• 2.100 million BC: the Ramnavov deployed the first unicellular organisms (cells with nucleus) to Earth.
  • 220 million BC: the first mammals evolve in Earth.
  • 75 million BC: the primates appear in Earth's surface.
  • 65 million BC: the dominant species on Earth has just been wiped out. A massive piece of tech, known as the Forge, has crashed into it. This will allow the human species to evolve.
  • 500,000 BC: Archaic homo sapiens.
  • 500 BC: the Roman Republic starts to expand.
  • 1 BC: The aliens find humanity, to aid the Romans the other species of the galaxy secretly give them technology, while maintaining secrecy.
  • 1800 AD: he humans have united. They are almost 1000 years ahead of OTL, in most aspects. They have colonized the inner Solar system, and they are building asteroid bases and floating cities on the gas giants and their moons.
  • 1900 AD: Let the games begin!


  • United Citizen Federation (Vivaporius), controlling:
    • Earth (Capital)
    • Mars
    • Venus
    • Mercury (Mainly solar stations, which provide the Federation's energy)
    • The Moon (Luna)
  • Union of Roman Republics: (Bobalugee1940 (talk)) controlling:
    • Saturn (including all moons etc. Moon of Titan is the Capital.)
    • Uranus (main source of energy, from Cold Fusion using the large amounts of hydrogen.)
    • Neptune (Counting Triton; secondary energy source)
    • Kuiper Belt
    • Sedna
    • Pluto
    • Eris
  • Ganymedean Alliance (Bauglir Zero), controlling:
    • Ganymede (Controlling all Jupiter and moons. Capital. Jupiter is used as a source of energy via Cold Fusion)
    • Inner Asteroid Belt
    • Ceres
    • Thousands of Space stations, each containing roughly 10,000-100,000 (In addition, many of these use solar energy as a source of Energy for the Alliance)

Human technology

The humans have greatly advanced their technology since the 1st century. The descendants of the Roman Empire and other nations have the technology to space navigation, mass drivers, asynchronous linear-induction weapons, advanced computation and semi-sentient AI (though their creation requires memory transfer from the freshly deceased and/or flash cloning). Nukes, primitive energy weapons, advanced armour materials, cryogenic sleep and phsychological modification tools.


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