Somewhere in the 1950s, a massive global EMP struck, causing all electronics to suddenly black out, leaving the world in the dark. Chaos ensued. Epidemics, nuclear reactor meltdowns, starvation and the collapse of every nation on Earth. Humanity didn't see the light of day until around 1972. That is where you come in. To colonize, wage war and forge alliances. Good luck :D


  • 1. Implausibility is obviously outlawed.
  • 2. The Game will start in 1972 with the aftermath of the doomsday.
  • 3. New turns start on 00:00 PST on each day.
  • 4. You can only choose one nation.
  • 5. Playing as colonies is forbidden.
  • 6. Mods can strike out implausibility. However, the reason must be stated.
  • 7. Turns will go in quarter years.
  • 8. Mods can create tension in nations, kill off people, start civil wars, and start natural disasters.
  • 9. If someone becomes very implausible, we will have a vote to keep them in the game, or to kick them out of the game. This rule applies to players and mods.
  • 10. Mods will negotiate treaties.
  • 11. Please try to abide by the rules.
  • 12. Mods' words are law, unless proven wrong.
  • 13. Countries' names only changes (sometimes) under government change.
  • 14. Flags only change (sometimes) under government change.
  • 15. Colonizing: One pixel (not literally, just one pixel wide) every two turns.


Bolded means approved

  1. GRSGov 22:41, May 27, 2012 (UTC)
  2. [1][2] Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 00:53, May 28, 2012 (UTC)
  3. Bfoxius 01:44, May 28, 2012 (UTC)Bfoxius
  4. EzraNYC 18:03, May 30, 2012 (UTC)
  5. CourageousLife 01:18, June 4, 2012 (UTC)
  6. Sasafred12 15:40
  7. Yank 18:58, June 20, 2012 (UTC)


  1. GRSGov 22:41, May 27, 2012 (UTC)
  2. [3][4] Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 00:53, May 28, 2012 (UTC)


  • GermaniaFlag Germania - GRSGov 23:34, May 27, 2012 (UTC)
  • Lt Lithuania - 77topaz 04:51, May 28, 2012 (UTC)
  • Ssu final Slavania-
  • 45px Hungaria - Romania- EzraNYC 16:36, May 31, 2012 )
  • ItalianKingdomVenice Venice -
  • Roman Imperial Flag Rome - IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 00:05, May 28, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag Portugal sea (1830) Portugal-
  • Flag of Paris Paris - Blocky858
  • Flag of England Brittania---Triskaideka98 07:12, June 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • Celtic kingdomII Celtic Confederation - CheesyCheese 20:24, May 30, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Kingdom-
  • Flag of Wallonia Wallonia-
  • Belgium Flemish Kingdom-Kerry Stapleton (talk)
  • Civil Ensign of Luxembourg Luxembourgish Empire-
  • Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Slavic Unión - Lynxes21
  • Turkey Imperial Republic of Turkey - I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!! DeanSims (User talk:DeanSims) 22:08, June 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Indochina Indochina - Yank
  • Moscow94 Muscovy -
  • Siberia-flag Siberia-sasafred12 11:33, May 28, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of South Korea Korea-Enclavehunter 00:19, May 28, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of the Republic of China China- Annexed by Manchuria and Indochina
  • Naval Ensign of Japan Japan- Bobalugee1940 00:28, May 31, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Morocco 1666 1915 Morocco-
  • Flag of Egypt (1882-1922) Islamic Union-
  • Flag of South Africa South Africa-
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil- Bauglir Zero 02:46, June 13, 2012 (UTC)
  • GreaterChile-Flag Chile- RandomWriterGuy 01:31, May 28, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Cascadia Cascadia-Bfoxius 01:19, May 28, 2012 (UTC) Bfoxius
  • Flag of Yucatan 1983DD Yucatan- Annexed by Central American Empire
  • Flag of the Federal Republic of Central America Central American Empire- Sine dei gloriem
  • Flag of Cuba Cuba- Ianian58 01:06, May 29, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of California Californian Republic-TacoCopper
  • US flag with 13 stars by Hellerick American Unión - Axyljohnson
  • Us-grand2 Union of Great Lakes Territory- Annexed by Ohio
  • Flag of Ohio Ohio- Andr3w777 00:13, May 30, 2012 (UTC)
  • Pine Ridge Flag Dakota-Althistoryman11
  • Flag of the Confederate States of America (1865) New Confederate States-Spartian300 (talk) 08:51, February 24, 2014 (UTC)
  • Flag of the Republic of Alsace-Lorraine Franco Empire-
  • Flag of Spain Spain-
  • Flag of India Hindu Empire- Matt121 ??? Matt125 11:08, May 31, 2012 (UTC)
  • 45px Texas-Flag of North Carolina CourageousLife 21:28, May 30, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Iceland Icelandic Union-TDZincMy dad is not a phone! DUH!! 14:27, June 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • Carolina Flag Carolinia- now annexed by American Union
  • Flag of Nepal Nepal - annexed by Hindu Empire
  • Flag of Manchukuo Manchuria- Yamashita1020 23:20, June 07, 2012 (UTC)
  • Flag of Mongolia Mongolia -
  • Flag of Canada Canada -
  • Flag of Quebec Quebec -
  • 800px-Bandera del II Imperio Mexicano Empire of Durango- Willster22 02:58, June 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • 45px Confederation of the Rockies-falcon1221
  • Red fist Red Hand Organization- Mod Controlled
  • Deseret Deseret (Satellite of California)-
  • Nebraska (Satellite of Texas)-
  • Louisiana (Satellite of Texas)-

{C}*New Nations will arise at random!*

Defunct Nations

  • All 50s Nations


  • Great North American War (1972-1973 )
    • Texas, California, Carolina, and Cascadia vs New Confederate States, American Union and Ohio.
    • Ceasefire with the creation of the GNAA, CSA cuts all diplomatic ties with other nations. (Fun Fact! Deadliest war in American history, with 1,066,043 deaths in 3/4 of a year! The second being the American Civil War, with around 600,000 deaths in four years)
      • LOL, Fun Facts are so Fun. TacoCopper
      • I know! They're things people might not have known. GRSGov 03:28, June 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • Hindu Conquest of Nepal (1973- )
    • Hindu Empire vs Nepal
    • Ongoing
  • The War of Cascadian Justice (1973-)
    • California, Ohio, American Union, Texas, Cascadia vs alliance of Canadian tribes and insurgents within conquered territory and the Canadian Wilderness.
    • Ongoing
  • War of Siberian aggression to annex Mongolia.
    • Siberia vs. Mongolia and Manchuria.
    • White Peace with Siberia and Manchuria on agreement that Siberia can colonize everything west of 88 degrees east in Mongolia.
  • Second Great North American War (1975- )
    • Ohio, American Union, Texas, Brazil, and Central American Empire vs. CSA
    • GNAA vs. the Red Hand (terrorist organization)
    • Ongoing
  • Wars Of French Reunification.
  • Paris VS surrounding former French nations.
  • Paris takes back some French land.



Complaints, Issues, Changes

Hey - Why no one added the Centroamerican Terrains in Northern South America. I have had them since two turns ago - and one mod says that I can have them.

Also, give some color to Brazil. It is already controlled.

I'm pissed that the map is still like this considering that the American nations expand like a snap.

Well, We have many resources as well that we've set a lot of alliances. So, we are really developed. It's like saying that Medieval Europe and compare it to colonial Europe.

We just divided up the continent and expanded into our new claimed territory. Simple as that. It's not because we are more developed or because of resources or alliances, we just expanded, and some of us know how to make maps. Just post a map of your expansion on the talk page and I'm sure one of the mapmakers will post it. If they don't, I will. CourageousLife 03:04, June 20, 2012 (UTC)

Manchuria has taken Northern Taiwan and there's a border in Mongolia at 88 degrees east.

OKAY, one last chance on that map, SERIOUSLY, I THOUGHT YOU COULDN'T EXPAND THAT FAST, I mean, It doesn't make sense that I expand a dot a turn, and they expand like 50X that fast.

Can you please show that Paris took some surrounding French land from my wars? Thanks. Blocky858 18:23, June 26, 2012 (UTC)

Carolina doesn't exist anymore. They are now a state in the American union.

When are you going to Add the Territories that Central American Empire Won as well that I know control all Colombia Excepting southwestern and All Venezuela, a small part of Brazil and the North Part of British Guiana and Suriname.

Hey courageous - I think ITR Is Expanding too fast, What it took for them to Invade he has taken in four Days - also when are you going to update the map?

A few years expanding Brazil, and is still the same Bauglir Zero 21:54, June 30, 2012 (UTC)

Sorry, I didn't remember which part you Conquered. Change the map and Upload it like Dean and I did and about the deal make yours according to what you think best and then give to me.

Why hasn't the Hindu Empire expanded? Matt121 ??? Matt125 08:56, July 1, 2012 (UTC)

Yes, the Hindu empire controls Pakistan and Nepal as far as I know. Also, Like I Said Before Dean is getting too Much land without a fight and I don't think Arabians or Persians would let themselves fall so easily without a fight. The same I say with USSR Kazakhstan, if Mods aren't going to be here write that the game is Dead because i haven't seen other mod outside Courageous and No Map maker in exception of the greedy dean and I

Manchuria is the same size it has been since. I have been saying that Siberia and Manchuria have split Mongolia along the 88 degree of longitude. I also have Taiwan. Yamashita1020

Yamashita this game has no remaining mod practically is Dean Sims changing the Map to Make a super Empire without None to stop him

Iceland has formed and now controls the eastern coast (and a bit inward) of Greenland. Oshawott3What? That's crazy!


I guess zegames have 'bugunned'

How did everyone expand so fast?


  • Random Event: Communist survivors begin to show up in Moscowy and Siberia.
  • Germania rebuilds its military. Army is separated into the Skandinaviska Norra Armén, Westlichen Deutscher Armee, Süddeutscher Armee, and Ostpreußische Armee.
  • Spain: Begins rebuilding military and economy. They set up several new cities and get a minor navy started.
  • Siberia: Siberia starts rebuilding its military while asking for an alliance with Germania. Siberia also drills for oil (will be updated next year) Siberia also increased the training conditions for troops from walking around in snow to running around in snow!
  • Republic of Ohio begins to rebuild the military and infrastructure the former National Guard is reformed as the Republican Guard. Many major cities of Ohio are being repaired and modernized. Ohio manages to begin operations at an old Nuclear Power plant to restore electricity. (I hope this is plausible, seems like it to me)
    • Ohio Dip: Ohio would like to ally themselves with the New Confederate States.
    • CSA Diplomacy: The CSA accepts and asks for Ohio to send troops to help the CSA conquer Texas.
    • American Union Dip: Union troops are on the way to aid our allies.
  • Cascadia: The Republic of Cascadia is formed from the tribes of Nu Ankridge, Viktoria, Seeatul, Orygun, and Nort Kaliforneah. Cascadia begins to rebuild their cities by salvaging metal from the old ruins. Logging operations begin, and contact is established with the Californian Republic. They are offered an alliance. Cascadia's first ship, the CSS Pacific is sent east to determine the outcome of the Old World.
  • Muscovy: After internal struggles, Czar Alexander I is crowned, and becomes the leader of the Muscovites. He begins to enlarge the army, and expands into the Caucasus. they send diplomats to ensure peace with all nations currently known to them (the westernmost of those nations being Rome and Germania.) they claim de jure sovereignty over the entire Russian Empire, but in reality, after the fall of the USSR, it was divided into several states, the most powerful of these are Moscowy and Siberia, but Muscovy does not know of Siberia's existence.
  • California Republic: The California Republic is made after various tribes and people decided to unite to protect themselves from foreign threats. The National Guard is established as the main military force, and it begins patrolling the nation. Meanwhile, we accept Cascadia's trade request.
  • Hey guys, your loving moderator here, and I just wanted to thank you guys for making my map game a hot spot on the activity page! Your participation means so much to me. Thanks! GRSGov 00:51, May 30, 2012 (UTC)
  • Mod Event: Texan tribes, or communities as they prefer to be called, form the Republic of Texas.
  • Slavic Union: They begin rebuilding their military and economy. The cities of Belgrade, Sofia and Skopje begin to repair and other cities follow. They begin building a minor navy. The president is isolating the nation to prevent another war.
  • Korea: Korea begins to rebuild its military, although at the beginning, it is a loosely-fit band of militia. The former cities of Seoul and Pyongyang, as well as Pusan, begins to repair itself. The first census is taken in Korea, and is determined that 89% of the population is Korea, 10% is former Americans from the United States Forces in Korea, and another 1% is Japanese. Korea begins its isolation policy, similar to that of the Japanese.
  • Hey GR, can you explain the connections between nations? (If they know of each others existence, etc.)
  • Cuba: Government buildings in Cuba pop up with lights all of a sudden for the first time in decades, much to Fidel Castro's surprise who was in the very building as it was suddenly lit up. Decades has it been since there was electricity in Cuba, Cuba used old styled factory to produce food and weapons, and used old style warships to conquer Jamaica and Hispaniola. A 10,000 man army already stationed in the regional capital of the Dominican Region, Santo Domingo, prepare for an invasion of nearby Puerto Rico. Cuban Scientists begin working on a series of test to see why the light is back up once again, and if it can be spread. Reports of light returning in other areas of the Cuban Nation including Hispaniola and Jamaica are entered. Fidel Castro, decides to re-establish world contact by technology, they ask the Confederate States to help re-establish contact all throughout the Western Hemisphere.
  • Lithuania: Lithuania builds several universities and starts rebuilding its navy, in order to allow contacting missions to and/or recolonising of the "lost" parts of the world.
  • Chile: It rises from the ashes of war only to discover it now owns more land then ever. They began a period or reconstruction, aiming to find survivors, rebuild communities, re-establish their economy, build up infrastructure, and establish their navy and military. They begin constructing schools, hospitals, and roads everywhere to help connect to everyone.
  • American Union: More factories in Philadelphia and New York are rebuilt increasing industry. An old national guard depot is found containing several functioning old world weapons. Work is immediately assigned to the top engineers to copy these guns and figure out how to produce the ammunition. Troops begin to march into Quebec, on a punitive raid to deal with the hostile tribes which threaten the northern borders. Offers of alliance and trade are send the New CSA and Ohio.
    • Alliance offer accepted. RoO asks the American Union if it can send weapons. In exchange we will help provide then nuclear power.
    • American Union agrees with offer. Be warned that these are weapons from the 50s so don't expect laser guided missiles anytime soon.
  • Confederate States of America: The CSA celebrates its new-found independence and agrees to the American Unions trade and alliance offers. The CSA begins to build up infrastructure, industry, and its military, expansion into the unclaimed regions of North America begins as well while Confederate troops begin to assemble an army on the Texan border. A stash of nuclear weapons are found and put under super tight security.
    • The Republic of Ohio begins to send forces to the CSA as well as supplies. The Republic discovered several Air Force bases and have already begun to reproduce several old war planes. The RoO would like to offer some to the CSA in exchange for some of the unclaimed lands to the West.
    • Where is the Republic of Ohio on the map?? I don't see it, and according to the map modern day Ohio looks to occupied by the American Union-- Its not-- I am still a sovereign nation.
    • The CSA agrees to the Ohio offer and suggests that the two nations never do a war alone and that they always help each other out no matter what. Ohioan and Confederate troops continue to mass on the Texan border. Tanks and planes are also to the border. (Your spelling is atrocious)
    • The Republic of Ohio also would like to know if The American Union, the CSA and the Republic of Ohio form the Greater American Cooperative, an alliance and trade body similar to the EU where each nation is still independent but is united towards common goals.
    • American Union Dip: I'm all for it. Let's base it somewhere central like Richmond.
    • CSA Diplomacy: The CSA accepts and asks for American troops to help in the Confederate invasion of Texas.
  • Celtic Confederation: Various communities unite under to form the Celtic Confederation, which is based in Cork, Ireland. A small army and navy are created to keep out any hostile communities. Several factories open up in Cork along with farms in the countryside.
  • Rome: The Republic of Rome says that it shall save the world. The first Caesar is elected. Italian nukes are found in Milan, as are some wrecked planes. Half of them still work, and Rome begins to fix them up. Caesar Anthony Sacarro states that the Roman Empire shall rise again, yet as a republic. Two planes are finished by the end of the year, RRA Survival and RRA Humanity.
  • Paris: The army is rebuilt and plans to form France again arise.
  • Japan: The Japanese Daimyos unite together to reform the Empire of Japan. They elect the former Emperor of Japan, and the current ruler of Tokyo, Emperor Hirohito to the Chrysanthemum Throne. The Emperor takes complete control of Japan with the Daimyos forming an advisory body called the Diet of Japan. Emperor Hirohito announces that Japan will "Rule East Asia in a Greater Japan and that all who oppose us shall be subjugated". The Imperial Japanese Army and Imperial Japanese Navy is reformed and conscription is enacted for males 15-21.
  • Hindu Empire: The army is rebuilt and a quarter of them head to the darken Sri Lanka to get territory.


