This map game starts 2.3 Million Years Ago

Blank world map

Starting map

Before 100,000 years ago, each turn is 10,000 years, after 100,000 years ago each turn is 1000 years.

Once a species goes extinct, it's out of the game. Period.

Feel free to make up species!!

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Human Evolution 1st Archive (Map Game)


  • The Ice age continues, but it won't last for much longer.
  • It is written by a Covenant that priest that if another Ice age were to happen soon, then the apocalypse will also happen where birds will devolve into flying raptors that breathe fire.

Considering this is an implausibility, and just a belief (but it will, ooooo, it will happen) another Ice Age can't happen.


  • Global temperatures finally go above freezing. The Second Great Ice Age is finally over, and this time for good. It is unlikely that another will happen any time soon.
  • The Mobians start building a navy of their own. They arm them with the cannons they invented. They begin experimenting with iron plating the ships.
  • The Mobians start reinforcing their border defences with their cannons. Most Mobian soldiers stationed on the border walls and forts are armed with an improved model of the steam-powered crossbow.


  • The Covenant has survived this ice-age well, thanks to their well insulated underground hives. unfortunately, they have lost most of their advanced technology, but their alliance has now been deeply ingrained into their racial memory, and has become symbiotic.
  • The Mobians develop plans for a hand-cannon to replace the steam-powered crossbows of the army. They have a basic design down, but it is still to primitive to be practical.


  • Evolutionmap2.6

The Rhordan Empire breaks away from the Covenant, having lost most of its advanced technology. A Rhordan geographer creates the first accurate map of OTL Africa, named Main Rhordia. Rhordan scientists also experiment with primitive gunpowder.

I believe this is plausible.

  • The Southern Poxians, being greatly skilled farmers, develop a primitive crop rotation, this allows them to grow more food and their population rises.
  • Northern Poxians appear on the North American continent due to the land bridges formed by the last ice age, the covenant having to live underground during the ice age has allowed the North American Poxian population to grow greatly.
  • N. Poxians split into main cultural groups.


  • wrong map
  • Columbi drive the N. Poxians off the N. American cont. They appeal to the Alliance, of which both races are part of, and secure their borders. All the technology lost in the Ice age is recovered, and a powered glider is flown from Vancouver Island to OTL Salem.
  • Columbi and Sasquatch break away from the Covenant. Jehovan religion becomes dominant in the Sasquatch lands.
  • A second eruption of Yellowstone covers much of the Sasquatch lands in ash.
  • The Mobian scientists finally develop the hand-cannon after many generations of failures. The design will be constantly reviewed and tweaked to improve its efficiency.


  • The Emperor of Rhorhania, Cicil the Great, builds the world's first known college, called The College of Science and the Stars Learning (Astronomy).
  • A series of fortresses are built along the coastline of the Columbi to prevent any other incursions by the Poxians. Also, an Alliance deal was brokered, fixing the borders of the members. Any attack on any nation would cause all in the Alliance to declare war on the aggressor.
  • Since the Mobians started funding the South Poxian nation of Dindai, the South Poxians have been interbreeding with the local Mobians. Now the residents of the nation are pretty much 100% Mobian. The now-Mobian nation of Dindai votes to have their territory absorbed by the Mobian Empire.


  • All of the nations of the Alliance agree to share economic and scientific progress.
  • Members of all the Alliance military gather to create a peacekeeping force to enforce Alliance law.


  • A Rhoran doctor discovers that diseases and infections are transmitted by bacteria, and not by horrible smelling air. He theorizes that if people wash their hands and sneeze in their arms instead of sneezing on others, this will help prevent infection. Rhordanian Emperor Cicil the Great makes these rules health guidelines.


  • Columbi set up larger cities on the surface. A Columbi theologian/scientist, thinking that he could become closer to Jehovah by sending himself into space, launches himself up in an airtight rocket. He reaches LEO, but falls back to Earth in a devastating crash. While he died, many Columbi scientists become interested in replicating this.
  • Columbi send an orbiting capsule into HEO, carrying two Columbi and a Fedeledi. They manage to take images of Earth.
  • The Alliance Council convenes on the subject, and design the ASO (Alliance Space Station didn't work for obvious reasons) or Alliance Space Orbiter. It is launched ten years later, and has three Fedeledi, two Columbi, two Poxians of both races, and a Fudalus.


  • Some elements are discovered by the Fedeledi. An early periodic table is made, with it having Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Berylium, Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen on it.
  • A Rhordan scientist develops the first Rhordan space capsule, which is pretty primitive. On Earth, industries are also expanded and the first working steam engine invented. Scientists also develop the first car.
  • A new species appears in East Africa; Called Agori, they average four feet tall.
  • The Columbi occupy OTL Newfoundland.



  • Columbi protest the unlawful seizing of their ancestral lands by the N. Poxians, and in an Alliance court they are forced to return it to the Columbi. The Columbi also un-occupy Newfoundland.
  • Agori are also welcomed into the Alliance with open arms. However, they have no official land.



New map.

  • The Rhordan Empire solidifies on the map.


  • Cicil the Great of Rhodania begins a persecution of the Argori within his lands. Many Argori are arrested or killed, their houses and farms are trashed, and they are not allowed to attend Rhodanian schools.
  • Mobian traders get word of the Argori persecution in Rhodonia. This guarantees the Rhodonian ruler Cicil a place in the Mobian history books. Not as Cicil the "Great", but Cicil the Terrible.


  • The south Poxian cultures blossom into nations and the "goo engine" is perfected and the first powered aircraft is flown by a South Poxian. The Akadian Caliphate offers refuge to Agori who are willing to convert to their faith.

Spelling fix.


