Military Strength 1938

The military strength of Nazi Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, France and the Soviet Union on September 30, 1938.

This article details the order of battle of the Hungarian army on October 1, 1938.

Until then, Hungary had to hide their military expansion (initiated fully in 1935) from the the United Kingdom, France and the small entente (Czechoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia), by lying about their armed forces' size and organisation. On October 1, all brigades (1 to 7) were redesignated as corps.

On October 1, the Hungarian army consisted of: 14 infantry brigades, 2 cavalry brigades and 2 motorised brigades. The infantry brigades were divided into seven corps: the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and the 7th. Each corps (except the 1st) also included a bicycle battalion.

Hungarian Army Order of Battle (October 1, 1938)

Flag of Hungary (1915-1918, 1919-1946; 3-2 aspect ratio)
Title Name
   Head of State:       Regent Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya   
   Prime Minister:       Béla vitéz Imrédy de Ómoravicza   
General Headquarters
   Chief of Army:       General Hugó Sónyi   
   Chief of Staff:       General Henrik Werth   

I. Corps

CO: Maj.Gen. Vilmos Nagy
HQ: Budapest

Note: A I Corps Bycycle Battalion was not raised.

   Peace Time Organization       Location       Remarks   
   1st Infantry Brigade    Budapest   
       I/1st Infantry Regiment    Szolnok   
       II/1st Infantry Regiment    Budapest   
       III/1st Infantry Regiment    Budapest   
   2nd Infantry Brigade    Budapest   
       I/2nd Infantry Regiment    Budapest   
       II/2nd Infantry Regiment    Budapest   
       III/2nd Infantry Regiment    Budapest   
   I. Corps Artillery Command    Budapest   
   I. Heavy Artillery Battalion (mot.)    Budapest   
   I. Artillery Observation Battery    Budapest   
   I. Anti-Aircraft Battalion (mot.)    Budapest   
   I. Signal Battalion    Budapest   
   I. Combat Engineer Battalion    Budapest   
   I. Corps Motorized Supply Service Headquarters       Budapest   

II. Corps

CO: Maj.Gen. Milán Temessy
HQ: Székesfehérvár

   Peace Time Organization       Location       Remarks   
   3rd Infantry Brigade    Székesfehérvár   
       I/3rd Infantry Regiment    Tafalováros   
       II/3rd Infantry Regiment    Székesfehérvár   
       III/3rd Infantry Regiment    Komáromujváros   
   4th Infantry Brigade    Györ   
       I/4th Infantry Regiment    Györ   
       II/4th Infantry Regiment    Györ   
       III/4th Infantry Regiment    Györ   
   II. Corps Artillery Command    Székesfehérvár   
   II. Bicycle Battalion    Érsekújvár   
   II. Heavy Artillery Battalion (mot.)    Budapest   
   II. Artillery Observation Battery    Budapest   
   II. Anti-Aircraft Battalion (mot.)    Székesfehérvár   
   II. Signal Battalion    Komárom   
   II. Combat Engineer Battalion    Komárom   
   II. Corps Motorized Supply Service Headquarters       Szombathely   

   Border defence units       Garrison       Remarks   
   52nd Border Police Battalion    Komárom   
       1/52 Border Police Company (9 Patrols)       Léva   
       2/52 Border Police Company (7 Patrols)       Érsekújvár   
       3/52 Border Police Company (8 Patrols)       Galánta   
       4/52 Border Police Company (8 Patrols)       Somorja   
       5/52 Border Police Company (5 Patrols)       Rajka   

III. Corps

CO: Maj.Gen. László Kiss
HQ: Szombathely

   Peace Time Organization       Location       Remarks   
   5th Infantry Brigade    Sopron   
       I/5th Infantry Regiment    Sopron   
       II/5th Infantry Regiment    Szombathely   
       III/5th Infantry Regiment    Köszeg   
   6th Infantry Brigade    Nagykanizsa   
       I/6th Infantry Regiment    Nagykanizsa   
       II/6th Infantry Regiment    Nagykanizsa   
       III/6th Infantry Regiment    Nagykanizsa   
   III. Corps Artillery Command    Szombathely   
   III. Bicycle Battalion    Nagycenk   
   III. Heavy Artillery Battalion (mot.)    Szombathely   
   III. Artillery Observation Battery    Nagykanizsa   
   III. Anti-Aircraft Battalion (mot.)    Szombathely   
   III. Signal Battalion    Szombathely   
   III. Combat Engineer Battalion    Komárom   
   III. Corps Motorized Supply Service Headquarters       Szombathely   