  • Chile: It continues to find any survivors in their country, digging out anyone they can find. They continue to re-establish civilization by promoting education so that people can be taught the skills needed for a proper workforce. They send scouts outside the country to recruit any other survivors to their country.
  • American Union: Several varieties of assault rifles and machine guns from the depot have been successfully replicated and mass production is underway. A large scale project being funded by the Kennedy family has been launched to rebuild many of the great roads which span the Union. Also the campaign against the tribes in Quebec has met success as Montreal and Ottawa have already been take, yet resistance still continues to wear the troops down in Nova Scotia. A several biplanes have been repaired and replicated allowing for the formation of a rudimentary air force. In Boston several large fishing companies are attempting to build a ship capable of travelling longer distances in hopes of an expedition into the Atlantic for larger hauls of fish. Elections have been announced for the following year.
    • The Republic of Ohio would like to mention that they did discover some old (OTL WW-II) airplanes and have begun mass production the most common being the M180 Corsair (made up the M180 part) and has offered to send some to the AU as they are superior to Biplanes
    • Ohio is also curious to whether or not (with AU help) to begin expanding up into the Great Lakes.
    • The AU agrees to the trade of planes and asks that they set the border with Ohio controlling Michigan while the union can use Detroit as a trading post between nations.
    • Ohio we accept.
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas asks what cause of war there is between our nations except the reckless nature of its ally the CSA. Texas requests that the American Union not attack our country.
    • The American Union states that the CSA is one of our closest allies and while Texas is only being attacked due to its weakness, not aiding its allies would set a dangerous precedent.
  • Hindu Empire: New Mumbai has been the capital after a vote of one person to seven people for Mumbai. The quarter of the army that was going to Sri Lanka to make them join together. The army has been recruit more people to help as they searched for evidence from the blackout.
  • Japan: The Imperial Japanese Navy locates some of the old JMSDF ships that survived the blackout and they begin research on the vessels in hopes of replication. The Imperial Japanese Army attacks the Daimyos that refused to join Japan in Hokkaido, the Daimyos are quickly over whelmed and are absorbed into Japan. The Daimyos who participated in the invasion divide the island among themselves. Emperor Hirohito announces that Japan will "in the next ten year capture the Forbidden City and march into Beijing.". The Japanese company Mitsubishi is revived by a group of wealthy Japanese industrialist and they begin production of weapons and they begin to purchase mines to operate.
  • Texas: The communities begin to come out of the nuclear dark ages and start to restore the once-great state. The formation of Texas is commemorated with the first oil rig re-opening, beginning to pump the black gold to the surface. Work begins on restoring and rebuilding cities and vehicles that can be salvaged from the attack. A new capital is established in Corpus Christi. The Texans model their government after the former United States, with the exception of two consuls being elected into the executive branch instead of one president. Texas asks for an alliance with California.
    • Californian Diplomacy: We accept. Troops begin to march toward Texas to aid it in case the Confederates attack.
    • Texas Diplomacy: Texas greatly appreciates the help that the Californians are providing to fight off the aggressors.
  • Confederate States of America: The CSA, with its Ohio and American allies having sent troops, tanks, and air planes as well as naval assistance, declares war on Texas and launches a massive invasion of the unprepared Texan nation. Allied troops make huge gains against the Texans. Someone please do an algorithm. Ohio and America both sent military forces to help the Confederates.
    • WTH? First, turns go in quarter years, so it is 1972.25. Second, how, after six months, are you attacking me? We just came out of the dark ages! Travel is at a near standstill - you might be lucky to have a few functioning cars or boats. Weapons are scarce - in 20 years, many will be unaccounted for or will not function correctly, not to mention trying to find ammunition. Your population can't be a whole lot larger than mine. So how is it, even if you did attack me, that you 'make huge gains'?
    • Man always will make or find weapons for war, it is a race with no bounds, and it will always find guns and weapons. Also, with 20 years in the dark ages doesn't mean I couldn't have built up a military.
    • Maybe I built up a military, and your claim that Texas was unprepared was a misconception on your part. Either way, since you're coming to me, I have the home field advantage, which includes knowledge of the terrain, little to no transportation needed, and motivated soldiers.
    • Also the world stopped in the 1950s. How many microchips existed then? He American Union is using older factories and is having to use crude mock ups of weapons found discarded at National guard bases, we are just very lucky to find them. we won't be suddenly producing tanks, we can't even cross the Atlantic. Also to reach the CSA we are repairing many of our disused roads which is likely to take the next five years to become fully functional.
    • So, just step off. You are hardly prepared for war, and if you attacked us, we would have no problem defeating you.
    • Ohio expresses its concern over the lack of a strong military to send to the Texan border. We have just rediscovered flight and most of our weapons we import from the AU, also we do not have good roads so it may take time.
    • Siberia Dip: Siberia declines because we were already in an alliance with California and they are at war with you.
  • Paris: War is declared with surrounding French countries. The army invades them. (Someone please do an algorithm)
  • Hungaro-Romania: A militia group form the Hungaria-Romania Socialist Republic (HRSR) and begin a massive buildup of the country's military and economy (yes, I did change the spelling of Hungary on purpose).
  • California: Troops are sent to Texas, to help protect them against attack. Meanwhile, draft begins, and 3000 men are drafted to help secure the nation. Meanwhile, a Steel Plant begins construction in San Francisco.
  • Ohio: In response to the official declaration by of war by the CSA, Ohio begins a draft for anyone between 16-21. Ohio also begins to send some old steamships down the Mississippi toward the gulf to begin exploration. Ohio also expands its territory west to include the former states of Iowa, Illinois , and Wisconsin. Ohio begins mass production of reverse engineered weapon found in an old Nat'l Guard armory.
    • CSA Diplomacy: The CSA asks Ohio to declare war on Texas.
    • The Senate voted and Passed the President's Declaration of War almost unanimously. Troops, armoured and air divisions are now being sent to Texas. Ohio calls on the AU for support as well.
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas asks what cause of war there is between our nations except the reckless nature of its ally the CSA. Texas requests that Ohio not attack our country.
    • The Senate ratified the War because our ally declared war on Texas, the CSA had been planning to own Texas before it was a player country, Ohio merely honoured our part of the deal. Ohio will ask all of the American Co-Op (the AU and Ohio Senate) and will discuss the war and then get back to you.
    • The GAC have concluded to continue the war.
    • Texan Diplomacy: Since you are seeking allies and the CSA is starting to make hasty and unwise decisions, Texas proposes an alliance between itself, Ohio, and the American Union, to defeat the CSA. That way, you still receive land, still have (grateful) allies, and Texas will join the Co-Op in place of the CSA so that things will not change.
  • Siberia: Siberia has a thing or two for new expansion for they want to know what is in the northern lands of Siberia. Siberia also makes an alliance offer to the California Republic.
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas implores Siberia not to accept the offer of the CSA. We did not provoke the attack and have done nothing to deserve it. Texas wishes for an alliance between itself and Siberia. Or, if not an alliance, at least a non-aggression pact.
    • Californian Diplomacy: We accept the Alliance request, and also ask that they don't accept the CSA's offer.
    • Siberia D: We accept an alliance with Texas
  • Muscovy:the Muscovites discover their counterparts, the Siberians. while they are no longer communists, they ask the Siberians for an expansion treaty, so that they do not have conflict over the lands they will preside over. [5] The light grey line is the treaty line. you can expand as far south and east as you want to, just as long as you don't cross the line. Added by Axyljohnson
    • I left for two days, and it's already been implausibilized
    • How is this implausible? I'm Just asking for a treaty with Siberia! they could say "no" and the treaty would be null. plus, we wouldn't automatically have that land, it would just be a border that we would agree on.
  • Cascadia: The CSS Pacific makes it to the Hawaiian islands. A trading colony called New Columbia is set up there. The ports of Astoria, Victoria, and Seattle are being rebuilt. Cascadia looks to a bright trading future with the countries of the Pacific Rim. Due to the recent Texas-CSA war, Cascadia sets up an arms factory in Vancouver, and establishes Salem as their capital. Cascadia begins to come out of the Nuclear Dark Ages. Gold mines are established in what was Eastern Oregon and California. The government is re-established with a fusion of Great Britain's old government and Ancient Rome, with two Consuls, and a Parliament and Senate. Environmentalism and Nationalism is widespread.
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas requests an alliance between our countries, which could be beneficial to us both. I have no doubt that the expansionist tendencies of the CSA will not stop with my country.
    • Cascadian Diplomacy: Cascadia accepts the alliance. Cascadia mobilizes 10 WWI and WWII era planes from the old air museums at McMinnville and Tillamook, and sends them to Texas. They are now yours for the duration of the war. However, Cascadia decides to not directly command any troops in the war, and officially remains neutral.
    • The CSA offers Siberia an alliance, and if Siberia joins the CSA in an alliance, the CSA will give Siberia parts of California or if it wishes, parts of Texas so it has a base on the Atlantic Ocean. Cascadia is also offered an alliance and offered parts of California. Both nations are promised that CS expansion into PC countries will end after Texas.
    • Cascadian Diplomacy:
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas greatly appreciates the help. We owe you one
    • I don't mean to be a spelling Nazi but will you PLEASE start using spell check?
    • Agreed. It's getting really annoying. I keep cleaning it up and then you just post more. ARG!
  • Korea: Korea expands northward, and reclaims all of former North Korea. Meanwhile, the army is expanded, and the navy expands to patrol the Yellow Sea and North Pacific Ocean. Korea asks for trade agreements and alliances with Siberia.
  • Celtic Confederation: A hydro-electric scheme was built on the Lee River, giving electricity back to many outlying villages. Bridges are built which connect the Confederation to islands in the Cork Harbour. On Great Island, agricultural activities increase. On Haulbowline Island, several ships used by the Irish Navy are found, and are planned to be restored.
  • Cuba: Power is brought back to areas in Havana, and close areas around the capital, along with other rich areas through out Cuba's island empire. Factories are started up again. Cuba offers all the nations in North America a

tett rms for an agreement in which:

    • All nations will allow tourism, and limited trade and full immigration.
    • All nations will share information of power sources.
    • Joint efforts to establish connections in Europe and Asia will be done.
    • CSA Diplomacy: The CSA accepts and offers Cuba membership in Greater American Cooperative as a full member and ally of the GAC's original members. Cuba is offered Galveston and other land on Texas's Gulf Coast if it declares war on Texas.
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas requests an alliance with Cuba, and land is offered in Florida for assistance against the CSA's recent imperialist actions. I was also thinking of forming a more permanent establishment with my current allies, California and Cascadia, and would very much like to include you as well.
    • Cuban Response: It denies the CSA's or Texas's alliance, though it condemns the CSA's action, they see no Cuban Interest in it currently. Though, if CSA continues and achieves some success, Cuba may consider it due to their actions having no cause.
    • Ohio offers an invitation to the Co-Op. We are prepared to allow you to stay neutral as this war occurred before your joining (should you accept) we will also provide free trade and some weapons to be used at your discretion.
    • Texan Diplomacy: I realize that there is a lot being thrown at you right now, but Texas, California, and Cascadia have decided to form the 'Western American Alliance' and we would like to extend you an invitation. Considering this war, we would not expect you to participate if you do not wish so, but we just wanted to give you a heads-up. Hope you decide to join! Good luck!
    • Meaning that you would support Texas?
    • Would in that situation, but not siding with anyone right now.
    • I totally respect that. Thank you, either way.
  • Slavic Union: They improve their cities and military. They continue their isolation and try to improve infrastructure.
  • Rome: lays claim to Venice. Rome openly offers Siberia an alliance and secretly an offer to split Moscow together.


  • Mod-event: Iceland is created out of the remnants of the civilized people there.
  • Germania: Military begins to search for replacement parts and schematics for weapons.
  • Chile: It begins to slowly colonize lands beyond the country as an excuse to find more survivors. It begins to get the country back on track as it slowly rebuilds. Environmental-friendly methods are used due to lack of energy supplies and other essentials.
  • California: After roughly 40 days of march, the first Californian Armies arrive in Texas, and they help the Texans defend against the Confederates. Meanwhile, back in California, work continues on the steel plant, as many people want to make new weapons for the Army using the best steel possible. Many people have just searched the ruins of old collapsed buildings for steel, but that steel isn't as good, and it is less durable. Meanwhile, propaganda is used on the population to gain support for the war, with popular phases like "If they attack, we'll push 'em back" and "From Texas to Arizona, our troops fight for California!".
  • Ohio sends the first regiment of the Ohio National Army to the CSA to assist in the invasion of Texas. Ohio also sends 30 WWII era Corsairs that have been re-manufactured to the front lines. Ohio continues to expand into the unclaimed western regions near the Ohio border. A new road system is well underway and has already connected Cincinnati to Columbus. Work on bringing several old nuclear power back on line commences. Ohio implores Cuba not to get involved in the conflict and asks Cascadia to do the same.
  • Siberia: Siberia decides to give up on expansion north and starts building a ship called the Kirov and builds up an exploration crew for Antarctica with the captain named Boris. With the crew of Rurik, Sadko, Sudislav, Zavid V., Zavid D, Piotr, Feodor, and the escapee from America Henry. with a cat named Alik. (kind of basing this off of the British expedition.)
    • Roman D: Rome offers an alliance and a secret offer to split Moscow amongst us if you help us attack Venice.
    • Muscovy Diplomacy: the Muscovites give them the same offer that was proposed last turn.
    • Siberia D: Siberia declines both offers because we are busy with other business
  • Hindu Empire: The group that stay on the Empire split up into two groups, one going north into former Nepal while the other group into former Bangladesh. The army that stay in Sri Lanka continue to expand
  • American Union (I won't be on for a few days so just assume I'm building industry and roads) The First union cavalry arrives in Texas after many months riding. In other news the natives in Quebec have finally been defeated or driven out with many frontier forts set up along the new borders to prevent raids. The planes traded to us by Ohio are used as messengers between the capital and the front line troops.
  • Texas: Using all of the available manpower and firepower it can muster, the Texans make a hard push to drive the confederates out of Texas. Texas also expands northward.
    • State of Economy: +75
    • Defense: + 10
    • War Weariness: 0
    • Technology: + 40
    • Knowledge of landscape: + 20
    • Morale: -10
    • Strength: 50
    • Total: 185
  • Hungaria-Romania: The military continues to be built up. Economy starts to grow.
  • Japan: The Imperial Japanese Army launches an attack on Sakhalin Island and quickly captures the island from the few remnants living there. The IJA establishes Fort Sakhalin in the south of the island as the northern half of the island is captured by the IJA and assisted by the IJN. The IJN launches the JNS Kyoto (DD-1) and JNS Tokyo (DD-2) from Tokyo Bay. The IJN also recommissions several ships found abandoned by the old Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force they are mainly destroyers.
  • Cuba: Observing the situation in Texas carefully, seeing the invasion of Puerto Rico which has been planned for years can be delayed due to the lack of power in the small island, the main army of Cuba moves back to Cuba, the navy mobilizes, Cuba calls for the CSA to stop the war, pointing out Cuba is in a perfect position to join the war, as Cuba has two WW1 Era Warships, and various Victoria Era Warships, and a strong enough army to take Florida with ease. They criticize the CSA's allies, especially the Union who has joined a war purely out of greed.
    • Ohio response: In what way are you allowed to criticize us? We are only supporting our ally because he is our ALLY, no matter how we view the war as Ohio is not in favor of it, it would still be wrong to betray an ally. This is (at least of Ohio) an war of Honor not Greed or conquest. We ask firmly that you remain UNINVOLVED as you are NOT the only nation with a navy. the AU and the CSA BOTH have a navy. I ask you do not fire on my ships in the gulf as they are passenger ships sent out to help rediscover parts of the old world.
  • Korea: Korea continues to expand northward into former China. Meanwhile, the Korean Army is expanded, and much of southern Korea is mostly rebuilt, but the harbors and airports will take quite a while to scrap all the ships and planes still there. Reconstruction across into the former DMZ begins, and another census is taken. Most are Korean, but an few are American, Japanese and Chinese.
  • CSA: The CSA launches a massive counter offensive into Texas and makes huge gains with Ohioan and American troops helping break the Texan lines. Everything that can be used is put into the war. Expansion into the regions north of the CSA that aren't claimed continues while industry and infrastructure continue to be built. The CSA offers Texas a deal, cede all of Texas north of New Orleans to the CSA and the war will end with Confederate troops helping Texas expand to the south. Confederate naval ships blockade Texas. The air force begins massive bombing raids against Texas as well and all non-civilian targets are attacked, including the Texan Capitol in Austin.

State of Economy: +50

War Weariness: -5

Technology: +66

Knowledge of Landscape: +0

Morale: +5

Strength: +180

Total: +376

Hold up, how do you have the best economy and the best technology after just coming, literally, out of the dark, 6 months ago? I tried to be modest by watering down my numbers A LOT, but if you aren't going to do the same, then how is that fair?

I edited the CSA's stats to make it much more "realistic". Bfoxius 18:12, June 3, 2012 (UTC)Bfoxius

  • Celtic Confederation: Roads and bridges are rebuilt across Ireland, allowing the Confederation to add new communities. By now all of Ireland is under control of the Confederation. Meanwhile, contact is made with communities in Scotland, who agree to become under the control of the Confederation in exchange for protection. With all these new resources and manpower the economy flourishes.
  • Cascadia: After much competition, three major political parties form. The Cascadian Royalist Party, which seeks to establish Cascadia as the successor to Great Britain, and establish themselves as the leaders of the Pacific Rim.. (Cascadia does not know about Brittania yet). The Cascadian Environmentalist Party, which seeks to decrease urbanization, and to establish Cascadia as an agricultural nation, and to change the flag. And the Cascadian Nationalist Party, which seeks to decrease colonization, and to play a decreased part in world affairs. New Columbia becomes a thriving port, exporting fish, fruit, and livestock. New Columbia is discovered to have been located on the island of Oahu, on the other side of Pearl Harbor. Warships were discovered in Pearl Harbor, and several are recommissioned. The Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River is rebuilt, giving power to parts of old Oregon and Washington.[6]The flag proposed by the CEP (Cascadian Environmentalist Party) Added by YNot1989
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Governments in America have no contact to Europe, the Pacific, or Asia. Vice versa. South Africa and the Hindu Empire have no contact to the rest of the world yet.
  • So does that mean New Columbia shouldn't be there? Bfoxius 03:37, June 3, 2012 (UTC)Bfoxius


  • Chile: It slowly expands across the Andes to gain more territory and to dig out more survivors. The whole country's economy continues to grow and develop. Farms are starting to be productive once again, factories are running once more, and cities are continuing to rebuild. Yet the standard of living remains low due to the recent events.
  • Siberia: (shouldn't this be 1972.75) Siberia finishes the Kirov and waits until next turn to launch it. also Siberia found some old beat up Russian airplanes and starts fixing them up.
  • Hindu Empire: The army that was invading Sri Lanka get back and started to go east towards former Pakistan to invade and survivors. A few experience ones though stay in Mumbai to train on the rookies. The other two groups keep invading the north west and the east.
    • I mean North towards Nepal and East to Bangladesh while that group is going West
  • Lithuania: Lithuania builds up its infrastructure and asks Germania if it would be interested in a joint recontact mission to the Caspian Sea/East Arabic Peninsula area.
  • Texas: In response to the war, the Texan government raids military bases in Corpus Christi and Austin. They discover several ships and weapons that are immediately put to use. The ships are restored and launched as part of the new Texan Navy. Scientists begin to reverse-engineer guns found, and the government begins to offer rewards for any metal that can be made into ammunition, guns, etc. The government also instates a draft and trains these new soldiers, so instead of ragtag volunteers, they now have real soldiers.
    • State of Economy: + 75
    • Defense: + 10
    • War Weariness: - 10
    • Technology: + 65
    • Knowledge of landscape: + 20
    • Morale: - 10
    • Strength: + 60
    • Total: +210
  • Carolina (Mod-Controlled) asks Texas and California for recognition and alliances to combat the CSA. Asks Cascadia to join the War.
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas recognizes Carolina and will muster what support it can for Carolina.
    • California Diplomacy: We also recognize Carolina, and send any extra troops we have to Carolina. We warn that a good number of our troops are in Texas, so it won't be much at first, but as we push the Confederates back (Hopefully), we will be able to send more aid.
    • Cascadian Diplomacy: We recognize Carolina, and officially join the war.
  • Indochina: Supporters of the former Vietnamese Emperor Bảo Đại take control over the Indochinese government. They officially declare Bảo Đại to be the first Emperor of Indochina. The Indochinese begin the processes of rearming their country, as they plan on sending colonial expeditions to the former nations of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and even far-off Burma. They mostly use AK-47 rifles left over from the former North Vietnamese army stocks. The rifles, although somewhat time-worn, mostly work perfectly due to the rifle's well-known reliability. The Indochinese start manufacturing their own version, known as the Tiger (Con Hổ) Model 1972, or more commonly known as the CH-72. The Indochinese start reactivating the various oil wells in their country as part of their economic recovery. With this fuel they are able to run the small amounts of M48 Patton tanks still running in their country. They only run them sparingly, as they have yet to start manufacturing the necessary spare parts for the tanks. The Indochinese go on a massive national infrastructure recovery program to begin the repairing of essential national infrastructure as part of the national recovery plan.
  • California: More Troops arrive in Texas. Meanwhile, many people sign up for the military, leaving many jobs on the Home front empty. To combat this, many survivors that are encountered on the path between Texas and California are told to move to California, as there is some Civilization there. The Steel Plant in San Francisco continues to be built, and it should be finished soon.
  • Cascadia: Due to many Californians joining the war, Cascadia sends some survivors to work the factories in California. Cascadia officially joins the war, having being pressured by Carolina and the WAU (Western American Union) to officially join. The CSS Oregon, Seattle, and Columbia have been commissioned as Cascadia's first warships, and head south to California to help them blockade CSA ports. An ammo dump is discovered in former British Columbia, filled with many standard-issue weapons of the 1950's. They are sent back to Vancouver to develop new mass-produced weapons, much to the rage of the CEP. A militia of about 1,500 is formed, and Cascadia shifts their focus to education, repairing collages in former Oregon, Washington, and BC. The Via Magna (great road) is proposed to link the northern cities of former Alaska, to the cities of former North California. Construction begins in what remains of Anchorage, and will end in Yreka, California (Google that!). The CSS Pacific continues its mission west. Elections for Consul will begin in 1973.
    • Californian D: We thank Cascadia for joining the war, and we will help build the Via Magna.
  • Celtic Confederation: A new council is set up, consisting of representatives from each community. This system makes the confederation more stable, and the economy continues to grow.
  • CSA: The CSA cracks down on Carolina and brutally crushes the rebels. Texas is offered a pre war borders deal. The Confederacy establishes a colony in Africa.