  • The Agori are given a land between the Fedeledi Duchy and the Rhordan Empire.
  • The Poeladi and Agori nations finish their integration into the Alliance, which claims to be a successor to the Covenant.



  • A Rhrodan scientist creates the a primitive gun-powder weapon. Rhordania is careful not to share it with anybody, and keeps it a state secret. The Rhordans don't know it, but the design that is so "revolutionary" in Rhordania is over a hundred thousand years outdated in the Mobian Empire.
  • Three nations appear out of Fudalus; The largest and most powerful is the Fudalian Grand Republic, the second not-so-strong but still second best navy in the world is the Fudalian Imperial Order, the third is formed from many tribal leaders to the south named Democratic Fudalus Alliance. All three remain peaceful but take different cultural roots.
  • Fudalian Grand Republic becomes more like OTL Rome Republic only with a miss mash of Incan, Roman and Egyptian design.
  • Fudalian Imperial Order becomes more like a mix of Imperial Japan and US; since that you have freedoms, but the government is still all powerful.
  • Democratic Fudalus Alliance share's more with the Fudalian Grand republic, but instead has a government system set up that is more like a confederation of democratically elected leaders and its culture also takes from OTL Persians.



  • Cicil the Great of Rhodiana introduces the world's first organized tax code. He also introduces the first Rhodanian legal code and the first military code. These prove extremely successful.
  • North Poxian and Poeladian countries spring up.
  • There is a dispute between the Fuduliun Imperial Order and the other Fudulan states. This results with the Imperial Order completely severing its ties with the other Fudulan states.
  • The Dindai states of Din-dio and Akad, whose population are now almost completely Mobian, vote to be annexed by the Mobian Empire.


  • Rhodania has spent thousands of year improving its technology. A water-powered engine had been introduced, as well more efficient crop rotation methods (similar to OTL'S Dutch crop rotation system) and the world's first radio. Finally, a scientist developed the world's first space probe. Most of these inventions and innovations go straight to the Mobians, thanks to the efforts of master spies.
  • The Mobians use these technologies, and its native discoveries, to modernize their Empire. This is the start of a Golden Age for the Mobians. The roads are the best they have been ever, the cities are the cleanest they have been ever, and the Mobian economy has never been stronger in the many years since the Empire was reformed after the Second Great Ice Age.


  • The extremely advanced Medinese military attacks and easily takes Biten.
  • The Navgorien Empire seizes Bardia, Medina and Navgoria ally themselves with Polani. They become the Triple Alliance.
  • The Navgorien Empire and Juno-Bodania initiate a two-pronged attack on Sarnatia and swiftly defeat them, Sarnatia is left with a meager amount of their original territory.


  • Most western Poeladi nations, deeply Fedeledi, are absorbed by the Fedeledi Duchy.
  • The Rhordans become partial members of the alliance and give their technologies to the Alliance.

"Someone please make a map reflecting this"


  • Cicil the Great realizes his mistake for joining the Alliance. He reduces half-membership to observance and he stops giving Rhordinian technology to the Alliance.


  • Because of Rhordinia leaving for the second time, thousands of captured and specially bred Rhordans are posed as spies without knowledge of one another so that they couldn't betray themselves. This are to be refreshed and would stay operational for hundreds of thousands of years consecutively.
  • The Ally life average is brought up to a record, 100 years, thank to advanced technology.


  • The Emperor of Rhordinia learns about the specially bred Rhordan spies. He begins a campaign to root them out.


  • Fedeledi/Poeladian troops from Polani with Navgorien and Medinese support annex the Balkans and parts of north Europe.
  • Alaks emigrate to the arctic islands of North America and soon become the main species, they are peaceful, however.


  • A prototype fire-bomb is developed in Rhodania. It is almost similar to OTL's Atomic Bomb, but it can destroy entire cities.
  • an unknown terrorist cell detonates it in the capital city just before officers where about to arrest him. none of the government or civilian's escape the city. It is later found out that the terrorist cell where Covenant supporters and did not like the fact that they keep changing alliances.
  • Rhodan Empire is left in chaos as general vie for power.
  • The Fedeledi use this chaos as an opportunity to attack the Rhorans, they make massive gains.


  • Evolutionmap3.4

The ancestor of Cicil the Great won the civil wars and restored the Empire, being crowned Emperor. He rooted out all opposition, created a loyal civil service, strengthened the military, and built more fire-bombs. Rhordian spies take 13 fire-bombs into Alliance (Covenant) territory and plan to detonate them in all the major cities. The new Emperor also re-took the lost territory from the Fedeledi and made peace with them.

  • The carriages transporting the firebombs are stopped on the Chakland border and captured. Upon the Alliance discovering that the Rhorans planned to bomb them they all amass a massive force to crush the evil Rhorans, the Rhoran territories on the Arabian peninsula declare independence as they were very close with Chakland.


  • Rhordania makes peace with the Covenant and recognizes the loss of Rhordian Arabia. The Covenant agrees to peace but sends some soldiers into Rhoran land to stabilize the area, they put in a democratic government. Firebombs are banned.


  • Map for antartica

    Map of new Extorian Empire.

A new species called the Extorian (who look just like OTL Humans, but have an average life-span of 140 years) arise in Antarctica, which, unlike OTL, is habitable and similar to OTL France in modern times. Antarctica had not suffered the Second Great Ice Age, while the Great Heat Strokes had made Antarctica habitable. By this time, the sun's light and heat is spread evenly across the planet. The Trans-Antarctic mountains look just like the Andes mountains, while the Antarctica "tundras" actually look like European plains. The average temperature is 54 degrees in winter and 76 degrees in summer, as well as 63 degrees in spring. They span the entire continent within the next thousand years. Soon, the chief of all the Extorian tribes, Uese the Great forms the Extorian Empire.