   Border defence units       Garrison       Remarks   
   53rd Border Police Battalion    Zalaegerszeg   
       1/53 Border Police Company (12 Patrols)       Sopron   
       2/53 Border Police Company (11 Patrols)       Körmend   
       3/53 Border Police Company (10 Patrols)       Muraszombat   
       4/53 Border Police Company (7 Patrols)       Czáktornya   

IV. Corps

CO: Maj.Gen. Jenö Ruszkay
HQ: Pécs

   Peace Time Organization       Location       Remarks   
   7th Infantry Brigade    Kaposvár   
       I/7th Infantry Regiment    Kaposvár   
       II/7th Infantry Regiment    Baja   
       III/7th Infantry Regiment    Kaposvár   
   8th Infantry Brigade    Pécs   
       I/8th Infantry Regiment    Pécs   
       II/8th Infantry Regiment    Pécs   
       III/8th Infantry Regiment    Pécs   
   IV. Corps Artillery Command    Pécs   
   IV. Bicycle Battalion    Gyékényes   
   IV. Heavy Artillery Battalion (mot.)    Pécs   
   IV. Artillery Observation Battery    Pécs   
   IV. Anti-Aircraft Battalion (mot.)    Pécs   
   IV. Signal Battalion    Pécs   
   IV. Combat Engineer Battalion    Baja   
   IV. Corps Motorized Supply Service Headquarters       Pécs   

   Border defence units       Garrison       Remarks   
   54th Border Police Battalion    Pécs   
       1/54 Border Police Company (4 Patrols)       Gyékényes   
       2/54 Border Police Company (9 Patrols)       Szigetvár   
       3/54 Border Police Company (11 Patrols)       Villány   

V. Corps

CO: Maj.Gen. László Mérey
HQ: Szeged

   Peace Time Organization       Location       Remarks   
   9th Infantry Brigade    Szeged   
       I/9th Infantry Regiment    Szeged   
       II/9th Infantry Regiment    Kecskemét   
       III/9th Infantry Regiment    Kiskunfélegyháza   
   10th Infantry Brigade    Békescsaba   
       I/10th Infantry Regiment    Békescsaba   
       II/10th Infantry Regiment    Szeged   
       III/10th Infantry Regiment    Gyula   
   V. Corps Artillery Command    Szeged   
   V. Bicycle Battalion    Jászberény   
   V. Heavy Artillery Battalion (mot.)    Kecskemét   
   V. Artillery Observation Battery    Kecskemét   
   V. Anti-Aircraft Battalion (mot.)    Szeged   
   V. Signal Battalion    Szeged   
   V. Combat Engineer Battalion    Szeged   
   V. Corps Motorized Supply Service Headquarters       Szeged   

   Border defence units       Garrison       Remarks   
   16th Border Guard Battalion    Jászberény   
       1/16 Border Guard Company       Jászberény   
       2/16 Border Guard Company       Jászberény   
       3/16 Border Guard Company       Jászberény   
       4/16 Border Guard Company       Jászberény   
     16th Artillery Battery       Jászberény   
       1/16 Border Police Company (5 Patrols)       Bács   
       2/16 Border Police Company (5 Patrols)       Jászberény   
   55th Border Police Battalion    Szeged   
       1/55 Border Police Company (4 Patrols)       Zsablya   
       2/55 Border Police Company (4 Patrols)       Magyarkanizsa   
       3/55 Border Police Company (4 Patrols)       Makó   