  • Texas: The Western American Union is formed, with its three current member states, Cascadia, California and Texas. Reinforcements arriving from California and Cascadia relieve some pressure from the weary Texan soldiers. The Texans begin experimenting with vehicular technology, especially Jeeps and Tanks. Scientists from around the country are brought to cities to help restart the production of oil, and the manufacturing of gasoline.
    • Do I have to do my own algorithm anymore?
    • I can do it for you. GRSGov 01:37, June 4, 2012 (UTC)
    • It's okay, I can do it. I just saw them posted on the talk page and wondered if the mods took over that responsibility. Speaking of mods, thanks for the approval. CourageousLife 01:38, June 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • California: After receiving the news about the total number of casualties, many people are worried that one in every nine troops have died in a seemingly faraway land. However, thanks to propaganda, many know that this war is needed to help protect an ally. Meanwhile, the Steel Plant in San Francisco is nearing completion, and many hope that this will relieve the burdens on scavengers when looking for steel for guns. Meanwhile, the first set of people arrive from Cascadia and the former Midwest to get jobs to replace those leaving. Another 23,459 people are drafted, and these new recruits are sent to the front line in Texas.
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas is forever in the debt of the people of California for their sacrifices just so Texas can remain a sovereign and free nation. Texas wishes to have a conference with California and Cascadia about the CSA's proposed offer (I'm making a page - Western American Union (Humanity, Awake!)
    • Californian D: Don't worry, we would want someone else to do the same had we been attacked. We will attend the meeting, and propose Carolina should join our alliance.
    • Californian D: We formally ask Carolina to join the WAU.
    • Ohio D: Let us call together a peace accord as fighting benefits neither party. Ohio is willing on the behalf of the GAC to aid Texas any positive manner in the future.
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas is inclined to accept the offer of peace, if Ohio can convince the CSA to stop fighting, as there have been no gains on either side.
    • Californian Dip: I suggest that we take peace talks to the talk page.
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas calls for a cease-fire while peace talks ensue.
    • A cease-fire is declared while the governments undergo peace negotiations.
  • The Indochinese launch their first armed colonial expedition. It manages to defeat the poorly-armed militia of the Warlord of Vientiane, who is executed promptly to crush any resistance. The Indochinese begin to repair roads leading to the city, and begin moving colonists from the east to settle the ruins of the city.
  • Muscovy resigns
  • Ohio: Ohio expands north into the Great Lakes region and begins to gain ground against the rebel tribes there. Meanwhile, troops are sent to Texas, and a bombing campaign is begun. However the government was given strict directions to only target military sites and to leave civilians alone. Meanwhile, diplomats are sent to Carolina requesting they do not join the war. Diplomats are also sent to Texas imploring the idea of peace. Peace, as the Secretary of War Charles Endwick stated, Is our primary goal, and we are prepared to aid Texas in the future if we can just come to a peace accord. Ohio is sick of this war.
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas tires of the war as well, but the price of peace demanded by the CSA is simply too high. Perhaps if we could arrange a different agreement, one without such high costs, then Texas would stop the war.
    • Ohio Dip: What, then, do you propose? see response on GAC discussion board (Greater American Cooperative)
  • Rome: Rome gives Siberia an offer: Let's invade Muscovy together, you can have up to Finland, we'll take the rest. Or you can take Norway.
  • Chile: Chile takes over parts of former Argentina and Peru. They send expeditions to the Amazon, hoping to find more survivors. They send an expedition to the Pacific to search for survivors.
  • Hindu Empire: Tries to get an alliance with Siberia to attack Nepal. While waiting for their response, the group goes to west to try to take over parts of former Pakistan.
  • CSA: The CSA agrees to pre-war borders, CS troops continue to occupy Carolina.
    • Implausibility - Reason: Nuclear weapons this early in the game.
    • i found a stash in my territory and the doomsday occurred after the USA got nukes so it's fine.
    • Even though you may claim to possess them does not mean that you have the ability to fire them.
  • Siberia: Siberia finally launches the Kirov and starts focusing on military. also we have fixed all our ports for good trade
  • Japan: The IJA launches an attack on the Kuril Islands and they quickly capture the islands. The tribes in the islands often submit to the Japanese though a few resist them. The Daimyos give the second born son of the Daimyo of the Hiroshima Province, Yamato, is given control of the Kuril Islands. Daimyo Yamato's first order is to begin production of fisheries in the islands. The IJN commissions the JS Honshu (DD-3) and the JS Akagi (DD-4) into fleet. Mitsubishi continues to fund operations in Japan with re-building factories and mines.
  • Cascadia: A party ventures into North Alaska, and discovers gold and oil. As the war is over, Cascadia asks Texas for 1/3 of their planes back. The CSS Pacific reaches Japan, and discovers civilization there. They ask for a trade agreement, and updates on history in the Old World. Cascadia declares control over all of the Hawaiian Islands, and establishes another colony on OTL Hawaii Island. A ship sails to the Santa Barbara Islands, and asks California for a trading outpost there, in exchange for the workers. The scientists in Vancouver have created the SIR (Standard Infantry Rifle), a revamped M-16, and have issued them to all NAU troops. Cascadia pleads for a lasting peace, and a permanent union of North America. Consul elections have begun! After much debate, the two-consul system is abolished, replaced by a single Consul. Theresa Raines (OTL Terri Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter's wife), runs for Consul for the Environmental Party. George Oliver Henry runs for the Royalist Party. The Nationalists, unable to decide on a someone, are split, and defeated early. The Environmentalist Party wants a new flag, peace, and a union of North America. The Royalist Party wants exploration, colonization, peace, but not a new union. Cascadia invites all North American leaders to Salem to discuss the future of the world...
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas gratefully returns the aircraft.
  • Slavic Union: They improve their military and infrastructure. Cities are finished and begin producing much needed things. A new president is elected and wants to meet the world and sends scouts to other lands. Slavic Union's new capital is Novi Sad.
  • Franco Empire: The Franco Empire expands into Carolinian Rebels and develops steel metallurgy and some more advanced methods of it.( Can I take the territory of Wallonia, Flanders, Netherlands, and Luxembourg)
  • You actually have to declare war, or negotiate with them to get their territory Bfoxius 01:05, June 5, 2012 (UTC)Bfoxius.
  • My God, you don't even know what is happening there.GRSGov 01:10, June 5, 2012 (UTC)


  • Mod Event: Bombs are detonated in Corpus Christi and Montgomery Capitol Buildings by an unknown terrorist.
  • California: With the Cease-Fire in place, many Military Commanders take advantage of this to get the troops supplied and to build defenses. Trenches are dug all across the Front Line, and many troops use the chance to rest and sleep. Back on the Home Front, many people continue to work hard to provide for the troops. Great News hits the nation when the Steel Plant in San Francisco, after a year of construction, finishes. Fresh Steel is being used to make weapons, and many weapons are now more durable. Meanwhile, we allow Cascadia to set up a trading post.
  • Hindu Empire: The Hindu Empire keeps expanding west as they create the Asia Alliance.
  • Texas: Many officials are killed in the blast that hit Corpus Christi, and emergency elections are held to fill those positions. Consul Bruce Palmer Jr. survived the explosion, but Consul Price Daniel was killed, replaced by Vice-Consul Ann Richards, the first woman to ever hold the position of Consul. Debates still ensue as the Western American Union and Greater American Cooperative attempt to finalize a peace treaty.
    • Ohio withdraws troops from that area and instead begins to send Red Cross relief to war victims.
  • Lithuania: About half the country's navy is sent on a contact mission to northern South America. Ships land in the Guyana regions and the islands of Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados. They carry generator units for any populace still living there, and materials for building in "collapsed" regions. Lithuania asks Germania and the Franco Empire for alliances in regards to the recontact.
  • Ohio: The Republican Guard withdraws troops from the Texas border and begins to send relief aid to Corpus Cristi. A new monument, The Olympic-which honors the fallen, and the former United States - is begining the first phase of construction. Infrastructure is dramatically improved and electricity now powers 75% of homes within the Republic. Diplomats have been sent to the Great Lakes Tribes in hopes of establishing a deal that will provide Ohio land in exchange of military protection and financial aid. Ohio asks permission from California to begin trading out of the port of San Francisco.
  • Chile: Chile continues to slowly expands its borders across South America. The government begins to democratize more due to the rise of the country's development. The farms start to mass-produce, allowing rationing to be reduced. They begin to become a developing nation as it rises from the ashes.
  • Siberia: The Kirov is in Australia and Siberia starts putting out more car industries. Siberia holds elections and the man named Aleksander III comes to power.
  • Indochina: The Indochinese continue expanding through the former territory of the nations of Cambodia and Laos. The Indochinese begin repairing the old railroads in order to aide the economic recovery and the resettlement efforts.
  • Mod Event: The Royalist Candidate for the Cascadian Consul gets assassinated by an unknown assassin. Cascadia suspects that the same people who put bombs in the Texas and CSA capitols are behind it. Theresa Raines is sworn in as the first Consul of the Union of Cascadian States.
  • Cuba: The small yet powerful island-set-of-nations watches the events unfold carefully over in the north, Cuban Warships make contact with Lithuanians, due to heavy Cuban Scouting in the nearby waters, they are glad to make contact with European, and wish to trade information. It advises North American Powers to work together and find out of the assassin, and not to let war break out. Electricity is restored to many rich areas in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba, more people in effect, gain jobs.
    • Ohio was attacked by an unknown assassins that successfully managed to murder the President and his wife and two children. Due to public outrage, the Ohioan Government establishes the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to investigate the terrorist acts and also forms the S.S to protect the future Presidents. Ohio emergency President-Elect Adams states the "these horrid acts will not go unpunished and we will not stop looking for the perpetrators".
  • Cascadia: After the horrid events, many Royalists and anarchists suspected that the Environmentalist Party had staged the assassination. However, careful examination of the Party's headquarters in Olympia had shown that the CEP is not guilty. Debate rages on about how the post-war America shall be divided. With the events not on their side, the meeting in Salem is postponed until the terrorists are caught. Cascadia says that to discover what happened, we must work together as Cuba said. A single currency and a United Nations-esque union should be established. Raines quickly changes the flag to the one proposed earlier. Someone please change my flag now. Meanwhile, the Pacific heads west, and reaches Siberia. An audience with the leader is proposed. Cascadia thanks California and Texas for their help, and the Via Magna is well under way. Cascadia gives Ohio, America and the CSA permission to use their port of Astoria. The Enviromentalists, wanting to preserve their oil resourses, ask Texas for a trade agreement. Even the CSS Pacific is a wooden ship, about the size of one of Columbus' carvels, because of oil shortages after the EMP. Cascadia claims control over all of the former US state of Hawaii, and, not wanting to repeat the mistakes of old colonial powers, grants the natives status in the government.
    • Ohio asks for a joint anti terrorism task force between Cascadia and Ohio to find the perpetrators of each assassination (Royalist Candidate in Cascadia and the President's family in Ohio).
    • Cascadia DipCascadia accepts Ohio's offer. A headquarters is proposed.
    • Texas agrees to a trade route and will begin shipments immediately.
  • Mod-Eventz FTW! Quebec, Canada and the Empire of Mexico have been established.


  • Cuba: Fidel Castro's guards are upgraded overall with more security wherever he goes to foil any assassination attempt; Cuban warships make contact with Brazil. Electricity is restored much in Cuba.
  • Hindu Empire: They go to Nepal to officially attack on the capital, and with only people to defend the country, they quickly take the western part of Nepal.
    • State of Economy: +75
    • Defense: +10
    • War Weariness: -5
    • Technology: +40
    • Knowledge of landscape: +20
    • Morale: +5
    • Strength: +100
    • Total: +245
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  • Chile: It continues to expand across South America, taking western Bolivia and southern Peru with it. They discover ruins of Argentina's cities, and begin the hunt for survivors. They send expeditions throughout Latin America for any other survivor nations.
  • Siberia: Siberia's Kirov has made it to the Arctic Circle, but has not made it to the South Pole. Also, one of Siberia's newer cities, Novosibirsk, is elected as the new capital.
  • CSA: The CSA officlay re-annexes Carolina. The war is declared over, while Carolina begins to be re-integrated with the CSA. The CSA withdraws from the GAC and cuts all alliances and ties as well as trade with Ohio and the American Union as well as Texas and all of its Allies. The CSA offers Chile adn the Hindu Empire alliances. The CSA also forms a colony in northern South America in TOL Colombia. The CSA also continues a massive military buildup. The CSA begins to construction of the Montgomery Wall on its entire border with Ohio, Texas and the AU.
    • Lots of things wrong with this: 1) You lost in Carolina! We repulsed your attack! 2) You fought two wars, you can't just establish a colony. 3) You fought an expensive war, you aren't exactly going to capture a foreign terrorist. TacoCopper
    • No it wasn't. Carolina repelled the attack with aid, the attack in Texas was the one that you won. TacoCopper
  • California: The nation begins to send settlers to all across its new lands. The Miltary begins leaving Texas to patrol the destroyed ruins of the new lands for survivors. The ruins of Las Vegas are found, and Casinos are found. The Government begins a plan to renovate the Casinos and fix them up. The Steel Plant in San Francisco is up and running, and a good amount of Steel is being produced. The Steel is used in the rebuilding of the Casinos.
  • Ohio renounces the actions of the CSA and declares neutrality in any conflict between the CSA and the WAU. We will no longer be involved. Diplomats are sent to the AU to strengthen relations between the two remaining GAC members. Ohio calls back all of its air forces loaned to the CSA and states that the CSA must pay for the loan as they broke alliance. The border between Ohio and the CSA is heavily fortified and declared demilitarized. Allliance offers go out to Texas, Cascadia, California and Cuba.
    • Texas: Texas accepts the alliance (finally).
    • Cascadian Dip: We accept.
  • American Union: The union forces are withdrawn to the homeland, The new roads have finally been finished. They are quickly used to consolidate territory in Quebec. An offer of alliance is sent to Cascadia against the Canadian tribes in order to secure the Canadian frontier regions. A statement of neutrality is posted stating that they will not involve themselves in the CSA's affairs.
    • Cascadian Dip: We accept.
  • Dakota: Dakota elects a new President. Military is built up as well as infrastructure. Universities are built and so are research labs to increase Technology.
    • Texas: Wishes to open diplomatic relations with Dakota (particularly an alliance).
    • Ohio: Wishes to seek alliance with Dakota.
    • Dakota: Dakota signs an alliance with Ohio and Texas.
  • Empire of Durango: They expand their military and economy. They also set up a colony in OTL Ecuador.
    • Texas: Wishes to open diplomatic relations with Durango (particularly an alliance).
    • Ohio: requests alliance with Durango(sorry about the bold, my browser is screwing up)
  • Texas: Texas sends aid to the Carolinian rebels against the CSA (what is the situation with this currently?) Oil rigs begin to pop up all over the country as the machines have been brought back into commission. Oil companies begin to re-emerge, and expeditions to oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico are planned. Proposes a trade embargo on the CSA for all of the trouble we went through.
  • Indochina: The Indochinese continue to expand their territory through former Southeast Asia. The Indochinese officially resettle the former city of Rangoon, which they rename Yangon to appease the remaining Burmese population. The Indochinese plan a push down the Kra peninsula to annex any available territory there. Expert Indochinese lingusists begin the work of formulating a new national language to bridge the various cultural divides in the country. The language, Indochinese, is planned to more than a combination of the various major local languages. It is planned to have the new language have at least half of its vocabulary be completely original.


  • Hindu Empire: The army goes to the capital of Nepal and it doesn't take long before the leader of the country gets caught with them giving Nepal to Hindu Empire.
  • Paris: Battling for the rest of France still continues. Please someone do an algorithm?
  • Chile: Chile continues expansion across South Ameria. Expedition parties reach Lima, Rio de Jaiiero, and Sao Paulo and begin to dig out survivors. They begin to discover new survivor states across the North American continent, but does not take part in their affairs.
  • Manchuria: The warlords of Manchuria have finally united! The new government shall establish a relatively massive occupation force until the loyalty of all warlords is secure. This loyalty is expected to be exhibited in the next 8 months or the warlords shall face the wrath of a united Manchuria. Then after that Manchuria shall commence endeavors of a colonial nature into China proper. New social and economic reforms shall be put in place until we recover, if possible, to pre-Blackout levels. Majors infrastructural repairs and projects are being planned for the next 4-5 years. Please excuse me, this is my first time at this so it might be bad. And is the giant black blob still in the dark, from the blackout that is?

