988)

Károly Grósz (1988-1996)

Gyula Horn (1996-2005)

Ferenc Gyurcsány (2005-present)

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