VI. Corps

CO: Maj.Gen. Géza Siegler
HQ: Debrecen

   Peace Time Organization       Location       Remarks   
   11th Infantry Brigade    Debrecen   
       I/11th Infantry Regiment    Debrecen   
       II/11th Infantry Regiment    Berettyóssjfalu   
       III/11th Infantry Regiment    Debrecen   
   12th Infantry Brigade    Nyiregyháza   
       I/12th Infantry Regiment    Debrecen   
       II/12th Infantry Regiment    Nyiregyháza   
       III/12th Infantry Regiment    Nyiregyháza   
   VI. Corps Artillery Command    Debrecen   
   VI. Bicycle Battalion    Puspokladány   
   VI. Heavy Artillery Battalion (mot.)    Szolnok   
   VI. Artillery Observation Battery    Debrecen   
   VI. Anti-Aircraft Battalion (mot.)    Szolnok & Debrecen   
   VI. Signal Battalion    Debrecen   
   VI. Combat Engineer Battalion    Debrecen   
   VI. Corps Motorized Supply Service Headquarters       Szolnok   

   Border defence units       Garrison       Remarks   
   66th Border Guard Group    Orosháza   
       66th Border Guard Artillery Command       Orosháza   
   20th Border Guard Battalion    Gyula   
       1/20 Border Guard Company       Gyula   
       2/20 Border Guard Company       Gyula   
       3/20 Border Guard Company       Gyula   
       4/20 Border Guard Company       Gyula   
       20th Artillery Battery       Gyula   
     31st Border Guard Battalion       Battonya   
       1/31 Border Guard Company       Battonya   
       2/31 Border Guard Company       Battonya   
       3/31 Border Guard Company       Kevermes   
       4/31 Border Guard Company       Kevermes   
       31st Artillery Battery       Mezöhegyes   
       31st Bicycle Platoon       Kevermes   
       1/31 Border Police Company (6 Patrols)       Battonya   
       2/31 Border Police Company (4 Patrols)       Kevermes   

VII. Corps

CO: Maj.Gen. András Littay
HQ: Miskolc

   Peace Time Organization       Location       Remarks   
   13th Infantry Brigade    Miskolc   
       I/13th Infantry Regiment    Miskolc   
       II/13th Infantry Regiment    Miskolc   
       III/13th Infantry Regiment    Sátoraljaujhely   
   14th Infantry Brigade    Eger   
       I/14th Infantry Regiment    Eger   
       II/14th Infantry Regiment    Gyöngyös   
       III/14th Infantry Regiment    Eger   
   VII. Corps Artillery Command    Miskolc   
   VII. Bicycle Battalion    Rimazsombat   
   VII. Heavy Artillery Battalion (mot.)    Miskolc   
   VII. Artillery Observation Battery    Miskolc   
   VII. Anti-Aircraft Battalion (mot.)    Miskolc   
   VII. Signal Battalion    Miskolc   
   VII. Combat Engineer Battalion    Miskolc   
   VII. Corps Motorized Supply Service Headquarters       Miskolc   

   Border defence units       Garrison       Remarks   
   57th Border Guard Battalion    Salgóstarján   
       1/57 Border Police Company (6 Patrols)       Miskolc   
       2/57 Border Police Company (7 Patrols)       Balassagyarmat   
       3/57 Border Police Company (5 Patrols)       Rimaszombat   
       4/57 Border Police Company (6 Patrols)       Balassagyarmat   
       5/57 Border Police Company (7 Patrols)       Balassagyarmat   
       6/57 Border Police Company (5 Patrols)       Jposyság   