  • Lithuania: Lithuania officially establishes a colony in South America, called Lithuanian Guyana. Recovery teams continue work in the Caribbean and the Venezuela area. Infrastructure in Lithuania itself is improved, and the military updated and increased. Lithuania offers alliances to the countries near it.
  • American Union: The USS Illiad is launched, a huge long range ocean cruiser designed for fishing farther out into the Atlantic and to carry larger catches. This enterprise is expected to allow for a more stable food supply and to bring better communications along the eastern seaboard. A delegation is sent to Dakota, California and Texas in order to establish diplomatic ties and secure trade routes for technolgy and goods.
    • Texas: Welcomes the delegation and agrees for trade routes with its new ally.
    • American Union: Perhaps we can set up some sort of treaty between the American nations for mutual trade and if one breaks the treaty the rest turn on them?
    • Texas: Sounds good to me. First target, CSA.
    • Dakota: Dakota accepts the delgation terms.
  • Siberia: Siberia's team of men had finally made it though the ship was badly beat up so they will have to sail to Australia to be picked up by another ship. Since Cascadias ship has landed a grande parade has been made to celebrate the landing
  • Cascadia: Sorry about the last couple of turns, I was inactive. The Via Magna is well on its way to completion! It is at the ruins of the town of Skagway, set for Pre EMP British Columbia. California is offered that they could work on the road in their country, and they could meet somewhere around Salem. Consul Raines forms the Cascadian Regular army, and sends it into the Canadian Wilderness to subdue the tribes there, and claim control over the region. An alliance is sent to the newly-formed Dakota, to help unite America. The Fourth of July has once again become an official holiday, celebrating the old and new America. A party has crossed the Alaska Mountain Range, and has discovered a strange world of abandoned mines, bears, and snow. A settlement is formed at the pass called Highguard (I am bad at naming stuff). The first mines are established in Eastern Oregon, and many new settlements grow in the North, due to the rapid growth of the Via Magna. A new settlement is formed in the ruins of Hilo. New Columbia and Astoria keep bleching out war and trade ships.
    • Dakota D: Dakota accepts alliance.
  • Indochina: The Indochinese continue expanding into the territory of the former nations of Laos, Cambodia Thailand and now Burma. It is hoped to eventually reach the unclaimed Chinese territory in a few years.
    • Manchuria: The Manchurian government hopes for a peaceful partition of Chinese lands. If necessary, we enter talks.
    • Indochinese Diplomacy: The Indochinese claim all of former China south of the Yangtze river, but have no interest in Tibet. The Indochinese will aide the Manchurians in any potential war against the corrupt Chinese government.
  • Dakota: Dakota increases Military, Research on Technology and Upgrading on Infrastructure.
  • Ohio: The OSS Columbus is comissioned and is now in the Gulf of Mexico. Ohio Standard Oil is formed by O-CO. A new interstate systen is planned to connect all America nations(except CSA as they wish to have no ties with anyone) the FIA begins to recruit more members for its investigation service. Work begins on establishing an Ohio navy that will be based out of San Deigo(if California agrees and Boston if the AU agrees) Works also commences on modernizing infrastructure throughout the significantly larger Ohio territories acquired through the treaty.
  • California: We accept all requests given to us (so many, can't remmember them all). Meanwhile, more Settlers move into the new lands agreed upon in the Treaty (I'll move it to the game page in a minute). Meanwhile, the Casinos in Las Vegas continue to be renovated, and should be ready for gambleing in a few months.
  • Cuba: Fidel Castro demands for the military to increase the army to 100,000 by 1980, and the Navy to have 12 style WW-I Ships by 1978. A very large demand, the military goes right to work, the local militia is increased in Jamica as trouble stars with normal protests, power is restored to all of Cuba.


  • Empire of Durango: They accept the alliance proposals from Texas and Ohio. They also continue expanding their colony in OTL Ecuador.
    • Ohio D: Ohio would also like to extend the offer to join the Great North American Alliance. There are numerous benefits for joining, which includes unlimited trade with all signatory members as well as military protection.
    • Duranguense Dip: The Empire of Durango accepts the offer.
  • Chile makes contact with Durango and asks them for an alliance and trade agreements. It takes over most of central Peru and western Argentina. They make contact with California and also act is for an alliance and trade agreements.
    • Duranguense Dip: The Empire of Durango accept the offer.
    • Californian Dip: California, glad that civilization survived in South America, accepts.
  • American Union: The first low caliber artillery gun is produced based on the design of the weapon found in the depot. This can fire a shell several miles ahead of the Unions forces. The first batch of these new weapons are sent north to deal with strongholds still held by Quebec tribespeoples. An envoy is sent to Cascadia asking for an alliance. A new long range ship is sent on a mapping expedition down the eastern seaboard in order to update the knowlage of the coast and to make contact with Cuba.
    • Cascadian Dip: We accept.
  • Siberia: Siberia finally gets the men back and claims the South Pole as ours.
  • CSA: All damage caused by the war is now fixed, and Carolina officially rejoins the CSA. Construction of huge naval fleets begins for colonization efforts.
  • COR: The confederation of the rockies is formed of the remnants of people in Colorado and All around the rockies. The Rockies build up military to defend the borders. The Rockies elect Denver as a capital and the President is John Mchenry of the democratic party. The Rockies ask Texas, California and Cascadia for an alliance.
    • Cascadian Dip: We accept.
    • Texas: We accept.
    • Californian Dip: We also accept. We ask the CoR if they wish to join the Great North American Alliance, which contains a good amount of all nations in North America.
  • Mod Event: An unknown man in a dark coat is seen with a briefcase near the steel plant in San Francisco. He opened it, showing a suspicious device. He planted it on the side of the building. A man knew it was a bomb, tackled the man, and took the bomb. The briefcase man runs away, heading northeast.
  • Mo' Mod Events: During the construction of the Via Magna, a work crew was ambushed by tribesmen. The workers, being unprotected were killed, including 356 Californians. Milita was rushed in and only barely won the skirmish. The attackers were identified as Canadian tribesmen. The Union of Cascadian States considers it an act of war, and war is declared.
  • Indochina: The Indochinese continue to expand their territory throughout Southeast Asia.
  • Cascadia: Following the attacks, Cascadia rushes to war with Canada. Milita is stationed throughout the Canadian Rocky Mountains, where the tribesmen are rumored to lurk. A makeshift wall is formed at Highguard Pass called the Alaska Wall. Consul Raines sends a petition to the rest of the GNAA to join the war. All construction on the Via is halted until the war is over.
    • Texas: Texas will send soldiers and supplies if needed, but would like to attempt diplomacy first.
    • American Union: The Union is willing to sent its men to the aid of its ally Cascadia and the 2nd and 3rd frontier light infantry are mobalised on the cadnadian border to mount a punitive sally into hostile territory if war breaks out.
    • Ohio: Ohio sends troops up through the Great Lakes to attack Canada. The 1st armoured division is sent to Cacadia to help our allies against the tribesmen.
  • Texas: Oil production continues to increase, and automobile factories begin to re-open, starting to produce cars from the late 1950's 'Tailfin Era'. Power plants begin to re-open and power is in the process of being restored to the more remote regions of Texas. Texas continues to send aid to rebel groups in Carolina who refuse to rejoin the CSA.
  • Ohio: Ohio Standard Oil makes a major oil discovery near Michigan and immediately begins to produce oil. Steinway Motor Company is formed and begins to manufacture cars similar to the Chevrolet. Work begins on the new Capital building for Ohio in Columbus. Work continues on the Olympic, and the exploration party in the Gulf has finally made direct contact with Cuba. Electricity is now being produced in large enough quantities that it is now exported to other GNAA members.
  • California: The Public is outraged at the attacks, and demands to know why the Miltary wasn't able to stop the bombing or attack on Workers. The Miltary responds by stating that we took a significant amount of casualties in the Great War, and that we simply don't have all the needed men to guard everything. As a result, propaganda is increased on the population to increase patriotism. Meanwhile, left over weapons from the Great War are sent to Cascadia to help them defeat the Canadians, as well as a few units, but no major aid, since we need to heavily guard the Steel Plant in San Francisco. However, units are sent to help protect workers in both California and Cascadia.
    • Cascadia: We thank you for the aid.
    • California Dip: Don't worry, we just want to make sure no one gets attacked by tribals again.
  • Hindu Empire: They expand the colony west into OTL Pakistan with them looking for surviors as they look for an alliance with Indochina.
  • Manchuria: Manchuria has successfully achieved loyalty from all warlords in the area.A new Manchurian Colonization Expeditionary Force for the colonization of China north of the Yangtze river. The Manchurian government requests the northern half of Shanghai to the Indochinese government. Half of the MCEF shall go to Mongolia to acess conditions and to see if it is suitable for colonization. We request an alliance with the Hindu Empire and the Indochinese Union.
    • Indochinese Diplomacy: The Indochinese agree to the Manchurian request.


  • Cuba: Cuba invades Puerto Rico, easily taking down local forces there who have had no government, and are divided, WW-I era Warships easily allow Cuba to take down the few Warships the small groups in the island could muster, 10,000 troops land in Cabo Rojo, and begin marching along the coast up north to San Juan, which is governed by the largest group in the island. Resistance is high, but due to Puerto Rico's poor condition it is easy to take over, once Cuba claims it fully, it will restore order to the island, an establish a greater Caribbean Nation.
    • American Union Diplomacy: One of our long-range ships has arrived in Cuba. We are sending it further down the coast to find out whether the Panama Canal is still functional. If possible, will you be willing to send an escort with it as it is only lightly armed? Also we would like to set up an embassy in Cuba to invite you into an alliance.
    • Cuba: Cuban Warships will escort the American Long-Range Ships to the Panam Canal, as this serves as an interest to all the nations for a shorter to route to explore Asia.
  • California: Renovations on the Casinos are finished, and Las Vegas now is available for gambeling again. Meanwhile, Californian Troops take most of Nevada, though resistance groups and Outlaws are still there. Meanwhile, it is counted at the nation's borders that 18,000 people have left to go fight for Cascadia, mainly unemployed veterans from the Great War.
  • Empire of Durango: The Empire of Durango continues to expand the colony in OTL Ecuador. They also start expanding northward from their current colony into OTL Columbia.
  • American Union: The military begins to constuction of modified longrange ships classed as Grants. These will have light guns put into place and more armour plating. These will allow the easier transport of men into conquered canada where there are less roads. Robert Kennedy wins the AU presidential elections. He orders the construction of the Presidential Quarters in the reconstructed New York Central Park. He also sets up the Long Island Science institute with focus on what happened in the 1950s to earth and why. A man is arrested attemting to set off a homemade bomb in the inaugeration speech. He is institutionalised due to his wild claims.
  • Ohio: The navy begins to construct a new class of warship, the Coolridge. Exploration parties are now tracing the coast of Mexico in hopes of making it to the Panama Canal. the first Ohioan Casino - the Durango- is in construction by the Ohio River. Ohio re-establishes Pan American Airways (PAN AM) and begins to manufacture airctaft similar to the Douglass aircraft from the mid fifties. Scientists are sent to Long Island to help research exactly what happened in the fifties. Ohio is weary after the Great War but announces that it will send troops to help quell Canadian Resistance.
    • American Union: Just out of curiosity how does Ohio reach the Atlantic Ocean? if you want you can move your ships up the Saint Laurence River through my territory if you have no other way.
    • Ohio: Oh, I use the Ohio river which extends down into the Mississippi. I also asked in an earlier turn if I could use Boston as a port of harbor for my nation.
    • American Union: OK, sure you can use Boston, it could use the trade.
  • Hindu Empire: Still expanding into OTC Pakistan. They also try to finish OTC Sri Lanka off as well.
  • Cascadia: After the GNAA's troop additions to the military, Cascadia's army grows in size. A series of forts are established in the Cascade mountains to defend Cascadia. Canada is pushed out of the Rockies. Consul Raines decides to visit all countries of the GNAA. She starts with California. The cities seem to be recovering very well from the blackout and war. San Francisco especially is a thriving area. After visiting Los Angeles, she turns east to Las Vegas to see the new casinos. Raines plans to visit Texas next. The Pacific heads north to Alaska.
    • Yeah! My improvements are being noticed!!!
  • Siberia: Siberia improves the Capitol by adding a newer capitol building and a few guard posts. Aleksander III decides to step down and hold elections.
  • Manchuria: Manchuria once again requests an alliance with the Hindu Empire. Mongolia has been thoroughly assessed for colonization and is proved to have just the right conditions for colonies. Traditional Manchu scripts have been rediscovered and based on those we shall try to make Manchu, not Mandarin. Also, plans for ships have been recovered and are being used for the new navy.
  • Nova Colombia: In the northern areas of The nation A few Civilian Leaders reform their nation path as well Initiating cooperation between A few States in the northern Southamerica and Central America. The capital is Set on Cartagena with Four Major Cities in their territories Caracas,Cartagena,Magdalena,and Nova Panama and new settlement in the nations Territory, as an Rising nation, Naval ships are being builded in The major ports of the Nation. some of them already Departed to Cuba, and Northern America seeking for support as a new borning nation
  • Military forces Press Panama to Join the Nation,they accept forming part of Nova Colombia
  • the Ships Reach Cuba and alliance is Requested after they are informed of what happened
  • Hold up, hold up, what is this? Did you just make your own nation? You're not a mod - only mods can do that. Am I right or am I wrong?
  • Rules don't say anything against making your own nation and I want to join so could you please erase the lines on my Nation Update please you should have read the rules firstly also... Which Nation are you?
  • I know the rules, that's why I'm a mod. I'll ask the other mods because there is no current policy regarding this. Besides, the mods will introduce new nations.
  • Well then, Could you Introduce My nation Please? I really want this game, and I didn't see the rule that just mods introduce nations, Please introduce My nation. Please - I want to play this game as the nation I build.
  • There are plenty of nations to play as, why don't you play as one of them? We need to fill more of those spaces before we start more nations. Besides, if we let you make your own nation, pretty soon everyone else will want to make their own nations. See where I'm coming from?
  • Ok then Can i Colonize Northern areas Of Colombia and Part Of Venezuela As Panama and still Call me Nova Colombia?
  • Well, you can start as another country and aim to invade, but you will have to see the name changing policy. I'm not sure if Panama is a country, but you can start as another country
  • Panama is a country so Can you make me Panama and say that It's Called Nova Colombia Due to that the founders of the nations are Civilians From Colombia That Formed An Alliance between The Northern states of Colombia and that invaded The north of Venezuela and south areas of Nicaragua and all of Costa Rica please and update map to show the Change please
  • Look, if it's on the list, it's fair game. We have name changing conventions in the rules, and you need to follow them - I'm not doing anyone any special favors, especially because you just joined
  • today. Make up the story, that's what this game is for. Got it?
  • Indochina: The Indochinese continue to expand their territory throughout Southeast Asia.
  • Central american Empire: After a series of revolutions the Democratic Party Took over, Military forces were reformed and the Rebel forces that Made and alliance with small city states in northern Colombia Convince them to join The Empire they accept it making a great Part, The army sets Its capital in Panama City, Political Capital is Set In Cartagena, And Managua is Keep As Imperial Capital, Near Panama Naval ships are founded, about 25 of them - 18 of them Are still functional the army sent three Of them To Florida, Texas And Cuba For Start Alliances With Nations in there An alliance is Offered to Cuba, Texas And CSA
  • Nice try, but you don't get that much land. PS, keep all of your information on one bullet please. PPS, don't be afraid to use periods.
  • First of all what do you mean by periods and second Can I set borders over Colombian Caribbean.
  • Periods, as in punctuation. Your first post was one big run-on sentence. And, no, not yet. You have to expand like the rest of us did
  • Well, sorry for punctuation, I always Hate And forgot to use them, also Could you Give me old World Maps to see what do you meean expand like the rest of us and... can I at least Have small cities over the Colombian Caribbean because they are a great part of my current history so...
  • Please stop making this page longer than it should be, it's really annoying me on which ones I should read and which ones I shouldn't


  • Brazil: Finally, after years of conflict Brazil is reunited under the Peace Congress, with capital in Natal. The Peace Congress is the organization created to mediate between the Democrat Exercito (Democrats Army?) and the CompUnion the two biggest forces in the region, soon the brazilian democratic forces and Union private corps pacificate the whole region under the Peace Congress authority, Pedro Potengi is named the Congress President and Brazil top authority. Small ships are sent to the forget big metropolis (like Rio de Janeiro or Sao Pablo) to find civilization or resources, Brazil is not a fully Republic because the CorpUnion holds great power and most of the pre-pulse tech.
  • Centroamerican Empire: In an attempt to Look for Resources Civilization and alliances (as well colonies) the Imperial fleet is formed, the major cities Rebuild and factories are being builded In the entire Area of the empire, Schools that are capable of restart operating the Democrats choose The Emperor Luciano Andres Carrascal Serrano. One trading ship Reaches brazil offering an alliance to them.
  • Brazil: The Congress accept the Central American offer.
  • Centroamerican Empire: The Emperor Luciano Start the Proyect Paz Sudamericana (Southamerican Peace) and the Southamerican United Organization To set A bigger United Southamerican Nations as Well to Handle the proyect about peace it offers that both The empire and Brazil to became The Admin Members of this organization until other nations are found. The Fleet Manages to Initiate to work some Generators In Managua, Panama City and San Jose, as well the Panama Channel Dividing the Fleet two. The Council ask the Brazilian and economic Outpost as well a small city in the borders of their Domain in exchange of Full access to the Panama Canal in cases Military Or economic Purposes as well if requested a similar exchange in Loyal territory. Expeditions are sent To north America Through Some Remaining Jeeps and Horse's sent to Yucatan,Texas,and California. After a time they reach Mexico. the military forces Realizing that Revolutionary forces of Colombia could entered the nation and Positiones forces in the entire northern area and reach The northwest of Venezuela Economic Ports are set in Magdalena and Cartagena in the south the Conflict between armed forces and Southeast Tribes are Rough yet the army is capable the fight them off. in northern Colombia San Jose and Panama Many armories are found many m16 as well some hidden jeeps belonging to Colombian Army. Energy is now supplied to Small areas of Panama and Belize and the entire territories of Nicaragua. The press is once again part of Daily Imperial life, the news state that During the conflicts after the emp many Tribes formed in southamerica and Northamerica and that brazil is the only known nation still being fully formed as well it announces the first Elections of Province governors the Imperial way is started initiating in managua up to cartagena. 03 of July became an Imperial holiday by declaration of Luciano. 15 july the son of the emperor is born and called Juan andres Carrascal Salazar King of Cartagena. 18 July the emperor seeks to keep the empire growing starting five Major agencies outside Military forces the Agricultural Council, Internal and external Security, Police Forces, Economic and Travel Commitee and Education Council their central's set through the empire domain.
  • Diplomatics are sent to Tribal Nations of Colombia and Yucatan.
  • Can he really do all that in one turn?
  • All right, I've already told you to keep all of your information in one bullet. Second, only one post per turn. That is one of the unspoken rules of map games. Third, you are not going to have ships right off the bat, and you are especially not going to be colonizing. You just came out of the dark, and most of this stuff will take months to be operational again.
  • Sorry, I was kind of inspired...Lol. Well, can I at least Have eight functional ships and sent three of them to Jamaica, Louisiana And Durango... please?
  • Wait until next turn. You're not going to take the world by storm in two turns. And please, keep all of your events in one bullet.
  • American Union: The Long range ship finally reaches Panama to be shot at by surprised natives. The ships lands further along the coast and a defensive perimeter is set up. A request for aid is sent to cuba and several Grant class transport ships are assembeled into a flotilla to escort an emissary to find out whether this was a hostile act. Meanwhile work is completed and a new tank based of designs taken form wrecked texan tanks during the war. These tanks have had improved armour but more focused on long range combat then short. Also the border is opened too refugees from carolina in order to reduce civilian casualties while a series of fortifications are constructed several miles along the CSA border to prevent any "overzealous" troops pursuing
  • Empire of Durango: The Empire of Durango continues to expand northward and westward from their colony in OTL Columbia and Ecuador. They also start developing the current colonies. They declare the state a theocratic empire. Mormon missionaries are also sent across the empire to convert the heathens and heretics.
    • American union: Please accept our invitation into the GNAA, to comfirm go to our page and add yourself to esisting members.
  • Siberia:' Elections continue and declares war on Mongolia to be part of Siberia. Siberia starts conscripting men from 18-21 and makes it legal to drink (alcohol of course) in the army so more people sign up. The current army heads to north west Mongolia.
  • CSA: Carolina is now fully re-integrated, and the CSA eatblashies a colony in South America, one in Africa, and one in Australia. The COnfederacy has now completed its Richmond Wall on the border with Texas, Ohio, and the AU. Trade ends with all nations in North America and all dplomats are thrown out of the country. A massive military and naval as well air force buildup begins. The Armored Division of the military is created, and a unit much like the German Reichs King Panther Panzer is put under mass production. The CSA. All Carolinans are stopped at the border from leaving and epacefull y returned home. The Army begins training in Guerrilla, marine, and paratrooper as well as basic warfare so that they can fight in any conditions. Anti-tanks and airguns begin construction while several more nuclear warheads are discovered and put under top secret conditions. Also, the Mississippii is closed to alll but Confederate trade on the Confederate side of the river.
  • Dean, nobody has nukes yet! Stop trying to say you do!
  • American Union D: so tell me how becoming like north korea will aid your diplomacy with your neighbours.
  • CSA Diplomacy: Diplomacy has been cut off with your country and its allies.
  • Ohio already cut ties with you, there is NO EMBASSY, Ergo you can't toss me out because I'm not there. You are acting very irrational and like a child, what does building up your land into N. Korea accomplish??
  • Centroamerican Empire: The First Contact With a North American Nation has been succesfully done in a not so...Succesful way, the empire Presents an apology to the american Union for Conflicts, as army Though Them to be alliance, is Offer with American Union.
  • DeanSims of the New Confederate States has been kicked due to excessive inplausibility.