  • A N. Poxian slave ship on route to deliver slaves to the Formians, gets lost and finds itself stranded on Antarctica. The Poxians, unable to sail home after the wreck settle the land and soon come into contact with the Extorians, who they show the Poxian "goo engine" too. Thanks to this the Extorians advance fairly quickly and a sizable population of N. Poxians integrate into the north-eastern lands of the Extorians.


  • Emperor Uese I the Great initiates a package of reforms to modernize Extoria. These reforms are meant to make the country a powerful force to be reckoned with:

Military Reforms: N. Poxian technology is introduced into the Extorian forces. A reserve system is established, the first Military Code introduced, and comfortable uniforms given to all soldiers. The Extorian Navy also comes into existence, at start consisting of 56 warships and three major galleys. By the time Uese is done, Extoria has an army of 110,000 soldiers and a reserve of 400,000, all with modern equipment and technology.

Economic Reforms: Uese I encouraged internal trade, built the Trans-Antarctic Road, and issued the first Merchant Codes. Uese I also introduced Extoria's first proper tax code and he introduced a Code on Industry as well. Water-powered factories, producing foodstuffs, textiles, and some primitive metal equipment are established.

Political Reforms: The Council of Advisors is created to advise the Emperor and run the government day-to-day. The Council also is to serve as a high court of justice and a legislative reviewing board. Uese also introduced the Extorian Civil Service, the world's best.

Educational and Agricultural Reforms: The Extorian three-crop rotation system is introduced. Uese I also made slavery illegal, calling it a "dishonorable and inhumane use of labor". Uese introduced N. Poxian farming technology onto all Extorian farms, and he issued the world's first land code. Uese also introduced elementary education for both girls and boys, established the University of Extoria, and encouraged college education.

  • All these reforms are extremely successful, and turn Extoria into a modern power.


  • Extoria is welcomed into the Alliance (which is now composed of every sentient species on Earth, and functions sort of like the UN), whom Uese the Great accepts, and they exchange technology. By now, globalization is so widespread that technology and tools are more-or-less the same throughout the world. Languages also become intermingled, with Columbi writing, using all 28 sounds emitted by all the species, becomes the standard language of trade, as well as science. However, Fedeledi and Poxian are the main day-to-day languages of most people.
  • The Confederation of the Columbi remove all financial regulations on companies (except for flat taxes and anti trust laws), so businesses boom. A flat tax rate is established for citizens, and all other taxes struck down. Welfare programs are closed to save money, and slightly more money is spent on the military. Slavery is outlawed, and rights include complete freedom of speech, religion, press, etc. All forms of weapons are legalized, and within ten years almost all the men are members of their city militia, and, because of the freedom of weapons law, they are often better-armed than the actual military. However, they are completely loyal. Observation satellites are in common use by all nations now for intel and science, and there are a total of 13 space stations in orbit. An Extorian colony (app. 200 people) lands on moon.
  • An international Fudalian/Columbi corporation begins to publish The Globe a weekly paper printed in every language and published in every major city.


  • Uese I of Extoria reorganizes the Extorian tax-collecting system, imposing more in-direct taxes then direct ones. In-direct taxes make twice the revenue as do direct taxes. Uese I also allows freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech, and he imposes anti-trust laws similar to those in the Confederation of the Columbi. Uese also expands the navy, now consisting of 160 modern warships (similar to OTL cruisers and destroyers) and 31 large modern galleys (similar to OTL carriers).
  • Columbi reform their military, with a Department of the Navy, Marines, Sky, Terra, and Subterra. Their navy now includes 33 flattops, 97 cruisers, 140 frigates, and 14 orbital kinetic strike satellites (able to take out a flattop in 2-3 hits). Frigates are small escort warships, and cruisers are everything from ballistic missile ships to AA coverage ships.


  • Uese I divides his Military into the Extorian Navy, the Extorian Army, and the Extorian Air Corps. He initiates a crash expansion of the navy, and pretty soon it has 450 warships, 150 frigates, 113 battleships, and 90 galleys. Uese also introduces general conscription, and he enlarges the reserve. Pretty soon, the regular army has 900,000 soldiers and the reserve, 760,000. Uese also enlarges the Air Corps, which soon has 160 bombers and 500 fighters.


  • The world's first long-range space probe is developed by Extorian scientists, and is launched at Saturn. The probe is successful and takes many pictures of Saturn, sending them back to Earth. After that, Uese the Great establishes the Extorian Space Exploration Agency, and funnels money into space exploration. A second Extorian colony is established on the moon, with a population of 500.

Columbi establish a mining colony on Mars (pop 5,000) and several corporations send mining expeditions to the asteroid belt. The CCNS Pillar of Liberty is launched, the first military spacecraft. It carries 150 crew and 100 Marines, and has four landing shuttles (sort of like OTL venture stars) 12 railguns, and two nuclear missile launchers.


  • Extoria establishes a mining colony on the far northern end of Mars, and also establishes a scientific outpost on Ceres, a dwarf planet within the asteroid belt. This year, a scientist named Houston Cochrane made up a theory of relativity, proposing that time and space are one and the same. The Cochrane family will eventually become the world's greatest scientists.
  • Columbi military begin to outsource some jobs (logistics, rear facilities, TO&E drafts, etc.) to various corporations. 4 more Pillar of Liberty ships are launched, and ferry colonists and scientists all around the system. A scientific establishment is set up on Europa, and the Columbi Confed. receives its first new member in over 100k years, South Mars, which covers the southern third of the planet.


