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Kingdom of Hungary
Magyar Királyság
Timeline: Ninety-Five Theses (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Hungary
400px-Flag of Hungary (15th century, rectangular).svg 1301 - Present
400px-Flag of Hungary (15th century, rectangular).svg.png Coat of Arms of Hungary.svg
Largest city Pest
Other cities Nandorfehevar, Pecs, Zagreb, Kassa, Pozsony
Official languages Hungarian
Regional Languages German, Polish, Coratian
Ethnic groups  Hungarian, German, Croatian
Religion Roman Catholicism
Demonym Hungarian
Government Monarchy
 -  King Louis II
 -  Coronation of Stephen I 25 December 1000 
 -  1510 census 4,500,000 
Currency Florentinus

The Kingdom of Hungary (Hun: Magyar Királyság) is a Southern European nation.


Conquered by the Ottoman Empire and Austria in 1532.




The Hungarian army is one of the largest land armies on the European continent. Roughly consisting of 150,000 soldiers. The act signed in 1530 significantly strengthened the Hungarian army.


Foreign Relations

  • Ottomans: Despised
  • Teutonic Order: Currently in an alliance and trading
  • Poland-Lithuania: Broken alliance, hated. Still trading.
  • Ostland : Currently trading
  • Venice: Despised.
  • Duchy of Ferrara: Currently in an alliance and trading
  • France: Despised.

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