Hungarian Social Republic
Magyar Szociális Köztársaság
Timeline: Mondo de Scopatore
Flag of Hungary (1957-1989) Coat of arms of Hungary (1957-1990)
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Himnusz"
(and largest city)
Language Hungarian
Demonym Hungarian
Government Authoritarian National Bolshevik state
General Secretary Gábor Vona
Internet TLD .hu
, officially the Hungarian Social Republic, is a sovereign state located in Central Europe, bordered by Czechoslovakia to the north, Austria to the west, Croatia and Greece to the south, and Romania to the East. After its war of independence during the Danubian Wars, the Hungarian Third Republic was established. A fragile democracy, combined with the shambled economy, a war-torn infrastructure and the oppression of Hungarian minorities in Romania led to the Hungarian National Bolshevik party taking power in early 1997, establishing a National Bolshevik state.

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