  • A scientist, Zefram Cochrane, makes the greatest breakthrough in the history of space exploration. He invents the warp drive. Cochrane tests the drive on a small Pillar of Liberty spacecraft, the Phoenix, launched from Boris, Extoria. He breaks Warp One, becoming the first human ever to go to warp speed. Warp One allows a travel between the Earth and Moon in less then three minutes. Cochrane begins work on a Warp Two vessel, which will allow travel from Earth to Neptune in only one hour.
  • Jehovanism becomes the majority religion on Earth, and, because of colonisation of space by Fudalans and Columbi, over 70% in space. The Mobians still mostly practice their religion.
  • Zefram's son, Elexy, begins working for Anderson Industries, a Columbi space technology corporation.


  • Zefram Cochrane develops the first warp five vessel, allowing travel between Earth and the nearest star (Proxima Centauri) in only thirty minutes. Soon, the Extorians and Columbi adopt the warp drive to their vessels, and colonies are established a light year away from Earth. Cochrane's son, Elexy Cochrane, also invents the world's first sub-space communicator. Ships of all races begin to colonize Tau Ceti, which has two Mars-like planets. Mars itself is completely terraformed, thanks to the invention of terraforming technology by Dr. Alexandra Cochrane, Zefram Cochrane's younger daughter.


  • Dr. Peter Cartwright, working with Dr. Zefram Cochrane, Dr. Alexandra Cochrane, and Dr. Elexy Cochrane, invents the warp ten engine, which allows travel of one hundred light years in only one hour. This means an entire quadrant can be explored. Extoria immediately puts the Warp Ten engine into mass-production and use.


  • Zefram Cochrane opens the Warp History Complex, a museum displaying the history of the warp drive and also space exploration. He coins the phrase "this engine will allow boldly go where no man has gone before," which becomes a famous quote. Shortly after, he suffers a heart attack and dies, being buried with great honor at the Complex.


  • The first warp-twelve capable ship, the USS Enterprise, is launched by the Extorian space agency. The ship is NX class, more capable then Pillars of Liberty class. It is commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer. It only discovers 5 small star systems, and is not very well known, except in Extoria. That title is reserved for USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), in the future, which becomes the most famous ship in history.
  • As structural stress limited Pillars of Liberty to class 7, the Columbi Navy develops the Wheel of Time class cruiser. This is only Warp Ten, but can go much faster. It is 4.7 km long, and resembles a large, long mercurial ovoid with the drive located at the rear within a Wheel of Ezekiel. Many other classes of smaller ships have developed, and have colonized every habitible planet within 80 light-years.


Dr. Elexey Cochrane, working with his sister Dr. Alexandra Cochrane, develop the warp nineteen drive, which could allow travel of 800 light years in two-hours. This is a major breakthrough. Extoria and all the members of the Alliance except Mobia and Columbi create the United Earth Space Probe Agency, and colonize several hundred worlds.

The Daedelus class is introduced by Extorian scientists, with a high warp speed of nineteen, and a normal cruising speed of ten.

Columbi improve the Wheel of Time class to warp 21, and almost completely colonize the Sagittarius arm. They stumble on another race,the Vri'shii, an aquatic insect species that has colonized the outwardmost tip of Sagittarius. They discover that, at the same exact time that in the Jehovan religion Jehovah's son Emmanuel supposedly came to Earth, the main religion of the Vri'shii also had a similar occurrence. Both races convert to Jehovanism en masse. They offer an alliance, and they accept. They, along with the Mobians, create the Free Confederation, and send probes to an undiscovered object emitting massive amounts of infrared radiation. They also develop sub-sleep, which enables its users to sleep while having their minds interact with a ship or other network device seamlessly. Most FC ships have their control stations converted into sub-sleep beds, which enables FC pilots to become the best (at the moment) in the known galaxy.


Warp 21 engines are installed aboard United Earth Space Probe Agency ships, and they contact the Hesini, an alien species who look similar to Extorians, but have dark eye-brows, two hearts, pointed ears, and nine brains. The United Earth Space Probe Agency and the Columbi-Mobian Free Confederation form the Universal Space Probe Agency, combining their ships and technology into one fleet. Also this year, Dr. Alexandra Cochrane discovers that there is a highly aggressive species in the northern quadrant of the Milky Way, and advises cautious expansion. Her advise is ignored.


Probes reach the the unidentified object in the north Milky Way. It turns out to be a trap, and the probe is annihilated by nuclear missiles. Reports come in of large movements of unidentified ships through border systems.


Dr. Alexandra Cochrane, working with brother Dr. Elexy Cochrane and Dr. Lawrence Mavrick (a important naval designer who worked for both the Extorians and Columbi, and who had designed the Wheel of Time ships), begin plans for a new class of ship, more advanced then anything before it. They plan the ship to have new lasers, a new strong weapon using laser technology, as well warp twenty-nine engines and impulse engines, which allow travels at sub-light speed, that would take 5 days to go between Earth and the Moon. They name it Constitution-class.


Tensions between the Poxian nations had been growing for a while, when the Navgorien Emperor's heir was assassinated in the Tsardom of Balkia the Navgorien Empire declares war on them. The Navgorien Empire's allies, Polani, Medina, Dasdun, Juno-Bordania and the Coffu Dynasty are allied through a complex net working of treaties and alliances, on the other side are Balkia, Shakland, Chakland and Din-Dio. The Fedeldi Duchy, if it wished to join would join on the Navgorien side, If the Mobians joined they would be on Din-Dio's side and Rhordan would ally itself on Chakland's side, Fudalan territories would also join the Mobian's side. However, the three Fudalan territories may have other motivations to join Navgorien's side.

The Great War is about to begin.



The Extorian Empire puts it troops on alert, and discovers the ancient technology of fire-bombs, which can destroy entire cities. They improve on it and create nuclear bombs, which can destroy two cities at a time. They build more then 50,000 of them.