American Union: Alliance is accepted on the condition that trade with the CSA only begins when the boycott on the CSA ends. Welcome to America (PS. do everything in one paragraph, and relax, you can't go from tribes to a superpower in 3 months, we will trade with you but change takes time) Also will it be possible for an AU naval base to be set up at the canal, in return we will clear and repair it for you plus bring trade in from ohio and the western states.

Centroamerican Empire: We agree to your terms, after attempts of making it work, we've been unable and, thanks for your advice. Also as part of the Alliance could you give advices for the Expansion economically, Politically, and Territorially, also Anything you might help to make a More evolved army for Our empire

  • Im sorry, but you have no fleet yet. Wait until next turn. And please, not so many bullets.
  • Ok it worth to try
  • Ohio: Ohio massively expands defenses on its border with the CSA and has issued a DMZ zone that is heavily fortified (similar to the 38th Parallel in OTL Korea). The military is upgraded with breakneck speed and research goes into unconventional weapons. The military is beefed up with new tanks, armour, and weaponry. The President announces a national holiday in memory of the late President Caldwell. The Capital in Columbus is complete, making a beautiful marvel of engineering. The President announces that he will vist it all GNAA member states starting with the American Union, then Texas, then California, and then Cascadia. Anti CSA propaganda is being spread throughout the country to instill nationalist patriotism in case of a hair brained invasion. Ohio officially annexes the Great Lakes after many years of talks and offers the AU parts of Michigan.
    • American Union: The American Union gladly accepts the offered new territory and offers to station men on the Ohio/CSA border to defend our closest ally
    • Ohio" Ohio accepts the offer to place troops and has announced the President Adams will vist New York City next year.
  • Centroamerican Empire: Economics and Morale are Growing yet, The 29 of July The Emperor and the council start the Status of High Consul as Political Leader Chosen by the People through Voting that will be the peoples Voice with the Council and Emperor, Democratizing the Political Power. 30 of july the emperor states that the Election will Start on August 3. Military Groups are attacked in the lower Panama By Colombian Rebels and The Tribal-Nation Called The Republic Of Cauca, after a series of Conflicts For Colombian terrain a war is Unleashed Between Trival Nations and The Empire Raging in the small settlements, Struggling to Keep the Client cities in northern Colombia and to not lose any territory To the Colombian And the Rebels during the first Days of War Outside Groups Tried to enter the panama isthmus while The empire use Fisher's Ship to send some troops Over the Client Cities, in the Crisis of the Moment Political and Religious Groups Point out that This wasn't God's will, that the emperor Stubbornly was daring to play to god while the Empire seem to sink,the Emperor Wisely Started to Build small Outpost for the Army All over Panama and Costa Rica,As well fortified Various Structures in The Northern Of the Empire in Honduras Provinces after the Political and Religios Groups saw That Luciano's Plan was to Keep the Territories Of Cartegena And Magdelana Cities Without major Territorial Loses in the Empire and instead Keep the Military forces at the Wall Of Uraba a Roughly Builded Wall made of Wood and Small Rocks Consisting of Some trenches to fend off the Colombian and Farc Army Man to Plunder the Panaman Isthmus And penetrate further in the Empire, in other events A small progress was made after some Scientific Came from the north, saying that they fled Yucatan due to internal Conflicts, these Scientific were called by the Empire, that due to the need of Vehicular Transport for the troops to movilize enough troops to the Conflict areas, they start To work on making a new Fuel for the Vehicles as well the new designs for vehicles being developed.Currently they are using Man power and Animal power For the Army's Mobilization.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy (Sorry I answered late, but you wrote so much!): The Peace Congress says that many of the propositions are far from the actual delevopment of Brazil, but offers to buy a ship with "black gold" also called petroleum to their vehicles fuel problem. The Congress is a little suspicious about the friendly propositions from the Empire and watch carefully any movement.
    • try to keep all posts under one bullet, it is easier on the other players.
  • Cascadia: After several months of war, Cascadia tires of the conflict. Cascadia offers Canada independence as long as they do not invade any member of the GNAA. The Via Magna is in the center of British Columbia, and is being rebuilt. The Pacific heads to Australia, and establishes a colony in Queensland. Siberia is allowed to use it as a stop for their ships headed to Antarctica. Raines heads to Texas, where she sees a war-torn landscape on the CSA-Texas border. In her book: "The New America", she touches the nation's heart with her words. Aid is sent to the CSA and Texas to rebuild their communities
    • American Union:The Union wishes to know whether your peace will allow it to continue its Canadian expansion.
    • Cascadia: We may declare war at a later time, however until then, we will expand along the north coast, where there are fewer tribesmen.
    • Centroamerican Empire: we ask American Union and Cascadia, Help to set a borders treaty Between Durango and Central Americal Empire. as well a Colony treaty for Empire of Durango and Central American Presence In Southamerica (Colombia,Ecuador). Also we want To join The Great North American Alliance, to Avoid Any Conflict with Durango Or any other Nation In north america and Cuba
  • Manchuria: Manchuria will not accept the Siberian war of aggression onto Mongolia, which is already going through the process of colonization by the Manchurian Colonization Expeditionary Force. The Manchurian military, as well as the occupation force that was used to unite Manchuria, have been mobilized. Border troops are in a state of high alert. The Navy has also moved north to engage the Siberian Navy and try to soundly defeat them at their port Vladivostok and lead to quick end to the war. This is not an official declaration of war, but the moment Siberian forces cross the Mongolian frontier Manchuria shall consider it an act of war. Infrastructural reform in the country has advanced faster than scheduled and since a thorough road system is in place focus of these reforms have been shifted to agriculture techniques, water preservation, and subsidization of businesses. Other subsidies that have been granted by the government are: For those moving into colonized regions, businesses expanding into colonized regions, expeditions into regions that are still in the dark, and factories that produce new models of certain war materiel. The economic condition of Manchuria has risen greatly since our unification and has officially reached pre-Blackout levels. The construction of the naval vessel, based off plans found earlier, is nearing completion and if it proves to be an excellent ship shall be mass produced. Our alliance offer to the Hindu Empire still stands. Manchuria also requests that the Indochinese Union retreat back to the Yangtze River, the river along which the border was to be between our two colonies in Cathay.
    • Siberia D: Siberia decides it's really nothing to go to war about and asks for a white peace but agrees to a colonization war treaty so Siberia can have western Mongolia.
    • Manchurian Diplomacy: Manchuria reminds Siberia that Mongolia was already in the process of being colonized and that the MCEF had already moved through much of the country. White peace is acceptable but the border between Siberian Mongolia and Manchurian Mongolia needs to be defined.
    • Siberia Dip: Siberia gives white peace but instead askes for Northwest Mongolia.
    • Manchurian Diplomacy: Manchuria will agree to Siberia having everything west of 88 degrees East and will accept white peace.
  • Cuba: Fidel Castro calls the CSA a nation of "reckless fools going to start a new war." Military build up goes faster due to the CSA building up, Fidel Castro personally asks all North American Nation but the CSA to the "AC" American Coalition, which act as a defensive alliance, if any nation attacks any of the nations in the AC, all other natiosn would declare war. The army is focused to reach 250,000 men, while the navy is set to be the strongest (hopefully) in North America.
    • AU Dip: Just join the GNAA (Great North American Alliance), you have already been invited to become a member.
  • Texas: Texas begins a military build-up due to hostile behavior from the CSA. Texas calls on all North American nations to be ready in case of any CSA attacks. Texas welcomes Consul Raines with a parade in Dallas to honor her visit. Texas thanks Raines for her generosity in helping rebuild the wartorn battlefields of the east. Texas would like to give Consul Raines a new Lincoln Continental that has just been produced from the re-opened auto plants, as a gift for all of her help. Plans for tanks have been discovered, and production will start soon. Texas begins experimenting with radio broadcasting equipment which utilizes vacuum tubes, which were not affected by the EMP blast.
    • American Union: We are willing to aid and help fund Texas in recreating radios in order to better communicate with our forces over longer distances.
    • Texas: Agreed.
    • Cascadia: Raines thanks Texas for the Continental, and will assist Texas if needed at all times.
  • Dakota: Dakota increases industry, weapons production, military, economy, infrastructure and research.
  • Centroamerican Empire: after Days of Voting the Empire Has Chosen Its First Consul Juan Fernando Martinez Being the first in Occupy this charge in the 15 of August, The Ongoing War with Tribal colombian forces are Being kept away by Small defense camps In the Border by the army ,as allies we ask American Union for Some Support In our conflicts with Colombian Tribes as they attempt to Enter The empire, in other news Economical Progress as small fishers Have Rebuild Small Sea Based Cities all over the Honduran Coast line as well some Energy Generator Being set There and near the Capital Of the Provinces Tegucigalpa, scientist Have made some progress on the Vehicles and the Fuel, But due to Newly created Ecologic Movements the Government is Pushing for a More ecologic Response as that, the Production of The as well newly Created Transport for both Civilians would Start in the Next three to six Months It would Be for the best for the nation to use a Green Option. Two new parties Had Joined the councel the Ecologic and the Teologic Party
    • Hey man, I know I'm not a mod but could you please keep the post to one? It violates the rules of the common map game, Regards Sasafred12
    • uh - I don't get it. Which is the violation so I can fix it?
    • Keep everything you say in one post. Don't keep posting everything in multiple posts. For example:
      • Canada: Space ships are banned because of polution. The Space Industry is hurt by this, but in the end, builds eco friendly ships. The air in Canada smells better.
    • See what I did. Don't do this:
      • Canada: Space ships are banned because of polution.
      • Canada: The Space Industry is hurt by this, but in the end, builds eco friendly ships.
      • Canada: The air in Canada smells better TacoCopper
    • Like i did In my last Post... o ok then thanks for the clarification
    • Welcome. TacoCopper
  • Indochina The Indochinese officially annex the last remnants of the former nations of Laos and Cambodia, and continue to expand into Thailand and Burma. Indochinese linguists begin the work of assimulating Mandarin Chinese into the new Indochinese language.
  • California: Troops continue to aid the Cascadians in their war against the Canadians. Meanwhile, back at home, the Steel Plant in San Fransico begins to be expanded. In Las Vegas, the spirit of Gambeling is alive again. Casinos rake in millions of dollars from people all over. The taxes made from this is being used to help expand the Steel Plant.
  • Centroamerican Empire: after Some weeks travelling through The Pacific Coast Of mexico the Embassadors Reach Durango And Offer An alliance, some of they Continue their Journey through the Coast until they reach California Offering An Alliance For them Too.
    • Duranguense Diplomacy: We accept your alliance offer
    • Centroamerican Diplomacy: first of all, the Empire Wants Too set Yucatan Boundaries, Divide The Yucatan Territories Between Us, as well set Colombian Borders in your Colonial domains. If you agree with This Points we Should Make the treaty under the sight of the Great North American Alliance
      • '*bangs head* what did I just tell you? Keep it all in one post, not multiple scattered 'ones. TacoCopper
      • OK, Sorry, its that I Respond or act depending on how the things go, and as I didn't see any rule against it so... probably going to keep doing it though I'm going to try not to but don't really expect it, as i might not do it
      • Also to a Mod, Can I Annex Yucatan Nation?
      • if you want to respond to current events what you do is post as an additional bullet point as diplomacy to that nation, you don't make a new post. User:Axyljohnson
      • Yes, I was thinking about doing that. I'm going do it from now on. Thanks for your patience with me :)
  • Hindu Empire: The Hindu Empire take the last bit of former Bangladesh in the country of Nepal as they look to make trades with Indochina. The Hindu Empire draws up more plans to make solar panel planes to connect to other Asia nations.
    • Manchu Diplomacy: Manchuria once again requests an alliance with the Hindu Empire
    • HE Response: Accept the offer for an alliance.
  • Indochinese Diplomacy: The Indochinese agree to a trade deal with the Hindu Empire. The begin work on restoring Yangon's port for the purpose of trade with the Hindus
  • Mod Event: Scandinavian Nationalism is widespread in Germania. Many people clamor for Scandinavian independence.

Next turn? unless someone has something else to add?

Yeah, Next turn please, Also Can I Annex Yucatan Nation To My Empire?

  • Well, you can try to conquer it, but you're going to have to fight them to do it CourageousLife 20:57, June 15, 2012 (UTC)

I'm a little confused. It says the people want Scandinavian Independence, but they are in Germania? TacoCopper

In the map you can clearly see that Scandinavia Territories Are under German domain, meaning, that Scandinavia wants independence, just like Carolina To the Confederate states.

My mistake, I thought it was the other way around. TacoCopper

No problem, you didn't mind Europe map, you just care about your terrains and its neighbors.

Also, can I Join the GNAA, and could you help Durango and my empire set borders on Yucatan and their colonies?

I watch other continents too, I just couldn't tell if it was Scandivanian or German. As for the person above me, you can if you are on the North American Continent. What nation are you? TacoCopper

Oh, OK. and I'm Central American Empire

Eh. Close enough to North America. Welcome aboard. TacoCopper

Perfect, now all I need is to Get Durango to Make Border treaty Where he and I get a good Piece Of Yucatan and that He leave Me some Terrain For Expansion In northern Southamerica Or in the Case That Mods say i can Annex Yucatan, in The first Case you And Cascadia Could Choose the Territorial Extension


