Hungarian–Romanian War
Part of intervention in Hungary
Date 15 April 1919 – 6 August 1919
Result Hungarian victory
Hungary claims more territories
Socialist red flag Hungarian Soviet Republic Flag of Romania Kingdom of Romania
Commanders and leaders
Socialist red flag Béla Kun

Socialist red flag Aurél Stromfeld
Socialist red flag Ferenc Julier
Socialist red flag Vilmos Böhm

Flag of Romania Ferdinand I

Flag of Romania Traian Moşoiu
Flag of Romania George Mărdărescu
Flag of Romania Constantin Prezan
Flag of Romania Ion Antonescu

80,000 96,000
Casualties and losses
5,319 killed or missing 7,582 killed or missing

The Hungarian–Romanian War (Hungarian: Magyar–román háború, Romanian: Razboiul romano-maghiar) was fought between the Hungarian Soviet Republic and the Kingdom of Romania in 1919.