The Navgorien Alliance just seems too overwhelming for the allies to handle, The advanced Medinese military along with the great number of Navgorien, Fedeledi and Polani men swiftly crush Balkia on three fronts. In the beginning the Mobians and Din-Dio were winning but when new fronts are opened by Medina, Juno-Bordania and the Coffu Dynasty their forces become spred too thin and they lose large swaths of territory, the Navgorien Alliance declares victory and closes the war. The victorious countries Join together to form the Pan-Eurasian Treaty Organization (PETO).



Plans on the Constitution-class are completed (which looks similar to the Star Trek Constitution class but has different modifications), and a prototype Constitution-class ship, the USS Constitution NCC-1700 is launched by the Universal Space Probe Agency. The ship succeeds in its shakedown cruises and another, but eventually, more famous, Constitution-class ship is commissioned: designated NCC-1701.

The Coffu Dynasty annexes Sarnatia.

The Majority population of N. Poxians on the northern Islands of OTL Canada declare independence and live is a traditional, Inuit-like way.


The greatest Fedeledi ship, the FSS Fedeledi, was completed. The Fedeledi, scared of the start of a new war, try to intervene for peace. The Dux of the Fedelede Duchy, Dux Fulpet the Fair, says: "A world war would only destroy us and our descendants. Please let's stop and put an end to this conflict."

  • Fedeledi discover that the racial mood can affect the movement of planets and satellites, and theories are spread saying that: 'If there's a war, not only the Nuclear Bombs and Fire Bombs would destroy us. The world would be in such a mood that the Moon would fall over us, causing the world to be rendered uninhabitable' Extorians (who practice a religion similar to OTL Christanity) call this "full paganism" and reject the ideal. Jehovanists in Fudalus pass a ban on all works of literature that put this veiw in a positive light. Many others, especially Columbi and Sasquatches, call it irredeemible heresy.


Construction on NCC-1701 begins at the Extorian Shipyards in Habersint, Extoria. Dr. Lawerence Mavrick is named supervisor of the assembly of naval components, while Captain Robert April of the Universal Space Probe Agency, is assigned supervision of the project. Many of the future ship's components have been built and assembled by the end of the year.

  • Medina soon evolves into one of the worlds Premier countries advanced in science, education, manufacturing and especially military equipment. Medinese military equipment soon becomes known as the best in the world.
  • Many Columbi, Extorian, Fudalian, and Sasquatch companies pull out their personnel and liquidate much of their capital and holdings over Fedeledi beliefs.
  • Columbi begin to sell armaments and equipment at huge discounts to all the powers opposed to the Fedeledi. Several raids are made by Fedeledi colonists on Columbi shipping throughout the galaxy.


The ship designated NCC-1701, still being built, was given to Captain April, and ordered to rescue the crew of the SS Medina from one of those "unknown alien spaceships". April, with the help of George Kirk Sr, Commander, successfully rescues the Medina but NCC-1701's escort ship, the USS Constitution NCC-1700, the actively-serving prototype of the Constitution-class, is severely damaged in the process. April names NCC-1701 this: USS Enterprise NCC-1701, believing the ship is destined for a life of adventure and risk.

The Human names is because the Extorians speak Extorian, which is exactly like today's English, but has several more constant sounds

  • Most Poxian Countries reject the beliefs as sentimental environmentalist talk spurred on by hippies, Akadia, however, believes this and calls for a ban on ALL biological weapons, chemical weapons and other WMD's. This makes Medina furious.
  • Medina launches her first space coloniser from the capital city of Havsden, this model will become the standard space coloniser for future generations. Medinese interest is directed to deep space exploration and asteroid mining.
  • The Lateralus class dreadnoughts are introduced by the Columbi. They have several officers that served on the Medina as part of the design team. They are specifically designed to counter the types of unknown alien vessels that attacked the Medina.



The Enterprise at launch.

Construction on the USS Enterprise is finally completed. On July 4, 1.180 MY, the Enterprise is launched from Extorian Shipyards by Emperor Uese the Great, in a ceremony attended by Jonathan Archer, commander of the NX-class USS Enteprise centuries earlier, as well Dr. Alexandra Cochrane, Dr. Ekexy Cochrane, Dr. Lawerence Mavrick, and Dr. Di'zi Leadelus, the man who helped create several Columbi ships. The Enterprise will eventually become the most famous ship in history.

A sub-sleeper ship is designed, carrying 1200 Columbi to the Andromeda galaxy in 2200 years at Warp 34.

Several obsolete Wheel of Time class ships are provided to Medina by the Columbi to foster their development as a potential ally.


A Medinese deep space explorer discovers a solar system much like ours past a distant star, it would still be a while before people could be sent there though as it is extraordinarily far away. It is seen to have a single sun, three planets that possibly could contain life and many rocky, dead planets and three gas giants.


  • The Fedeledi class war-ship, the Agustiniana class city-ship (in which all Fedeledi cities are attacked) and the Florenzei class colony-ship are introduced by the Fedeledi.
  • With the new ships, a permanent base is built on the Moon to be transferred to Venus as soon as Venus is inhabitable. Fedeledi prepare for any alarm, in which case they would take their colonyships, cityships and warships, with their cities, culture and population and would be sent to a safe planet.
  • Terraformation attempts start at Venus.
  • Two possibly habitable star systems are found.

The Enterprise attempts to deliver food and supplies to a colony named Rhodus IV, managed by the Rhordans, that suffered a severe food famine, but they are halted by a beings named the Zumi, who attack the Enterprise. The Enterprise destroys the Zumi ship, but by the time it arrives to Rhodus IV, all the colonists have been slaughtered by Koden the Executioner, the governor of the colony who believed that there was enough food only for himself. Koden is captured by the Enterprise and brought back to Earth for crimes against Rhordans and Extorians, but he escapes and goes into exile on a sub-sleeper ship.

