Humphrey of Stafford was originally born in 1602 as the son of a great noble of England. During his life, however, he'd rise to higher ranks.

Under the reign of Henry VI, the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal, which always had been difficult to hold together, even under greater kings, came into trouble. Ironically, it weren't the English who rebelled but the Castillians, despite the king having more Castillian than English ancestors. The king tried to suppress them, but in 1630, the army of the Cortes defeated the English army that had landed at Santander. After the sea battle of Jamaica 1631, the Castillians occupied the English colonies in the Caribbean. England fell into a financial crisis. This was the last straw to many: In 1633, uprisings against king Henry VI started. The first English Civil War (ECW) had begun.

1634, king Henry was captured and banned to Atlantis (i.e. he was put onto a ship which captain was told he has a prisoner to be released in Atlantis. Like the nobles used to joke, this was the worst imaginable punishment for the king, who banned that many religious dissenters there.) However, since the king had no heir, the nobles weren't in unison about what to do. So they started to fight among each other; the common people dub the war, after the leaders of the most important groups, the Staffords and the Cliffords, "War of the 'fords".

1642-45: "The Scottish interlude": Scotland tried to expand into Northern England, which made the Staffords and the Cliffords actually stop their war against each other in 1643 until the Scots were finally driven out.

In 1647, Humphrey became new king Humphrey I of England, after defeating and killing his opponent, William of Clifford.

Reign as king

After his victory, Humphrey had to build up a destroyed country. Still, he mastered the given tasks. The Welsh uprisings were crushed in 1650. Some of them were expelled to Atlantis, settled around Boston. 1655, Wales became an integral part of England. The Welsh language was suppressed. (This happened about one century later than OTL, since the English kings were preoccupied with the rest of their empire. Now, under the Staffords, they cared more about the islands.) In 1662, England also reconquered the Pale in Ireland.

After having accepted the loyalty of Markland, king Humphrey planned to regain England's old colony in North Atlantis. However, the states of Denmark-Braunschweig and Florence allied and fought 1652-56 against him in the "Atlantean Coalition" and surprisingly defeated the English fleet. New England stayed a Danish-German protectorate.

In South Atlantis, he was more successful. 1657, Sweden agreed to give back Braseal to England, which they had occupied a few decades before, in exchange for an alliance. In 1659, England founded Stafford City at the site of OTL Recife, (re-)starting the colonization of Braseal and Argentine. 1662, English (re)founded the city of Fort Humphrey at the site of OTL Buenos Aires. And in 1675, the city of Paradise was founded by English at the site of OTL Rio de Janeiro.

1681, Humphrey suffered a sad loss when his only son Humphrey died. One year later, he'd die too and was succeeded by his grandson Humphrey II.

Predecessor: Humphrey I Stafford (Chaos) Successor:
Henry VI Humphrey I

King of England

Humphrey II

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