The Hungarian Turuls, also known in Hungarian as Magyar Turulok Kulturális Egyesület (Hungarian Turuls Cultural Organization) is a political organization, founded by Hungarian political refugees in the United States. It operates both a radio station, Magyar Radio and a news website, Magyar News, both broadcasting/publishing in Hungarian and English.

The organization was founded by dissident György Budaházy in 1995, and is operating ever since, mostly in Washington D.C. It has been severely criticized for supporting radical right-wing politics, and accused of holding racist and even Fascist views. The Turuls supported the heavy anti-communist politics of the 1990s, and even demanded more radical measures against Communism both in the US and in the world.

In 2000, journalist Réka Pigniczky (herself the daughter a Hungarian dissident) ran a series of investigative reports on the organization, revealing their connections to American Neo-Nazi groups, and several other unflattering facts. The American right-wing anti-Communist groups, such as the Stand Up For American Ideals and Values Organization, have made clean their antipathy towards the Turuls, and denied any connections with them in the past.

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