It is not Star Trek. It is adopted to fit this timeline!!!


Columbi re-establish relations with the Fedeledi, and trade blossoms.


A crazed Fedeledi, named Khisoth steals a Fedeledi class warship with his followers and assaults the Enterprise, damaging the ship's warp nacelles heavily, but Enterprise is able to fire two torpedoes at Khisoth's Fedeledi ship and destroy it.

The Enterprise is assigned to its first mission of exploration.

  • The Medinese military scientists create the Nazca class space destroyer, these ships become very popular because of their relatively cheap cost, durability and firepower.


Columbi put in place a GDN (global defense network) over all of Earth and several of their larger colonies. This includes protection from ICBMs, Kinetic Strike, and most SLND's (space-launched nuclear devices). They develop a so-called "longevity soup", which is a greyish goo that is actually millions of nanobots that repair bodily organs. This increases lifespan to app. 900 years for Columbi (about 1200 if regularly using sub-sleep).


Enterprise undergoes a weapons and durablity upgrade, supervised by Medinan and Columbi scientists, to match the power of the Nazca class. The ship has new nuclear missile launchers installed, as well new plasma torpedo (a advanced plasma charged weapon) banks and a stronger hull. Enterprise then continues its first mission of exploration, and discovers more then 500 new solar systems, including the Aturus system, which has 3 Earth-like planets. Extoria immediately sends colonists.

Columbi send out their own independent explorer ship, the Parabola. It is modeled after the Wheel of Time

A joint fleet of 5 Medinese and Navgorien Nazca-class ships transport colonists and a small detachment of soldiers, should these planets hold hostiles.


Enterprise returns from its first successful mission of deep space exploration. The ship had discovered over 600 new solar systems, all of them claimed by the Universal Space Probe Agency, as well settled. Captain April is promoted to admiral for his successful captainship, and Captain Christopher Pike, Captain of the Columbi ship Nordstadt, becomes Captain of Enterprise. Enterprise then embarks on the second mission of exploration.


  • The Fedeledi peoples send self-sustainable colony ship able to sustain itself for two million years to go to other stars and take the seed of research. Copies of every book and cultural object are sent to each to preserve the fedeledity in case of war.


The unknown species that dominate most of the galaxy destroy all the Fedeledi two million year exploration ships. Enterprise learns of this and reports to the Fedeledi, who are observers (military partners) of the Universal Space Probe Agency.

The Poxian ships make land and discover that the planet is inhabited by large insects, not unlike the Formians.


Enteprise encounters an unknown alien ship, which apparently is made of organic material. The alien ship disables the Enterprise by shooting some virus slime at it, but Dr. Philip Boyce, chief medical officer on the Enterprise, develops a cure for the virus slime, allowing the Enterprise crew to cure it and restore Enterprise systems. The Enterprise then destroys the alien ship before it can literally eat Enterprise.

Parabola destroys two unknown warships that opened fire on her, and discover that the violent species that has been in control of much of the galaxy are called the Chordia. They look a lot like a large octopus, and are about eight feet tall. The Chordia were the ones who attacked the Medina, destroyed the Fedeledi two-million year exploration ships, attacked Enterprise unsucessfully, and attacked unsuccessfully Parabola.


The Enterprise runs into a band of more then 40 Columbi pirate ships who attack a Fedeledi space-bace. Enterprise destroys them with great effort.

  • Meanwhile, the Chorda are discovered to design all their ships that can fire disgusting pieces of slime at ships that disable their computers.


Parabola is replaced by the Columbi with the 10,000 Days, named after the time Jehovah created the stars. It is equiped with the latest engines, and uses combat drones as its main armaments. The captain, Baldur Fredunssen, sets off to capture a Chordia planet to gain intel on them.


The 10,000 Stars, the sister ship to 10,000 Days, is destroyed by the smallest craft the Charada have: a mine-sweeper. Apparently, it means technology needs a lot more work. Also this year, the Enterprise foiled a Fedeledi plot to try to capture several key Columbi ships.


  • A Florenzei ship is attacked by a highly aggressive and parasitic race called the Alm'Asfa.
  • The Florenzei are improved by placing firebombs and nuclear bombs into them, plus a powerful laser.
  • Parts of Venus are semi-inhabitable for Fedeledi and for all Earthlings.


Enterprise encounters the Vensoians, a species with great power. They hurl the Enterprise deep into Chrada territory, and it will take the Enterprise some-time to get back to Earth.


  • The Mobians build their first space ships. These are similar in design to the Enterprise, but with a decidedly Chinese influence.


The Enterprise returns to Earth. It embarks on a third mission of exploration, and encounters the Rhsadians, species who can project illusions, as well several Charada ships and Fedeledi pirate ships. Enterprise also becomes the first ship to escape from a black hole on warp one hundred!


  • The Mobians send colony ships to an inhabitable star system that the Hu discovered.


Enterprise returns from its third mission. Captain Pike is promoted to rear admiral and assigned to command the USS Sarin, one of several colony ships to the Hu star system. Enterprise goes in space-dock for an upgrade and re-design, including a re-alignment of the ship deck plan, modifications to the color scheme, and upgraded photon torpedo technology. Cosmetic refinements to the engines were also made.


  • The Fedeledi send colonyships convoyed by hundreds of warships towards every inhabitable planet. The convoys are practically invincible, as the Florenzei warships are similar to the USS Enterprise in design.