  • Germania becomes the Confederation of Germania. Scandinavia becomes its own country, part of the Confederation of Germania. Scandinavians keep their own government, while flying the Germanic flag and using the Germanic currency (Mark-Krone, GMK), and joining the Germanic military. (Similar to OTL UK.)
  • Central American Empire:After Months Of Discussion The annexion Of Yucatan Nation is Executed, all Territories under their sovereignty is Given To the Empire. in the other Border of the Empire The Conflicts Are Kept Outside The isthmus, A group[7]Unification Of Central America And Yucatan Added by Sine dei gloriemof tribes Join the Empire and The Land Under their Control Became Part Of the Empire Pushing away The conflict Between The Imperial Army and the Farc and threatening Tribes, In other News a Few Ships are Fixed,About Ten but due to Lack of an Useful Fuel system there were just 16 ships Functional, The Car designs Were released Using all gasoline in the meantime, energy supplies are set through Panama And Parts of Salvador, an army Battalion is Sent To Cascadia to scout the Diplomatic group Sent to Texas, Cascadia And Dakota as well to Give a small Support for the war Against the Canadian Tribes, they after a time Arrive to texas and California Offering them Alliances, sending the army To the North to offer alliance to Cascadia And Dakota.the Naval ships Working Are Kept in The near Ocean of the Empire.The empire is Currently In the MSCIS, working to Get Ethanol Fuel And Universities are Open in the Major Cities Like Managua, Panama City and San Jose[8]Colonies of Central America And DurangoAdded by Sine dei gloriem.Scientist start Working In Solar Panel Sistem to Enhance Electrical Network, From The Pacific Fleet Two Ships Are Sent Through The Coast Line of North America In a Mision to Make an Alliance With Siberians, Japanese, And Manchus, alliances are Offered, Ships have docked and Offer their Alliances to all of them. War is declared to Yucatan,Durango Help is Requested into the conflict,the territories repartition, will be agreed later,after the conflict is ended, the army uses 30 Jeep to move troops to the yucatan border, and 3 battalions with 700 men were movilized to the Border, and Invasion forces entered Guatemala and Northern Honduras Further Movement will not be executed until durango Move their troops
    • Brazil Diplomacy: Hi there Centro , We (The Peace Congress) offer you oil (petroleum) that we found store from before the war (we have a lot of petroleum, but no tech to extract it), you just have to find the way to refine it, you know, to turn the oil in gasoline, maybe ask the north americans, but we want three ships and we hear something about jeeps, we want that too.
    • Dakota: Dakota accepts
    • Central American Empire: Currently We only Have just 16 functional Naval Ships and about 100 jeeps that are in conditions to actually be used, We can give maybe two ships and about ten jeeps thats all I can give Currently as the Nations Conflict state Against Tribes from Colombia,they are on their way,and dakota if need anything Contact Us, In other news Brazil would you like to join the MSCIS.
    • Brazil Dip: OK Centro, two ships and nine jeeps, but you have to send your own ships for the petroleum, mine are going to be busy. And about your MSCIS, we don't like the I, Brazil is a hybrid between parlamentary republic and autocrat corporation government. I know you both are Empires, but I'm not, and yes, I would like to join you, more if you find the way to reopen your old oil refineries (this is for Durango)
    • Central American Empire: Well, then the other two ships will go for the petroleum, and we could make an exception with you, As our Alliance will Extent to every Important Political Force of Southamerica
    • Duranguense Diplomacy: For Brazil, I have managed to open a few oil refineries probably and we would enjoy sharing this with everybody in the MSCIS.
    • Central American Empire: My Current Concern Is in Making a More Useful and less damaging Fuel to replace with the petroleum, though we use it for the Current transport system, Currently we are using something similar To the Etanol but we need a better fuel, though if the Mods Grant Me the territories of Yucatan I'll try to start the refineries back again.
    • Friend, you cannot just annex the Yucatan. You have to get a mod to play as them and nine times out of ten, they aren't going down without a fight.
    • That's why I was asking like five times last turn, no one answered me so I just did it, so I have to go to war with them to take them Over?
    • Actually, I answered last turn and yes, you have to go to war.
    • I don't mean the turn Itself I mean the last Part with taco Copper, well Can I get Durango's Help to Invade Yucatan? and you Could do the algorithm Please
    • You would have to ask Durango yourself. I'll see about an algorithm, but nothing is going to happen until next turn probably.
    • Ok and what About Colombian Terrains they aren't mine either? Also, I'm going to Have Yucatan For the Next Turn, I swear it
    • , ': ( umm okay? Colombia is okay, just don't expand too fast, or we will call you out. Besides, you're not going to conquer the whole Yucatan in three months.
    • I was not thinking all for me if not a war with The Help of Durango's empire and then we split up the Land Between us
    • One thing If Ohio Didn't Go to war With The Great Lakes how did they annexed those territories? answer please
    • We were dividing up north america and they did not send a representative. Therefore, ohio brought structure and order to the great lakes. Please, just chill out. I'm getting frustrated with you demanding things lately. Just putting that out there.
    • I'm not demanding if not Trying to know for sure what I can and what I can't do, and thanks for the response sorry I made frustrated its not my intention to
  • Siberia: Siberia sends some interested scientists to Antarctica. With some materials to build year-long houses. Siberia only gives access to it's allies for Antarctica. Siberia starts colonizing northwest Mongolia. Siberia also sends Manchuria some gifts.
    • Antarctica? If you haven't noticed, we've been shooting down colonies on other continents. You and Antarctica are in opposite hemispheres. Nice try, but no banana.
    • Well, Can I have a colony on what South Georgia Island. Using it as a whaling outpost like what they did back then.
    • Think closer to home. You cannot establish a colony that far away yet.
    • Okay :C
    • haha, Maybe he was talking about the Arctic, just say.
    • Doubt it, arctic is pure ice, and it wouldn't be wise for anyone to send scientists to possibly end up in a thin ice layer until this one breaks and kill scientists that are useful to you
  • Empire of Durango: The Empire of Durango sends expeditions to Hawaii and continues to expand in Columbia.
    • Central American Empire: Insists on Making A deal With Durango Empire to define Borders In Colombian Territory
    • Duranguense Diplomacy: We would enjoy that and changes its mind about the atlantic and only want the pacific. We also send an offer to join the Mesoamerican Commonwealth of Imperial States (MCIS).
    • Central American Empire: The response to MCIS is accepted, It's nice to have an allied nation to give support in case of any conflict against others, if you need anything ask and we will give as much support as you need
  • Brazil (State of Brazil): The Peace Congress ends the troops from the CorpUnion and the Democrats guerrilla, the only military force now is the Peace Troopers or Peacemakers (Apaziguadores or Pacificadores in portuguese I guess), the Congress orders the rebuilding of roads and military edifications, plus some wacth towers to protect the Republic from the wild exterior world. The first schools in years are established all around the country, and something like a College-University is established to teach about sciences and technology, many old people from before the EMP are recruited as teachers. Is programmed a congress elections for the next year, the campaigns starts, but Pedro Potengi will remains in charge but the next two or four years accord the Congress. Some old factories are reconstructed (not totally, the process just stars, but hope are finished the next year) to product some basics, as tools and knives. The Congress stars trading food by weapons from the civilians, to arm the Peacemakers.
  • Dakota: Dakota updates and expands military, tech, tech research and economy.
  • Ohio: Work begins on hydro-electric dams on the now reopened Mississippi. Trade offers are sent out to MCIS. Ohio offically annexes a small part of the OTL Arkansas area. Ohio proposes a new monetary unit, called the Amero, for all GNAA members. Ohio officially expands it navy out of the port of Boston, which was negotiated as a free GNAA port in an earlier turn. Exploration efforts are now underway to rediscover the Old World. Electricity is now available in all home in the Republic as two new Nuclear Powerplants come online. Ohio states the need for clean and reliable alternate fuel sources. A large natural gas deposit is located near the Ohio/Canadian border. President Adams visits New York City and is amazed at the beauty of the City. President Adams also thanks the AU for their long term alliance and stated that " The American Union is a steadfast ally and a great friend of nations" Adams announces his trip to Texas next.
  • California: The Steel Plant in San Fransico continues to be expanded. Meanwhile, the President, Steve Johnson, was found at Las Vegas gambeling. His approval ratings go down with Conservatives, as many never approved of the Casinos, and were bitter about the renovating of them. Needless to say, Steve's opponent soon gains an upper edge on him, which will prove useful in the upcoming election. Steve soon initializes the Population Program, which encourages the migration of people to Nevada and other low-populated areas.
  • American Union: The Carolinians which fled into the American Union are given Union citizenships. A final message is sent to the CSA reading "We didn't kidnap your citizens, they fled from you, give us back our people or a state of hostility will exist between us." Mindful of the tensions rising the navy is put to sea on a state of standby. The first mark 1 Lincoln Heavy battle tank is built. This is expected to go into production within the year. Research on better bady armour begins to get funding due to the outrageous casualties from the great war. Engineers at Panama canal estimate it will take over three years to rebuild the canal to the extent that it can handle suffiecient trade to make the enterprise worthwhile. A request is sent to California for skilled construction workers and engineers.
    • Californian D: We will our best to aid. We also send money to help re-build the Panama Canal.
  • Manchuria: The MCEF hastily retreats back to Manchuria proper leaving Manchurian Mongolia for civilians. Manchuria has declared that there isn't and will not be any military prescence in Mongolia. Manchuria gratefully accepts the Siberian gifts and in return sends the naval plans that were discovered and one of the actual ships. The projects have been coming along well and since it is very far ahead of schedule Manchuria shall end it in the next two years instead of the original four. China will soon be annexed because the rush of farmers south has boosted the population and according to Manchurian law once a colony reaches a certain population it shall formally be annexed. The programs we used encorage people to move south will not be applied to Mongolia. The plans for the new ship have been finalized. It is equivalent to a Yamato-class battleship. Manchuria will look to see if any other plans for war materiel can be recovered and shall be put to use in the military. Manchuria claims the island of Taiwan but if the Indochinese beg to differ Manchuria will then claim the northern half. Manchu has slowly become the language of choice and Mandarin has now become a secondary language. (Similar to French in Louisiana in OTL)
    • Central American Empire Propose alliance(and it seems that mods don't say its possible) read My Post say if you accept alliance or not
    • Again, Not a mod. But why do you want an alliance with a country across the world.
    • Manchuria: Manchuria accepts the alliance and starts a trans-Pacific trade with the CAE with the small Pacific islands being "bases". Manchuria will also guarantee independence of the CAE. (Just one question, of all countries why Manchuria?)
    • Central American Empire the first guy: the same reason in for which Colon travelled through the pacific to try to reach China for trading purposes and i'm Practically waiting for a mod to discarded but as no one has said anything against...I'm happy
    • for Manchuria, I as well, sent Alliances to Siberia, Japan and Korea the things is that they haven't answered and as you are online I tell you about that
    • ,':Come on, be real. No contact across the Pacific yet.
    • well, I did something simpler, I sent a few ships through the Coast line of American And that way it reached asia, in an attempt to avoid the ships to be damaged, ships Dock Sometime in Cascadia And Cali then after OTL Alaska terrain was passed the travel is not to much difficult
    • No, seriously. You have no ships to spare. You barely had a fleet scratched together last turn.
    • That wasn't Manchuria btw I'm Manchuria...
  • Indochina: The Indochinese begin the process of annexing their claimed portion of China. The Indochinese establish a new colonial capital in the former Chinese city of Kunming. The Indochinese also begin the reconstruction of other major Chinese cities within their territory, including the former Chinese capital of Nanjing. They hope to transform the city into a forward depot for trade with Manchuria. The Indochinese begin work restoring the major roads and railways in their nation in order to better facilitate trade with Manchuria. A small number of old-fashioned steam powered trains are built to service this railway.


To solve this issue about contact with nations across the ocean, here's what I'll do-

Sign below if you want your nation to make first contact across the ocean (as in Old World to New World or vice versa)

I'll use to select the country that gets first contact. That country can post this contact next turn. After that, there will be limited contact across the ocean.

  1. Texas
  2. Central American Empire
  3. California
  4. American Union
  5. Brazil
  6. Siberia
  7. Manchuria
  8. Cascadia
  9. Ohio
  • Empire of Durango: The Empire of Durango continues to expand colonies in Ecuador. They also develop economy.
  • Hindu Empire: The Hindu Empire finally finished Nepal off after a long battle which took three years to take down. The Hindu Empire looks for another country to attack.
  • California: The Steel Plant is finished. Meanwhile, in the Presidential Elections, President Steve Johnson barely won with 52% of the vote. He continues the Population Program, and Nevada starts to have new Settlements built.
  • Chile: (That's right, I'm back) It continues expansion of its borders across South America and continues to expand and improve its economy.
  • Siberia: Siberia starts building up factories, one of them being a lumber mill and another being a steel factory. Siberia starts building more car factories. Saying that driving is better than walking.
  • Central American Empire: as our troops struggle through Yucatan We Take Control Of Salvador And Honduras, and Southern Terrains Of Belize, the small fleet he possesses Sends For Ships to stop any Movement In the Shore to Flee the Countries,The army Is sent In an Expedition to take Control Of Guatemala, The industry Sets Base's In Colombian Conquered Terrain, Mining facilities are set Through western Colombian within Our control, four Steel Plants are Set through the Empire, the Consul Starts A tour Through North America, In an attempt to Establish Better Relations with North American Nations, Sent Small ship To Chile's Ecuador And Sent A request For Alliance, a Small Heavy Weapon Cache Is Found, Near Northern Colombian Province Border, This is Used As Base For Small Light Vehicles Heavy Weapons for the War And the Defense In northern South America, Quibdo Is Set As Provincial Capital ,Medellin Is Rebuild as Capital Of Antioquia Province, The Council Names A General To Lead Yucatan Invasion Guillermo Hernando Suarez, He sets His Base Near Tegucigalpa, Fishing Industries Feed The Country, During this Days. Army Start Designing New Weapons For the War
  • American Union: War is declared on the CSA (can someone do an algorythem) in order to free out captive citizens and prevent any further atrocities on the people of carolina. Troops cross over the border into CSA territory, while the navy launches a strike on the CSA fleet while in miami harbor. The naval base at the panama canal is renovated with a generator being built, using ethanol as a fuel, and the docking bay is expanded to include two more ships. An offer is sent to the Central american empire offering asistance patroling the canal against hostile tribes.
    • Central American Empire: We accept the offer also requesting some ships to support the siege on Yucatan shores - as well as some aircraft for bombarding.
    • American Union Diplomacy: Cannot spare aircraft due to invasion of CSA, though will send flotilla based at canal to aid Yucatan invasion.
    • Central American Empire: Good Enough, Though If the Conflict With the CSA ends you, we will request Again The aircraft To finish The Invasion
  • Texas: Texas declares war on the CSA because of the increasing threat it poses to Texas and the GNAA. Troops are moved to the border, and new tanks roll out of the factories. The navy is called out and immediately begins the assault of the southern coast of the CSA. Texas requests all other members of the GNAA to declare war also.
    • Central American Empire:We sent five Thousand Man To Texas To support The War Against The csa From Texas Border
  • Ohio: declares urestricted war against the CSA because of its terrorist actions and blockading the Mississippi, which is vital for Ohio's economic growth.The Ohio navy is mobilized from ports in GNAA territory like Boston. the Air Force begins a massive "Blitzkrieg" on Csa military and industrial centres. Ohio's new tanks the re-designed Sherman M4 tanks are in mass production and are rolled straight to the front lines, where a massive volunteer army from all over Ohio is found. Ohio also offers the Central American Empire supplies and weaponry in their battle for the Yucatan.
    • Central American Empire: the Supplies For the Invasion of Yucatan and We thank Ohio For its Support In this Conflict and, We send seven Thousand Soldiers To fight With ohio,we sent the Ships Carrying them To the Boston Port to Support The Ohio Army Requesting Free Pass Through AU territories To meet Up with Ohio's Army
    • American union: Granted.
  • Indochina: The Indochinese continue to expand their territory into Burma and southern China. They officially annex the last territory of the former nation of Thailand. The late Hồ Chí Minh's Worker's Party is revived in Hanoi. However, the party's platform has been diluted from hardline Communism to market socialism.
  • Brazil: The Rearmed Peacetroopers start moving to the south and west expanding the Congress influence, with the purchased jeeps, old vehicles, horses, new weapons and veterans the Peacetroopers easily defeat any small resistance, greatly expanding the nation, the purpose is extend the farming lands and take more cities with pre-pulse artifacts, and also made bigger the Brazilian population, offers of peace and association are send to all the small tribes or towns in the area. Six hundred soldiers are send to the Yucatan war and other two hundred and fifty to join the centralamerican empire forces against the CSA. The Elections (almost certainly corrupted) finish with: CorpUnion 59%, Patriot Party: 18%, Democrats: 22%, Comunists: 1%. Pedro Potengi is released from the Presidence and the charismatic Eurico Gaspar Dutra takes possession. The rebuild industry starts producing small parts to fix many old ships still in the docks. And the old oil mines are reopen, almost three thousand rifles are manufactured, but are old rifles, with the tech from the WW-I. The Congress creates the Defense Departament in charge of the military direction, the Defense Initiative a roughly armed civil milita and the Peace Police (different from the normal Police) acting as an intelligence agency and secret police at the same time.
    • Central American Empire: In the unexpected situation Help From Brazil,we appreciate your gesture and thank The support From Brazil's army and we'll Push harder Against The Yucatan Republic, And from The side of the GNAA we thank your support
      • Brazil D: You welcome Centro and GNAA, that was the least I could do.
  • Manchuria: Public interest in China has increased, a referendum was held on what to do with the farmer's colony. The majority of the public decided that it is best to follow the actions of Indochina and also industrialize the region, this industrialization will commence late next year. The first Manchurian car company has been established and is making cars at a cheap and fast rate. (Like the Model-T in OTL) Every government funded Manchurian factory shall be used to increase the production of the Manchurian Navy. Manchuria will base its military on the Navy, hoping to become a major naval power. This focus on the Navy will end when the industrialization of China commences. The MCEF will attempt to explore dark regions in the west. The seat of government has also changed from Peiking to the rapidly growing city of Harbin.


  • Empire of Durango: The Empire of Durango sends troops to the Yucatan to help their friend the Central American Empire. As part of a deal discussed by the MSACIS the Empire of Durango gets the northern half of the Yucatan.
  • Indochina: The Indochinese continue to expand their territory into Burma and southern China.
  • Chile continues economic and territorial expansion. They manage to make contact with Asian countries, though just like those in the Americas, remain neutral in their affairs.
    • No one is allowed contact yet. See the begining of the last turn.
    • Would it be okay if I made contact with either Japan or Taiwan?
  • Cuba: Seeing the war in its north, Cuba declares war on the groups in Puerto Rico, to strengthen it's defences, it also declares war on the groups that control the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands. Fidel Castro decides if he can control these islands, he could make a full protection for Cuba and its people, making it a natural nation fortress, the invasion of Puerto Rico is quick and peaceful, due to the lack of manpower in the island, but there is intense guerrilla warfare in El Yunque, 20,000 men are deployed there, most of the navy blockades all other ports, with troops stationed to land in them.
  • Hindu Empire: The Hindu Empire continue to expand their territory into Northern Burma stopping Indochina for expand north-west.
  • American Union: Using superior new Lincoln tanks and overwhelming numbers the Union army smashes through confederate lines. Working in conjuction with Carolina resistance fighters the navy lands a small force of men in Savannah to open up a new front and drain enemy resources. Charlotte is put under siege by two divisions of infantry while the rest of the army bypasses the city to continue to push farther into Carolina. Rough estimates expect that the army will be at Atlanta by October. The Naval squadron based at the Panama Canal are ordered to give naval support to union allies in Yucatan.
  • Ohio: The blitzkrieg is a success and the Sherman M4 tanks smash through CSA lines like a knife through hot butter, The Republican Army with its Central American and Brazilian auxilaries push south down the Mississippi to launch a direct assault on the military stronghold of Montgomery, Alabama which was the first original capital of the CSA before Richmond. Troops from the 7th armoured division also split to help the AU troops in Charlotte. The push is so successful that several military stratigists state that Ohio may seen the Gulf by December. The Siege of Montgomery begins with Ohio taking heavy losses early on by the surprise artillery hidden within the city. Troops dig in for what could be a long siege. The Ohio blitz leaves most of the Cities of Nashville, Birmingham, and North Montgomery in ruins.
  • Brazil: continues the territorial expansion into the south and west. The Peace Congress starts sending letters and messengers to the south asking every group of people to join reborn Brazil and enjoy the advantages. Those who fight are overrun by the motorized troops and cavalry. Natal (is a city) reparations are started with the purpose of host more people in the city to work in the industry. The Engineering Guild starts to get from the dust the old car factories with the purpose of manufacture new cars, deep research is made in the industry, factories, products, process. The Guild monopolized every pre-pulse tech and engineering books. The militia is armed with thousands of low-quality rifles and the guns they had store are given to the Peacetroopers.
  • Mod Event: The terrorist union responsible for all of the atrocities to the GNAA, reveals itself as Red Hand, an anarchist and Neo-Nazi organization. It has bases in Canada, South Florida, Baja California, Alaska, and many more undiscovered ones. They declare themselves to be a nation, and are at war with all GNAA or other union members in the New World.
  • Ohio sends the battled hardened 5th armoured into Red Hand territory in Canada and begins to wage a brutal counteroffensive dubbed Operation Caldwell in memory of the late President. Ohio uses blitz tactics to gain momentum in the North.
  • Cascadia: Cascadia postpones war with the CSA to deal with Red Hand. They appear to secretly control parts of the Canadian Government, so Juan Smith, the Cascadian-Californian Vice Consul decides to attack Red Hand. The rest of the GNAA is asked to do the same. Raines heads north to the AU, and arrives in their South-West border.
    • American Union: An escort of a platoon from the Union Marine corps and a small team of secret service members stand ready to escort Consol Raines through our territory, we apoligise for the troop presense but due to recent developments your safety is of paramount importance to our nation.
    • Cascadia: Raines decides to lay low in the AU, until the CSA and Red Hand calm down. We thank you for the troops, but we would like her to remain more low-profile, so a core guardian of eight men are at watch.
  • Mo' Mod Eventz: Mormons from Pre-EMP Utah ask their respective governments to form the nation-state of Deseret.
  • California: California tells the Mormons they can form their own nation if they aid us in the war on the Red Hand. California stays neutral in the war on the CSA, since the East Coast seems to be handling it well enough. Meanwhile, troops are sent to Baja California to wipe out the Red Hand there. President Johnson states that these Terrorist activities must end, and that the Republic of California will stop them. On the Homefront, a new Peace Movement begins, as California constantly keeps heading to war, and the Hippies demand that California negotiate with the Red Hand.
    • Central American Empire: Californian Leadership are you aware that Baja California Is under Durango's Control and that Your Intrusion without His permission can be considered as an attack?
    • Californian Diplomacy: Oh, I didn't know. It looks like black on the map. May we have Durango's permission to fight terrorists in your nation.
    • Deseret: We shall assist you when our nation is ready.
  • Texas: Texas sends a portion of their troops to help California and Cascadia to deal with the Red Hand, but most forces are concentrated on the CSA. Fighting begins in New Orleans and Little Rock thanks to new Texan reinforcements. The Texan Navy patrols the waters of the Gulf Coast and effectively embargoes the CSA (do they even have any trade?)
    • I believe that they canceled all trades before Sims was banned. TacoCopper
  • Siberia: Siberia starts colonizing the north just making a train of towns like the Oregon Trail. Also Siberia asks for an alliance with Germania.
  • Central American Empire: The Yucatan War, Has not ended Yet, the Empire Request a new deal For the Territories As The Central Mexico, Southern Mexico, Yucatan And Guatemala Have Been Invaded By the Army Only Remaining Some Northern Parts Of The Yucatan Under their Control, As well that The army Has pushed The Yucatan's Army Northern,The Empire Sends and Army to Conquer The rest Of northern Colombia, As well Small ships Are Sent To San Andres and Providencia And set a Small Military Outpost In the Caribean, Another ships are Sent to Present An alliance to Cuba, New Weapon Systems Are Finished, The Prototype of Heavy Weapon Vehicular System is Finished and Sent to Combat in Northern Colombia and The quell the Rebels In southern Yucatan, and As all other GNAA Member will do. We send 1000 troops To deal With the Red Hand Organization, And help Ohio To deal With them,Economic cities Like Cartagena Are Flooded With troops To avoid Any Assault,The Production of the HWVS-1(the combat vehicle) and From ICWS-L7A Combat rifle, and PWS A1B Magnum for the Regular Troops, the start Of Spec ops Troops Is immediate as well the Design For A Sniper Rifle,The Production Of guns Is set In The Province Of western Colombia as well The Mineral Extraction To set up A fleet.