1st Cavalry Brigade

CO: Brig. Gen. Béla Miklós
HQ: Nyiregyháza

   Peace Time Organization       Location       Remarks   
   3rd Huszar Regiment Headquarters       Nyiregyháza   
       I/3rd Huszar Regiment    Nyiregyháza   
       II/3rd Huszar Regiment    Nyiregyháza   
   4th Huszar Regiment Headquarters    Nyiregyháza   
       I/4th Huszar Regiment    Nyiregyháza   
       II/4th Huszar Regiment    Nyiregyháza   
   13th Bicycle Battalion    Kiskunhalas   
   14th Bicycle Battalion    Nagyszöllös   
   3rd Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion    Szilágysomlyó   
   3rd Artillery Battalion (mot.)    Nyírbátor   
   1st Horse Artillery Battalion    Nagycárad   
   1st Cavalry Anti-Aircraft Company (mot.)    Nyiregyháza   
   1st Cavalry Combat Engineer Company (mot.)       Nyiregyháza   
   1st Cavalry Bridge Column (mot.)       Nyiregyháza   
   1st Cavalry Signal Company (mot.)       Nyiregyháza   
   1st Cavalry Supply Services Headquarters (mot.)       Nyiregyháza   

2nd Cavalry Brigade

CO: Brig. Gen. Alajos Béldy
HQ: Budapest

   Peace Time Organization       Location       Remarks   
   1st Huszar Regiment Headquarters       Budapest   
       I/1st Huszar Regiment    Budapest   
       II/1st Huszar Regiment    Budapest   
   2nd Huszar Regiment Headquarters    Kecskemét   
       I/2nd Huszar Regiment    Pápa   
       II/2nd Huszar Regiment    Kecskemét   
   15th Bicycle Battalion    Kiskunhalas   
   16th Bicycle Battalion    Szeged   
   4th Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion    Budapest   
   4th Artillery Battalion (mot.)    Budapest   
   2nd Horse Artillery Battalion    Budapest   
   2nd Cavalry Anti-Aircraft Company (mot.)    Budapest   
   2nd Cavalry Combat Engineer Company (mot.)       Budapest   
   2nd Cavalry Bridge Column (mot.)       Budapest   
   2nd Cavalry Signal Company (mot.)       Budapest   
   2nd Cavalry Supply Services Headquarters (mot.)       Budapest   

1st Motorized Brigade

CO: Brig. Gen. Ödön Zay [1]
HQ: Budapest[2]

   Peace Time Organization       Location       Remarks   
   1st Motorized Regiment Headquarters       Budapest   
       1st Motorized Battalion    Budapest   
       2nd Motorized Battalion    Budapest   
       3rd Motorized Battalion    Aszód   
   9th Bicycle Battalion    Jászberény   
   10th Bicycle Battalion    Retság   
   1st Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion    Budapest   
   1st Artillery Battalion (mot.)    Budapest   
   1st Combat Engineer Company (mot.)    Budapest   
   1st Bridge Column (mot)    Budapest   
   1st Signal Company (mot.)       Budapest   
   1st Traffic Control Company (mot.)       Budapest   
   1st Motorised Brigade Supply Services Headquarters (mot.)       Budapest   

2nd Motorized Brigade

CO: Brig. Gen. Ödön Zay [1]
HQ: Kisvárda

   Peace Time Organization       Location       Remarks   
   2nd Motorized Regiment Headquarters       Kisvárda   
       4th Motorized Battalion    Kisvárda   
       5th Motorized Battalion    Kisvárda   
       6th Motorized Battalion    Kisvárda   
   11th Bicycle Battalion    Nyirbátor   
   12th Bicycle Battalion    Retság   
   2nd Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion    Kisvárda   
   2nd Artillery Battalion (mot.)    Kisvárda   
   2nd Combat Engineer Company (mot.)    Tiszakirva   
   2nd Bridge Column (mot)    Tiszakirva   
   2nd Signal Company (mot.)       Kisvárda   
   2nd Traffic Control Company (mot.)       Kisvárda   
   2nd Motorised Brigade Supply Services Headquarters (mot.)       Kisvárda   


  1. 1.0 1.1 Brigadier General Ödön Zay was the commander of both motorized brigades. He held the command of the 2nd Motorized Brigade to January 15, 1939, when he was replaced by Colonel Sándor Horváth, a position he held until March 1, 1939. Ödön Zay kept the command of the 1st Motorized Brigade until March 1, 1939, when he was replaced by Brigadier General Jenö Major.
  2. The Headquarters was located in Budapest from February 1, 1938 to November 1, 1938, when it was transferred to Kassa. From there it was moved to Munkács in March 1939.

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