Command of the Enterprise is given to Captain James T. Kurth, who is to become her most famous captain. During that year, he promoted Speck, a long-time Enterprise crewmember and science officer, to the rank of commander and appointed him first officer. Other people, including Lieutenant Commander Montogomery Scott, Lieutenant Nyoti Uhura (from Rhordania), Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu (from the Fudalus Imperial Order) and Ensign Pavel Chekovy (from OTL Russia) sign aboard, in the positions of chief engineer, communications officer, helmsman, and navigator respectively.

  • The Fedeledi sign an alliance with the Universal Space Probe Agency. The Earth is now closer to unification as a political entity. By now, the Space Probe Agency has beaten the Fedeledi to every inhabitable planet they can find.


  • On the nations that still remain, many integrationist movements for a World Union start. Fedeledi revolts are especially strong and soon the Fedeledi Duchy integrates into the USPA. United Earth is founded. Huge libertarian and nationalist setiments sweep the Columbi and Fudalus.

The Enterprise defeats a large being that tries to mouth Earth. Also this year, Enterprise encounters the galactic barrier, which leds to the death of nine crew-members, including Dr. Elisah-Lishe from Fedeledi. Dr. Leonard McCoy, an old friend of Captain Kurth, signs aboard Enterprise. Mobians, Sasquatch, Fudalus, and Columbi all vote not to join United Earth, but they do remain part of the Universal Space Probe Agency.

10,000 Days is replaced by the Undertow which has three separate Warp 150 engines, and the most advanced war drones, railguns, and newly-developed cloaking devices. It is twice as powerful as the Enterprise, and has several Vri'shii crew members. All crew positions use sub-sleep beds, enabling it to have flawless handling, and can use the crews' very consciousness as a core processor.

The Enterprise begins to show its age. Weapons and even life-support systems fail to operate. The elevator system is almost completely non-cooperative. To counter this, updated weapons and life-support technology is installed, as well a new elevator system, but the ship remains basically unchanged.


The Enterprise encounters the Visgoth, beings who use magic and sorcecery to get their way. The Visgoth threaten to destroy Enterprise unless Captain Kurth finds a great magical globe. While Kurth finds the object, Speck discovers that lasers can kill Visgoth, despite their magic. Enterprise fires and destroys the Visgoth. An onboard Columbi scientist discovers the "magic" is just jury-rigged Chandria tech.

Meanwhile, 58 Constitution-class ships besides the Enterprise and Constitution have been built, launched, and put into service, such as the USS Hood, which discovered the Great Outer Nebula, or the USS Pompekin, which was thrung 20,000 years into the past.


Enterprise engaged in several historical missions this year, that made it the most famous ship in history:

  • Stopping Planet Killers: A doomsday device threatened to destroy Earth unless it was given 60 million Columbi and Extorians to eat. Enterprise encountered the device, and with help from the Underwith class starship USS Constellation, destroys it. Enterprise also destroyed a space blob that threatened to eat up Earth. It also defeated a sun-drainer that drained suns to feed its hunger for power.
  • Stopping hostile Enemies: Enterprise made first contact with more then 60 species, including the Second Federation, a government that used its ships to terrorise those it encountered, as well the Bosians, a species whose technology was years ahead of Earth's. Enterprise also destroyed several Charada, Visgoth, and Huese ships, all of which threatened to invade Earth.
  • Time Travels: The Enterprise was witnessing the break-up of the planet Viso II, but a mental disorder infected the crew. One crewmember shut down the ship's engines, and Enterprise was losing orbit. Lieutenant Commander Scott, the Enterprise's famous engineer, as well science and First Officer Commander Speck, peformed a cold start of the engines, saving the ship but sending it three days into the past. Enterprise used this proven method again when ordered by Admiral Pike (her former captain) to go back in time to witness the creation of Earth.
  • Many of the Earthlings start a project for an individual to be able to watch the past, out of a spaceship.


Enterprise set a nearly-unbreakable speed record when it reached warp one thousand! to escape the pull of a very powerful being. Enterprise also became the first ship in recorded history to zoom across the galaxy in only one minute! Of course, its hull was not designed for such pressure, but it survived.


Enterprise encounters a group of "supermen" who threaten to take over the ship. Kurth, with some assistance from Historian Lieutenant Marla McGivers, defeats the men, lead by Khai, and banish them to unknown space, inluding McGivers, who had helped Khai to take the ship over in the first place.


Undertow, the Columbi flagship, is stolen by the Husorg, a group of cyborg aliens who want to dominate Earth. Enterprise encounters them, and is effectively disabled, due to Undertow's superior technology. Kurth fools the Husorg into believing he is surrendering, luring them onto Enterprise and killing them. Undertow is then used to tow Enterprise to space-dock, where it is repaired and new phaser banks are installed. Enterprise is showing even more of how out-dated and worthless it is in technology, although it is a famous ship, and has been in service for 280,000 years. The Enterprise computers, although they are interactive, are slow, while weapons sometimes do not fire, the hull threatens to creak, and the bridge cannot control ship wide operations. Sometimes, communications and shields are non-responsive. So Enterprise is rushed to complete in what is believed by Kurth and his crew to be its final mission. A surprise awaits.


Enterprise finishes its mission by foiling a Charadia plot to take over the Columbi government, destroying a being who threatened to pull Earth into the sun, making first contact with a loving species, the Meshi, as well providing scientific colonies of USPA support. Following the return home, Enterprise is put into space-dock while the Space Probe Agency debate her fate. Captain Kurth is promoted to Rear Admiral, and made Commander of Space Agency Operations, while Speck is promoted to Captain and assigned command of Agency Science. Lieutenant Commander Montogomery Scott was promoted to the rank of Commander, while Ensign Pavel Chekovy was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.



The Enterprise after her massive repair and refit.