Mod Event: A Cascadian fishing vessel trolling in the Western Alaskan Islands is blown off course during a storm. The storm blew them westward, towards the coast of eastern Asia. There, they encountered a fleet of Siberian fishing vessels and made contact. Congratulations Cascadia, you just liked Asia and the Americas.

(Still no contact with Europe yet. Sign-ups are below)

  1. Texas
  2. C'mon California.
  3. Cascadia
  4. Central American Empire
  5. American Union
  6. Ohio
  7. Brazil.
  • Cascadia: (Ignore my older posts about the Australia Colony, and contact with Siberia) After the "Fishing Boat Incident" as it is now called, Juan Smith decides to meet with Siberia's Aleksander III or whoever is in command. A trade agreement is proposed, and one ship of Cascadia's core navy of aix (Seattle) is to ferry over all GNAA ambassadors who ask for passage. As Cascadia pushes farther into Canadian territory, several Red Hand bases are discovered. Their leader however, remains elusive. The Hippie movement spreads north from California and many members ask for peace in Canada, stating that they started the war for purely imperialistic reasons. Some Hippies join the CEP, transforming the party from a worker's party of farmers, to a modern party of enviromental reformers. They demand Cascadia to preserve the wilderness that remains. Juan Smith will put these petitions to the side until Raines returns...
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas requests passage for an ambassador to Asia.
    • Cascadia: Cascadia accepts all GNAA requests.
    • Central American Empire: We also request an ambassador to Asia
    • American Union: We shall also send a delegation to Asia, but view Asia as a part of Californian and Cascadian influence while we have ambitions on the Atlantic.
    • Ohio: asks that Ohio be present at the meetings
    • Cascadia: We accept all requests so far.
  • Chile: Chile continues economical and territorial expansion. They call for the creation of the American Cooperstion Organization, in which an economic, military and political bloc is formed with all of the American nations.
    • American Union: We are eager to make new allies in South America and will gladly offer and alliance to Chile if they will allow us to set up a colony in Uruguay. (just a plan I have, if you have a problem with this please tell me and alliance offer will still stand).
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Sure, but we have to check its expansion.
  • American Union: Several changes occur inside the American Union. Due to recent developments in intelligence, the FBI is restarted by order of President Kennedy. The old headquarters archives in washington are transported to New York, curiously the files relating to leading political figures at the time are ordered to be burnt. To help the war effort an industrialisation project has begun in Pittsburgh to make it the industrial capital of the Union. The frontier divisions make headway in Canada against Red Hand forces and have now linked up with the Cascadians at Thunder Bay in the Republic of Ohio with other units capturing Ontario with the aid of Ohian divisions. In the CSA, helped by reenforcements from Ohio, Union troops storm Chatlotte and quickly capture the city. On the frontlines, many CSA troops are reported to be beginning to throw down their arms and surrender to the first union troops they encounter. The marines that landed at Savannah have now marched along the coast and have captured Jacksonville along with the remains of the Confederate atlantic fleet. The first Union troops have entered Augusta without a fight and expect the CSA to surrender once Atlanta is taken. Union Naval ships have reported finding Bermuda island and have decided to send a ship there to colonise it within the next three months.
  • Ohio: The Ohio Republican Army takes Montgomery after three months of entrenched fighting and has no began to link up with General Corinth of the 4th Army in Mobile to attack west into New Orleans. Ohio troops cruch any resistance in the conquered Alabama territories and have begun to transfer troops to Miami to directly combat the Red Hand. Troops are also sent North to battle at Thunder Bay, in Ohio. Blitz tactics also helped in the capture of Toronto from Redhand forces. The city is now under martial law and is policed by both Ohio and the AU. Records are found in the ruins of Montgomery that could help uncover what really happened before the Blackout. These files were immediately sent to an undisclosed location in Ohio for study. The ONS Truth leaves Boston harbour on a course for the former UK. Ohio does not expect to find the UK for at least six months.
  • Indochina: The Indochinese continue to expand their territory into Burma and southern China. The Indochinese use the first ship built in the Yangon shipyards to send an envoy to the Hindu Empire. They send him with a proposed border for their two nations.
  • California: President Johnson celebrates that civilization in Asia survived, and sends a crew of sailors to go map out Asia, more importantly Indonesia. Meanwhile, we still wait for Durango to accept our request. A new, anti-terrorist group of the miltary is set up, and the best soldiers are made up out of this unit. Large amounts of troops are turned into reserves, and emphasis is put on the new Special Forces Unit.
  • Texas: Texan forces meet with the Ohioans at New Orleans and defeat the CSA. Texan soldiers advance to Mobile to meet up with other GNAA troops for the final attack on the CSA. The Navy is dispatched to Florida for the bombardment of Miami.
  • Central American Empire: The Empire production of fleet ships ends up making ten cruisers, and sends six of them to Asia. Alliances are offered to Siberia, Manchuria, Korean and Japanese Nations. The army crushes major rebel Forces In central Mexico And southern Yucatan. Meanwhile, with the help of the GNAA members the middle territories Of Mexico have been taken. The invasion of Northern Colombia has presented issues as FARC Forces are present in the area yet their control has been taken of all terrains under the military a few ships are dispatched to Venezuela to set a colony-military station and a small group of six ships is heading to Florida to disembark and help to destroy the last remaining CSA loyalist forces
    • Your only contact with Asia will be through Cascadia for a year. Even then, not so many ships.
  • ​Empire of Durango: The Empire of Durango changes its name used for unofficial purposes and government ones as well to Durango. They also continue to send the army to the Yucatan.
  • Siberia:Siberia keeps expanding and elections are finally over. The Fishing Incident is starting and the Liberal party wins.
  • Manchuria: Car production was up to 12,000 a month but has been put on hold for the continuation of the production of a Manchurian fleet, which has reached a total number of 250 ships. Rebels in the Shandong area have declared their independence, the Manchu irregular army that garrisoned the area has retreated to the perimeter of Shandong province. Hard fighting has continued along the Shandong perimeter for the rebels wish to "liberate" Manchurian China. The newly produced fleet has also blockaded the province, started a bombardment of the area, and to resupply the naval base of Qingdao, which for some reason was sparred. A landing of troops is expected to push through the province to the perimeter border and defeat the rebels. Another Chinese social project has started but this time it is for the industrialization of the area. Trade with Indochina has flourished due to better trade techniuques and facilities, Manchuria also encourages businesses to expand to Indochina. Manchuria also, once again, requests an alliance with the Hindu Empire.
  • Brazil: The Engeneering guild starts to build biplanes, the productions stars with fifty planes, all are sent to fight in the west, bombarding any resistance, the expansion continues, the country is greatly expanded. A ship is send to Chile, hoping to start diplomatic relation. Another ship in Rio de Janeiro starts to invade the city, two hundred soldiers land and take possession of the local industry. A new recruitment is made, almost two thousand more soldiers begin to train for the combat. The Troops back in the North join the Centralamerican and GNAA forces to fight the Red Hand. The industraliziation of Natal continues. A nationalist phamphlet is distributed all around the country with the purpose of increase the army and workers.
  • Hindu Empire: The elections has been held with the Republic of Mumbai winning the election. Their first offer was to ask Manchuria to get some cars on the Hindu roads to not go onto each side of the road. The navy is officaly born again with the first ship HE Mumbai doing a test run in the Indian Ocean while HE Delhi is being build to expand the navy. Also the finance player gave a speech that all countries shouldn't fight and give peace to this world because the world doesn't want to go back into a blackout.


Mod Event: An exploring party from the American Union arrives in Iceland. From Iceland, they continue on to the British Isles, encountering ships from Brittania and the Celtic Confederation. Congratulations AU, you just re-discovered Europe.

Mod Event 2: GNAA forces finally defeat the CSA. The GNAA forces a surrender of Confederate forces in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • Central American Empire: In an attempt to keep the invasion army in northern Colombia and Yucatan terrains we ask for the blueprints Of Brazil's biplanes to turn them into military ships, economic settlements in Maracaibo Lake in northwestern Venezuela had been Set. The fleet grows each time for the military invasion Of Yucatan. The fleet master is chosen as Carlos Andres Del Toro and this one prepares the fleet to invade Central Mexican Terrains. In Colombia the province governor Is chosen For the First Enviromentalist Governor In the Entire Empire, More Troops Are Sent To the Last Remaining Forces In Northern Yucatan,With the Biplanes Blue Prints In the Metal Mining Facilities of Western Colombian The Start Of An Imperial Air force is Immediate,The Empire Sends A Military Ship To the American Union In an Attempt To Reach European Terrains, We expect AU support For Our European Contact Mision,In the Northern Venezuelan Territories The Separatist Organization Known as the FARCA Is formed and Spread In the Territories Of Colombia. The Colonial Settlers Reach The City Of Cucuta And Caracas to Navy Ships Dock In New Sparta Region And Set Small Colonies Of New San Juan and New San Martin The Economical Industry Is growing The Energy Supply Is now Regular In most Of the Original Terrains Of the Empire some parts western Colombia, The Emperor Luciano Starts Building More Hospital's Through The Empire.
    • Brazil Diplomacy: Blueprints are send, we ask for help to build our weapons industry, you know blueprints and some weapons (just ten or twenty, I'd try to replicate them for my Peacetroopers).
    • Central American Empire: Example Weapons are Sent Rifles and Pistols as well First Version and Second Version Blue Prints The Imperial Council Is glad To help Brazilians To Reclaim Their Nation, As well as A Gift Ten HWVS Light Tanks (a way for me to say a Small War vehicle similar to a Car with Explosives) are Sent to Brazil to help Their Expansion
  • Texas: The Texans rejoice at the fall of the CSA. They begin the assimilation of CSA territory into existing Texan territory. Texas pleads with the AU to allow Carolina to remain independent (see talk page), even if it is only a satellite state. Texas sets up two satellites of its own, Nebraska and Louisiana. Texas sets up pro-GNAA (and more importantly Pro-Texan) governments in them. Texas will be their main trade partner, with secondary trade parters being other GNAA members.

Humanity Satellite

  • Indochina: The Indochinese continue repairing pre-Pulse infrastructure, incluuding mines and roads. The Indochinese continue expanding into Burma and southern China.
  • Chile: Chile continues economic and territorial expansion. They establish a colony at what used to be Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They begin the mining of valuable minerals to help the economy.
    • Brazil Diplomacy: No!!, there are already two hundred soldiers there, read my last post. If this is an attack you are declaring war.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: What?! NO!!! What about a joint colony?
    • Brazil Diplomacy: Uff, We thought this was an attack. OK, no problem with that but we claim all old Brazil, so please be careful, maybe we (Brazil) are not big, but we want our country back. The restant South America is all yours. Oh, in my last post I offered you an alliance, I am doing it again.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Yes for alliance. For the colony thing, can we still keep it? Sorry for the inconvenience.
    • Brazil Diplomacy: Yep, there is no problem with Rio.
  • Hindu Empire: The Hindu Empire politics looks for something to entrain the public and after five cold hours they agreed to try to join the whole of Asia in the sports to create the Asia Games. They send invites to the other Asia countries to join and needing at least three to accept to start it.
  • American Union: After the fall of the CSA the state of Carolina is set up. This will have almost complete automonous government but will still have to answer to the AU in matters of defence and diplomacy. The people of Carolina are given AU citizenships and are promised a plebiscite next year. (I will use A colony is set up of Bermuda island to use as a naval base for further exploration of the Atlantic. A ship is sent into the north sea to make contact with other nations in europe.
  • Ohio: The ship the truth makes it to the edge of Ireland only months after the American Union. Work begins on establishing a new road system to connect all of Ohio's territory in the Union. The Trans Union Railroad is devised and will start in Columbus, then spread East to Boston and New York, then west through the Great Plains, eventually connecting with Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and San Dieo. Ohio establishes a puppet state in recently conquered regions in Canada which will act as a pro-Ohio buffer between Red Hand infested regions and Greater Ohio. Work begins on revamping old hydroelectric dams along the Mississippi and in Old Alabama.
  • Mod Event: The Red Hand declares hegemony over all of Florida. Their politics please the old CSA lovers angry at the GNAA for destroying their state.
  • Cascadia: After the recent "discovery" of Europe and Asia, Cascadia demands a "Treaty of Tordesillas" style division off the unclaimed lands of the Old World between the GNAA. Meanwhile, war with Red Hand continues in Canada. To prevent Cascadia from becoming too large, once Canada is taken, it shall be ruled as a military district by the GNAA until a consensus on division is reached. Cascadia likes Ohio's proposal, hoping to merge the railroad with the Via Magna which has resumed construction. Seattle, no longer the greatest city in the Northwest because of the EMP, has been re-established as a port and transportation hub. New Columbia's population reaches 500, and it will be used as a naval base for exploration and colonization of Asia, something the CRP looks forward to. Raines emerges out of hiding, and continues her tour through the AU.
    • Central American Empire: Could you explain yourself about the Division Of Territories in Europe and Asia, And how do you think this expansion division territories would be set. Post Possible Map In GNAA Page after the explanation and the Possible Division I'll say if I agree or not.
    • Texas: As long as it is unclaimed. I would not wish to make any European nations angry.
  • Manchuria: The Shandong rebels have all been captured or killed by the Manchurian Army. All normal production has continued. The leader of this rebellion has been exiled to the island of Io-to. The MHI (the first car company in Manchuria) has sent officials to all Asian countries, especially the Hindu Empire, to teach the local populace how to operate the new machines. Manchuria reaches out to all asian countries, proposing an Asian Union. The Manchurian fleet has now reached 450 ships. Manchuria now claims Northern Korea as Manchurian land, due to a part of it's population being of Manchu descent.
  • This map game is going the way of "Depressing Times 1930's". The only players who play this game are the ones who play the New World nations and a few East Asia players.
  • Yes, Practically all European Nations Are Defunct the Only Europe Nations I saw Active Were The Celtic Union And Germany Outside That Europe Is Dead As well Africa And Mid east Terrains
  • Can some mods help me out and send messages to them to see if they'll come back? CourageousLife 03:33, June 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • Brazil: The Peacetroopers continue expanding the national territory, the Engineering Guild start to study the Central American weapons.


  • Brazil: Continues territorial expansion, industry rebuilding and technological investigation, the troops in North America (like 300-400 hundred soldiers) are ordered to stay with the GNAA fighting against the Red Hand. The army also attack the north tribes to expand the country.
  • Chile asks for an alliance with Brazil to hopefully control the whole South American continent together. It meets with the American Union to establish the American Continental Organization with all the other American nations.
    • American Union: You set up the page and people will go to it
    • Brazil D: Sure, I accept.
    • PAGE HERE: American Continental Organization
    • Central American Empire: Can I join to?
    • All American nations can join. Just sign in at members section.
  • Lithuania: Construction of powerlines has now been completed across most of Lithuanian Guyana. The infrastructure of Lithuania itself has also been improved. Generator ships are sent across the East Caribbean. The nation asks Brazil and Chile for alliances, with regards to Lithuanian Guyana.
    • Lithuania does not control Lithuanian Guyana - only Lithuania. Sorry, but right now, only one continent, no colonies on other continents.
  • Hindu Empire: Continues expansion of the west, making new cities in the west with no plans on calling them. With no powerlines to move the power, the HE Mumbai has plans on looking down the east of the world where the Manchuria but further down.
  • Indochina: The Indochinese begin work incorporating English into the Indochinese language.
  • American Union: The plebiscite in Carolina takes place. The vast majority of votes goes to joing the American Union. Funding for colonial expansion forms a new government department working in conjuction with the AU navy. Plans are drawn for the colonisation of the Azores. To limit the recruitment of the Red Hand, the organisation are ridiculed in the media, rendering the terrorists a joke in most of the major northern cities.
  • Ohio: ohio agrees the with Cascadia about the partitioning of Canada. Work begins on expanding the railroad to the Via Magna. Ohio diplomats land in Britain and has begun to establish diplomatic ties with Europe. Fighting continues against the Red Hand. The President is nearly assassinated by the Red Hand but he excapes.
  • 'Central American Empire: ' a Small Ship Is Sent To Chile To Sign A non-conflict treaty Between us, And from MSACIS to Join And Divide The Southamerican Territories Between Us, The Empire Sets Small Colonies In Northern Territories Of Venezuela And Suriname And Parts Of French Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago Are Colonized As Well. The Capital City Is Set In the Panamanian Territory And A new City Is Being Built as Headquarters Of The Empire. Managua Is Kept As Cultural Center Of The Empire, Cartagena Is Set As Naval Capital And as One of the Fleet Bases In the Empire, a Small Group Of Ships Is sent to the Galapago Islands in Ecuador's Sea, And in An attempt to control As much Terrain The Empire Begins Expansion Over Eastern Colombian Territories And Western Venezuelan Territories as well As southern Colombian Amazonia and Northern Peruvian and Brazilian Amazonia, one thousand men are sent to the Florida To help The elimination Of red Hand Nationalist and CSA nationalist, And another thousand men Are Dispatched To northern Canada to help Ohio and Au Army's To seize the Red Hand Militia.
    • Brazil Diplomacy: Centro, You're my ally, but I claim all old Brazil, so if you respect my will. You will get out of the brazilian amazonia.
    • Central American Empire: the part I invade is part That was Invaded of the Colombian Amazonia during the start of the century so, in fact, is not part of old Brazil. Also, I'm not going to invade More Brazilian territories after this. So don't worry.


