To avoid clogging up the home page, I'm creating a negotiation page. NATO summits will be held here, as will further negotiations.

NATO Summits

Regarding the Alien Presence in the Solar System

  • France: France recommends a joint mission with the Warsaw pact to Mars because it appears we are not alone in the galaxy.
  • US: They're as likely to spark an incident with the 'Aliens' as they are with us! These Aliens are above our heads, trying to accomplish God-knows-what! We need to send them a mesage that we are off limits.
  • France: But how? We don't speak their language, and if they knew how to communicate properly with us they would have already, wouldn't they?
  • US: Actually, they have attempted to communicate. We just can't decipher their language. We need to decide a course of action. Are we going to:
  1. Allow this to go unchecked
  2. Attempt to create a sign of peace
  3. Attempt to ask them to leave
  4. Retaliate with force
  • France: I vote for number 2.
  • Canada: Agrees to 2 even though it is not a permanent member.


Australia: Currently, aliens are threatening Our very existence and soverignity. we must do something. we can not surrender to them, and we can not sit here and do nothing.

Canada: We will help you in any form necessary.

China: We agree wholeheartedly.

Regenetech Empire: Remain calm. We will help you and Earthians in your greatest times of need. We will help you in any form or shape.

Soviet Union: The Soviet Union refuses to back down to anyone. We will help. Just assure us that your race will then not try to take over us.

Regenetech: Never. Our men stand for you and your men.

France: We are wary of other extraterrestials, but any offer of protection will be accepted - we know.

Regenetech: We will help you too and Zahntim troops will be sent to help clean up Paris and Marseilles. Don't worry, we would never intentionally harm any Earthian nations.





USSR: We mourn the loss of life that occurred, and we would like to help you rebuild those cities. If you conclude that the action came from a Communist nation, we will severely rebuff them for their actions.

France: France appreciates the loyalty of the people of the USSR. In light of recent support shown for our nation during current events, France would like to offer the USSR the first Democratic-Communist alliance.

Israel: Israel sends its condolences, and offers to help rebuild those cities, and the perpetrator behind the attack is now consider an enemy of Israel.

France: After an appropriate period of mourning, France will most likely accept these offers and then set out to find the attacker. The people of France thank the USSR and Israel greatly.

Canada: Poor Frenchies. Millions of Canadians and Quebecois mourn this. We're fixing up the obliterated Eiffel Tower for you lot as a token of friendship and we're trying to find the perpetrators. We'll come and help blow 'em up too. (Not literally, of course.)

West Germany


Other nations, despite our differences, we are all Human. If it turns out that there are in fact Aliens out there, then we must work together to maintain our independence. We call on all nations to work together to land on the Moon within a few years to show any Aliens that we are capable of great things.

US: If we inform you of these incidents, you must promise to not start an incident without consulting Warsaw AND NATO.


We were told that we must go to the UN to ask to make a moon base. Well, here we are. We wish to make a base on the moon for three main reasons:

  1. Research. Having a base on the Moon will help us in making future bases on other planets, moons, and eventually asteriods.
  2. Resources. The Moon has a large amount of Heluim that can be used for power with research. It can provide clean energy and large amounts of it.
  3. Sightings. More and more sightings of aliens have happened, and a base on the Moon will allow us to get a better view of the Solar System and finally solve the problem of Aliens.

You will need the permission of China, the USSR, the USA, the UK, and France.

China: China wants to know if everyone will have access to this.

Japan: Everyone except for nations that are at war with us, or currently working on somthing they shouldn't be working on (i.e nuclear bomb). There will be a limit on the number of people allowed, due to concerns of a lack of resources, but that number will get higher and higher as the base is made larger and better.



Other Nations, please tell us something. we have no idea what is going on, and have no way to study it, because we have no space program.


We of Canada propose (as many have) that mankind unites and goes out into the galaxy. We should make peace with them, although we can not give them land.


Israel would like to chase these UFO's into the Arab nations, but I don't want to start an war, could I get permission from the US and USSR to do so.

The USSR will support you, and perhaps we can launch joint missions into space.


Space Programs

(Not too sure if this should be here.)

Currently, Canada, South Africa, and Australia are working togehter. Canada has the Apollo and Bellona Projects. Apollo is for the Moon. Apollo 1 and 2 were launched already. Apollo 3 will be launched and land men on the Moon. Current astronauts for Apollo 3 are Mark Griffin Holt (Canada), James Henry (South Africa), Steven Collins (Australia), and Neil Armstrong, an astronaut who was with NASA and left NASA's Ares for CSEA's Apollo. (Sorry, America! Buzz Aldrin can land on Mars!) Holt was launched on Apollo 1. He noted several clusters of dots around Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.

Canada also has the Astros Rocket Program, which takes parts of the Explorer-Discovery space station into lunar orbit. Astros I and Astros II were launched already, taking four parts into space. Astros III and Astros IV were sent to South Africa. They will launch Astros III but take Astros IV apart so they can reverse-engineer the Astros IV. Blueprints for Astros V were sent to Australia for launch and engineering. Astros V and Apollo 3 will launch together soon.

Australia:australia was planning to work directly with South Africa. we have no space program, and could never construct and launch a spacecraft in time.

Canada: That's why us three nations were doing together. Australian and South African me were on Apollo 5 and Bellona 1.

USSR: The USSR would be willing to work with other nations, but first we must reduce tension in Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and East Asia. Personally we need to solve our dispute with Japan before we can establish a permanant alliance.

Brazil: Brazil is also willing to work with others for the greater good.