  • Texas: Texas sends troops through Ohio to launch an offensive against the Red Hand. Meanwhile, the government busies itself with the construction of Nebraska and Louisiana. Texan embassies are set up in Miami and West Florida.
  • Chile: Sor far, three nations have joined the American Continental Organization. It asks Texas, Miami, West Florida, Cascadia, Durango, and the Mexican Empire for an alliance, trade agreements and to join the ACO (American Continental Organization that is). It continues economic and territorial expansion. They discover the ruins oif Colombia's and Venezuela's cities.
    • Texan Diplomacy: Sure, I'm in. Since Miami and West Florida are under jurisdiction of the GNAA, I'm almost positive they're in too. And my satellites, Nebraska and Louisiana, are in too. 5 new members. Your welcome.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Thanks.
  • Siberia: (I will not play any more if the map does not change. Because wouldn't it make sense if Siberia could colonize Alaska?) Siberia keeps colonizing up north and offers an alliance to Muscowy.
  • Central American Empire: The army starts to move troops into Colombian Jungles and Venezuelan Western Terrains, and Sends five ships To florida with about two thousand five hundred soldiers To secure The Southern Part Of Florida Small Armed Forces Start Expanding the Colony Of Venezuela To the Guyanas, The Colombian City Of Bogota Is Invaded By the Imperial Army
  • Also there is No Mexican Empire There was The Republic Of Yucatan and I Invade it also Ecuador Is Divided Between you and Durango Colony and He has West Southern Colombia, Also the only way For you to reach Them Is to To Invade Brazilian Territories. Invade Durango's Ecuador or travel through the East Coast
  • Imperial Republic of Turkey: After years of silently building up its military, the IRT invades Anatolia and begins to expand vigorously into the surrounding lands and Anatolia. Turkish troops sweep through these lands and by the end of the year Turkey will own all of OTL Turkey and Syria as well as most of the Caucassas.
  • You need to go to war with them as the Balkans is part of an Empire, Kingdom or republic of some sort so you can't expand to them unless you go to war and Good luck with you Balkanic Campaigns
  • didn't realize they were part of a country. No Balkan campeigns for me.
  • Brazil: Continues expanding, and the agriculture is modified, with the introduction of machines in the food production. Some troops are send to the North and French Guiana and Surinam. The Peace Congress ask all Brazilians to work together for the reborn of Brazil. The Guild start manufacturing war vehicles based in the Central American ones.
  • Indochina: The Indochinese continue expanding their territory in Burma and China.


  • Iceland begins an invasion on Greenland's habitable east coast.
    • American Union: Would you like a trading agreement? We can give you better tech and military protection in return for mineral wealth Also split Greenland in half?
  • Central American Empire: Army March To the Guianas To Finish Northern South American Expansion. Military Secret Project Starts in The Galapagos, Old Brazilian border is Protected From Empire Side. The University Of Cartagena Is Reopened And Northern to the City a New Village is Built known as Nova Carthage, emerald Extraction starts In central Colombian Terrains.
  • Cascadia: Cascadia allows Siberia to colonize parts of Alaska, and continues building the Via Magna. Several scout ships scout the coast of Asia, most notably the north part.
  • Indochina: The Indochinese continue expanding their territory into Burma and China.
  • Chile: Chile continues to expand its territoral boundries, especially throughout the north to reach through the northern tip of free South America. They discover the Panama Canal, intact from the doomsday it overcame. They ask Cascadia to join the American Continental Organization. (SPEAKING OF WHICH, A MEETING WILL BE HELD HERE WITH ALL MEMBERS) 
    • Central American Empire: Chile, I Have Control Of almost All Northern Terrains of Guaianas also I have Control Of the Panama Channel, supposing that the American Continental Organization Has the Same Rules you would Have Free access for the Channel
  • American Union: A naval base is begun in the Azores. From here the American union hopes to be able to make better contact with local nations and promote trade across the Atlantic. Work is begun in Pittburgh to rebuild the factories and restart the great industry which made our nation.
  • Imperial Republic of Turkey: Turkey now controls all of OTL Turkey and The Bosphorus Straits as well as the Caucassas. Turkish forces invade the Middle East and begin to march toward OTL Kuwait.


  • Cuba: The nation goes a period of growth in all the islands, even the now annexed Puerto Rico, though unrest has begun in Jamaica. Electricity is restored completely in Cuba. Fidel Castro wishes to restore quick connections by telephone and other means.
  • Indochina: The Indochinese continue to work on the restoration of Pre-Pulse national infrastructure. The Indochinese propose to the Manchurians a plan to jointly construct an electric dam on the Yangtze river.
  • Chile: Chile continues to expand its economy and territory. They ask Cuba to be part of the American Continental Organization. They ask the American Union to join it in an expedition to Canada to search for survivor nations.
    • American Union Diplomacy: Chile we have already had exibitions to canada. What we found were tribals and hostile red hand forces.
  • American Union: Rebuilding continues in the territory taken from the CSA. Montreol and Quebec are accepted as states. To help fund the navy, cuts are made to the size of the armed forces. Instead the focus will be on increasing the quality of the Army. This is started with research on body armour and advanced tactics.
  • Ohio: Ohio expands into former Red Hand territory and asks Britain and Iceland for trade agreement. Guys my internet was out for a while can somebody fill me in on whats going on. What is this American Continental Organization? What happened to the GNAA? and the war with the Red Hand?
  • Imperial Turkish Republic: The ITR succesfully takes Baghdad and occupies Iraq. Troops continue to march south toward Kuwait while Turkish forces invade what sued to be Persia and begin to gain land quickly.
  • Central American Empire: The Army Starts invading the Netherlands Antilles and and Troops Are Sent To End the Northern Yucatan Nation, The Emperor starts sending Populators to Areas Of eastern Colombia And western Venezuela, The Economy in the Areas is set as Agricultural Producers, Starting to Extract Minerals In Venezuela To Update the Brazilian Biplane.


  • Manchuria: With the new year here the industrialization of China has begun and Harbin accepts Indochina's offer with the joint construction of the dam. The Manchu infrastructure projects have been finalized with great results. Western regions are still being explored. Manchuria now demands the Northern Korea be ceded to Manchuria or war will result.
  • Iceland accepts the American Union's offer. Naval technology is being researched.
  • Imperial Turkish Republic: The ITR takes Kuwait and Tehran, and now owns a huge amount fo the worlds oil. Turkish forces continue to take land in Persia and begin to prepare for expansion into former Saudi Arabia. The ITR also begins funding rebel groups in the various post-Confederate republics. Paris is offered an alliance.
    • ITR Diplomacy: Paris and the Balkans are both offered an alliance.
    • Reply in your Post and the Balkans Nation is The Slavic Union
  • American Union: The first of the Pittsburough factories are pronounced fully operational. Research into the "event" continues to be inconclusive at the Science institute. President Kennedy announces that the reconstruction of New York is almost complete. He also announces the total adoption of the Americo dollar has now taken place, further integrating the economies of the american nations. In Panama, the canal is now ready for small cargo ships to pass through, though it will take a lot of work for it to be ready for large vessels.
    • ITR: The ITR offers the AU an offer to sell it oil for a price to be agreed upon.
    • AU: The Union is grateful for the offer and will gladly take it up soon, but the country is still rebuilding and it is too cost inefficient to buy oil from a continent away when we have our own power supplies and Texan oil. When we have consolidated our position in europe we will make an offer to you.
    • What happened while i was gone my internet was screwed up.
    • andrew the major things happening is just Contacts with asia an europe staying to the minimum Chile Contacting Brazil after they discovered rio the organization of Turkey, an alliance with iceland and the Allowing of Siberia into Alaska by Cascadia and the American Continental Organization is the New GNAA for all Nations of the Continent Impulsed By chile and endorsed By Brazil and American Union Being them The first Members
  • Central American Empire:Some changes are Made to the Biplanes, as well as the fleet Starts Scouting the Caribbean to Set Stations in remote islands, the Empire requests The American Union Support to sent A trade and Military Ship to Europe,A machine gun is developed based on the Rifle The "Old Luis" M45 MG as well the Sniper Rifle G78 is finished, the Emperor asks Brazil and Chile to Divide Southamerica, a Treaty to set southamerican Borders between all three nations. Seing the Progress Of the Nation and the 25 Ships of the Fleet The Emperor Luciano Starts Upgrading the Fleet Building Ships In the Pacific Coast and In northern Colombia Territories he sends two ships to Europe To make Contact with Other Nations
    • Brazil: OK, let's make a Southamerican Conference, maybe inside the American Continental Org.
    • Central American Empire: Well then you make, the Post and we'll discuss how much land each one gets.
  • Brazil: Northern and western expansion continues, the biplanes are build in mass, (30 more this turn). The Peace Congress declares all French Guiana, Brazil and Paraguay under Brazilian control (in theory). We ask Chile to join the South American Conference.
  • Ohio: asks if it may join the ACO. the Americo Dollar gains value quickly throughout Ohio. Work continues on the Trans Railway. Research into the "Event" stalls due to a lack of evidence. Ohio ships steams toward Europe to bring better contact and hopes of further expansion. Computers are researched and the age of the PC begins. A new electronics company "Orange Inc" is formed and begins to sell PCs at a limited volume and for high prices (similar to OTL Apple Inc.) a new airport terminal is added to Miami, increasing its passenger size by almost double.
    • Central American Empire: Everyone is Free to join
  • Chile: Chile continues economical and territorial expansion. They finally manage to complete a road system across the country. Chile decides that the ACO must have a common military and calls for all members to send a part of their militaries to form the ACO Army. It joins the South American Conference requested by Brazil. They begin to build a large military navy to protect their waters.
    • Brazil: Check the map I posted and proposed (ACO pag).
  • Texas: Texas begins construction of airport terminals in major cities. More naval ships are being produced, and some are sent to Europe and Asia.
  • Indochina: The Indochinese continue to expand their territory through Burma and southern China.


  • Imperial Turkish Republic: The ITR succesfully takes the rest of Presia and continues its invasion of the Arabian Peninsula. Turkish forces invade the Turkistan/Khazkistan region and begni to take land. Plans to rename the ITR the New Ottoman Empire are being considered in Congress.
  • Indochina: The Indochinese expand their territory through Burma and southern China. The Indochinese continue their work restoring Pre-Pulse infrastructure.
  • Chile: Chile continues expansion of its territory and economy. It decides the future borders of South America, though waits for the other two countries to respond. They declare war on the ACO's main and current enemy, the Redhand.
  • American Union: Several large airfields begin construction near major cities for civilian use. Biplanes in the air force begin to be edged out in favour of smaller, faster aircraft as fighters and larger single canopied bombers. Biplanes will still be used as scouts due to their more silent engines and greater maneuverability.
  • Central American Republic: The empire starts to give more Power to the military the Biplanes are being Produced in mass to Prepare to any conflict and to Provide Help against Red Hand, aco is still deliberating.
  • Brazil: Expansion continues, the metal extraction is increased, and the light artillery manufacture the same.
  • I might be gone for a while so just assume I'm building my military and upgrading stuff-Ohio


  • Indochina: The Indochinese expand their territory through Burma and southern China. The Indochinese continue their work restoring Pre-Pulse infrrastructure.
  • Chile: It declares that the ACO is at war with the Redhand Movement. They begin to put their military for use for the first time. They ask all nations in the continent to prepare for war.
  • American Union: The first prototype body armour is produced. This is a new helmet based on the old German helmets from WW-II and thin layers of metal sheet covering the torso. This should at least reduce the damage done by rickashays. In the absense of any radio, a relay of towers across the country begins construction to give messages using either flags or Morse code. A small tradepost is built at Montevideo in old world Uruguay to allow trade with South America and to allow easier access in the South Atlantic.
  • Ohio: Ohio scientists recreate vacuum tube powered radios and immediently repair and restore the radio broadcasting in Ohio, and offers to build towers in the American Union as well. the TransRailway east division is complete with lines spanning to New York City, Boston, Philly, and Washington D.C. The west portion has trouble getting over the Rockies but makes connections with Reno, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Exploratory parties land in what was once France and begin to explore the nearby regions.
    • American Union D: We would be glad to have radio towers in our territory.
  • Imperial Turkish Republic: The ITR is officially renamed the New Ottoman Empire, although it is a constitutional monarchy in government. Arabia is finally occupied by the NOE and expansion into India and Khazakistan continue at a very strong and steady pace. The Air force is finally completed and the Air force begins flying patrols all over the empire. The NOE Tank II is released, called Noe II, and soon the tanks join the troops on the battlefield, and with aircraft, expansion is accelerated ten times over. The Ottoman Empire is reborn, and its golden age has begun.
  • Don't you think you are over expanding a little bit? I know that any Empire is the Influence to grow In size but, all you are doing is annex and annex and annex all the territories without Really Opposing any threat to you as well that you practically had guns since you were organized something I didn't have nor Brazil so I think you should stop your exaggerated expansion and start reforming your nations economy
  • Brazil: The production of war vehicles is increased, and the new light artillery and machine guns, 12 biplanes are set in action against rebels and 8.000 new soldiers are draft. The agriculture is increase and new farming machines are repair.
  • Manchuria: Landings in Korea have taken place and the Manchuria military has managed to gain a beachhead around Pusan. Manchuria will continue to pump troops into Korea until the government is confident an offensive will finish the Koreans. Since there hasn't been a response from Korea our goal now is to annex the entire country. A naval blockade and occasional bombardments of Korea have commenced. The dam has been completed and has successfully brought power to the Indochinese and Manchurian citizens of Shanghai. Mongolia still remains largely unpopulated.


  • Indochina: The Indochinese expand their territory through Burma and southern China. The Indochinese continue their work restoring Pre-Pulse infrastructure.
  • Iceland launches an invasion of the east Greenlandic coast.
  • Brazil: The agriculture grows, a new factory is rebuild iterritorial expansion continues.
  • American Union: The Union North fleet begins its landings on western Greenland, due to a very low population, no resistance is occuring.. The southern fleet moves from the Azores to capture Gibraltar. The old fortress is occupied as a base for the fleet to anchor. A raid on a Red Hand safehouse by the FBI foils a plot to set off a fire bomb in Chicago and blame it on the American Union. President Robert Kennedy offers the use of Georgia for cross training between allied units.
  • NOE: Work on the economy begins.


  • Indochina: The Indochinese expand their territory through Burma and southern China. The Indochinese continue their work restoring Pre-Pulse infrastructure.
  • Iceland: The book-making industry sinks, so Iceland attempts to compensate by strengthening ties with the American Union, proposing a trade of one tonne of Icelandic fish for 1.25 tonnes of American timber.
    • American Union: We instead offer a continuous trade of AU timber and money for minerals from Greenland and if possible the construction of a naval base in Iceland so our ships can patrol there more easily.
  • Central American Empire: Our small fleet arrives in Western Africa reclaiming a small colony in there and sending back one ship while one other one is sent to reach Spain and Portugal we still ask for the Division of South American Terrain or we'll occupy free terrain.
  • American Union: President Rober Kennedy wins a second term in the elections. This is probably due to being a victorious wartime president. The new base in Gibraltar is fortified and scouts are sent out to make contact with the natives. The colony in Uruguay is set up as a free trading zone for all members of the American continental organisation with AU security. Meanwhile a penal colony is set up in AU Greenland for captured red hand members due to nowhere for them to escape to. The tests on the new battleships are successful and they are put into use immediately.
  • NOE: Work on the economy continues.


  • Chile begins war against the CSA as most of its allies are at war with it. (ALL ACO MEMBERS GO HERE AT THE WAR ROOM) The military can finally be put to the test for the first time. They continue economical and territorial expansion.
    • American Union Dip: Thanks but we have already defeated the CSA and divided up the territory.
  • Ohio expands its influence farther into Europe and sets up a small colony in Brittany. Radio towers continue to be built. Work is almost complete on the TransRailway.
  • Where is everybody, it's like this games has died?
  • Well, maybe not died but, on the brink of death, As there's no mod to avoid overexpansionism or change the map, Dean Invaded all Persia and Arabia in five rounds, I change the map to my level of expansion and Cascadia and Texas are not responsive
  • Iceland accepts the American offer (because that's what they meant). Iceland gives the Americans two bases: one on the island of Surtsey, and one just northeast of OTL Breiddalsvik. (The second base will be given in exchange for a base on Belle Isle, OTL Newfoundland and Labrador).
  • NOE: Work on the economy continues. PLans to expand more will go into effect next year.
  • American Union: The economy continues to grow. The Lincoln tanks are upgraded with better armour. Work begins on a smaller, portable version of the radio towerd for military use.
  • Central American Empire: Due to the lack of response by the other Nations of South America Troops Move Towards Brazilian Amazony and Occupy northern old Brazilian terrain, a ten ship fleet travels, to western africa
  • Indochina: The Indochinese expand their territory through Burma and southern China. The Indochinese continue their work restoring Pre-Pulse infrastructure.


  • Brazil: Investigation in advanced weaponry is made, new vehicles are manufactured and the expansion continues.
  • Indochina: The Indochinese expand their territory through Burma and southern China. The Indochinese continue their work restoring Pre-Pulse infrastructure.
  • New Ottoman Empire. Work on the economy is done, and it is now running smoothly. Ottoman troops invade the nation that's in Egypt and Arabia (the same nation)) and begin to take ground.
  • American Union: Work on economy continues. Preparation begins for sending a ship to explore the Mediterranean. Funding is given to weapons developers in order to keep up and overtake the other countries in technology.
    • Icelandic diplomacy: Do you accept our offer?
    • American Union: What offer? If you mean the Terranea Alliance, then sorry but our policy is that sometimes defeating hostiles is the only way to end their threat. For example the CSA.
    • Icelandic Diplomacy: No, no ... we mean the trading and the army bases.
    • American Union: Oh, sure, I thought I had already agreed, sorry.
  • Cuba: Restores electricity in Cuba and the Hispaniola, working on Jamaica, it officially absorbs Puerto Rico, more system is set up, as Fidel Castro focuses on growing the quality of life in Cuba.
  • Central American Empire: Our army starts sending soldiers to Western Africa and invading western old Brazilian terrains the two ships sent to the Mediterranean Arriba and start Invading territories in Spain. A railroad is started to connect the major Provincial Capitals to the Capital Now set at New Tenochtitlan up to Caracas and Called Via Meridionalis.
  • Chile: Begins the production of advanced weaponry, consumer goods, airplanes, and new vehicles. Territorial and economical expansion continues. They condemn the Ottomans as aggressors (AND HOW DID THEY EXPAND FASTER THAN WE DID?!)
  • They expand that fast by changing the map every turn due to the lack of mods and while I try to point it out to Courageous no one listens to me. He conquered too much land in such a little time
  • Iceland: Tries hard to incorporate Greenlandic culture into Icelandic culture to ease the tensions of the conquered. Iceland also creates an international organization to attempt to establish peace in the world.
  • Hindu Empire: HE Chennai and HE Dhaka ships have been built to spy on the Ottoman Empire to see what their plans are. While the ships are in Ottoman territory, the army has expanded north-west corner to try to block the Ottoman Empire from the west. New plans have also been announced to try to connect Sri Lanka to India.

Is this game dead?

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