The Space Probe Agency decides that the Enterprise could be given a massive refit. The ship's warp nacelles are replaced with newer, larger, more modernized units. The engines and pylons are completely rebuilt. A new double probe/photon torpedo launcher, as well a new phaser bank, and a new quantum torpedo launcher, was installed. The hull was completely dis-assembled and almost completely replaced. The bridge was re-designed, with a second ship elevator being added, and new bridge terminals, except the main one (which was completely re-designed) being installed. The saucer section was slightly extended and completely re-aligned. The secondary hull was rebuilt as well. Enterprise, after its refit, was an almost completely new ship. It was commanded by Captain Willard Decker during the refit, supervised by Commander Scott. Enterprise then embarked on its next mission, once again with Kurth in command and Sulu as Helmsman, Uhura as Communications Officer, Chekovy as Security Officer, Speck as First Officer and Science Officer, McCoy as Chief Medical Officer, and Scott as Chief Engineer. Decker was killed when he saved Enterprise from being destroyed by a machine entity calling itself Fudlamen.

  • Hundreds of planets have been colonized by the Space Probe Agency, while some races such as the Fedeledi develop observation of time and a third eye that works as a telescope.


Enterprise saves the Earth from being swallowed by a massive Chandria mothship. The ship also becomes the first vessel in history to breach warp one million while escaping a super worm-hole combined with a black worm-hole.


  • The Earth and colonies join together into the Multi-Racial Galactic Empire. It already spans hundreds of planets.
  • Enterprise is given a stronger hull, and Fedeledi are introduced into its crew. Enterprise crew quarters can now hold 600, compared to 210 at the time it first entered 320,000 years ago. The Fedeledi Gornith becomes Enterprise Navigator.
  • The Space Probe Agency create a new battlecruiser design by the Columbi: the Faaip De Oiiyd (Columbi is a combination of OTL Welsh and Swedish, it means Protector of Freedom). These are built in the hundreds to combat the Chandria, and, like most Columbi warships, they use drones, railguns, and nukes as weapons. Many of the drones have their own warp engines, and there is a short-range teleporter in the center of the ship that can teleport nukes right into warships that are closer than 10 AUs.


Enterprise is the first vessel in history to be propelled into three galaxies at once, and come back again. It gains the ship everlasting fame, although it is already popular.


Teleporting technology is invented, that allows humans and other objects to be teleported from one point to another almost instanly. This technology is developed by Commander Montogomery Scott, who places it on Enterprise. The technology is extremely successful. Enterprise this year is also fitted with an inside railgun, near the engines.


The Fedeledi, almost reaching another plane of existance, are able to discover how to alter planetary moves. Accidentaly, on their plans, Mercury is propelled, and collides against the Sun. Io is also propelled, misses the Asteroid belt, Mars and Earth. It collides into Venus, fortunately not hitting the Fedeledi base there.


Enterprise runs into a woman by the name of Janice Mester, a respected Doctor who had mental problems. She used ancient technology to transfer her mind into the body of Captain Kurth's, his mind into her body. Dr. McCoy and Speck discovered this, and prevented Mester from taking control of Enterprise. Using the ancient technology, Kurth's mind is restored his body, with Mester's mind restored to her body. The technology is then destroyed, and Mester is sent to a mental institution.


A pirate Fedeledi, the last of the pirates, throws one recently discovered moon of Neptune, Alaeb, and propells it against the Enterprise, destroying the incipient life that was being born there. Fortunately, Enterprise is able to escape the moon's orbit. The last pirate is destroyed, during which process Neptune was stripped of several rings as well as Saturn and Pluto was turned into a comet for some years before colliding against the Sun.


Enterprise encounters a group of almost god-like beings called the Irival who threaten to destroy the ship. Admiral Kurth fools them and Enterprise goes to Warp nine million to escape the reach of the Irival, who can only travel at Warp one thousand. But they catch up due to their near god-hood and trap the Enterprise in a temporal time loop. Thanks to the efforts of Commander Montogomery Scott, Chief Engineering Officer, a cold start of the engines is affected that frees the Enterprise from the time-loop but sends her three days into the past, where she can destroy the gods. Enterprise does, though at the exaustion of all her phasers. She goes into space-dock for a massive repair program.


840,000 Light Years from earth, a star goes Supernova. Thing is, this one is a gamma ray burster, and its north pole is aimed right at earth.


Enterprise intercepts the gamma-ray burst, and by quick thinking of Commander Montogomery Scott and Captain Spock (recently promoted), Enterprise creates a force field that sends the burst into a direction aimed 200,000 light years away from Earth.


The Fedeledi ascend to a higher plane of existence. Although on the higher plane they still look like Fedeledi, and have Fedeledi-esque culture, they would be unrecognizable to most of the world's creatures. They, along with other pre-ascended species, made a new confederation, called the Guardians of Life. The last ascended Fedeledi, the most "human" still, is sent to the Enterprise and then to Earth to tell the news and inform them of why are the Fedeledi colonies unresponsive but its technology is still among the most advanced. Only the dumbest Fedeledi and those on spaceships do not ascend to a higher plane.


Enterprise is retired from active service and assigned to the Space Academy as a training ship. Enterprise quickly adjusts to her new role and is soon the highest-decorated Academy ship. Kurth is promoted from Rear Admiral to Vice Admiral, while Speck is assigned command of Enterprise. Commander Montogomery Scott is promoted to Captain of Engineering aboard Enterprise, while Lieutenant Commander Pavel Chekovy is promoted to Commander and made Supreme Chief of Security aboard Enterprise, over his former rank of Bridge Security Officer. Lieutenant Sulu is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and appointed full-time Helmsman, while Lieutenant Commander Nyoti Uhura is promoted to the rank of Commander and made Chief of Enterprise Communications.


A new ship, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701 A), is built. Its first mission is to try to enable contact with the Ascended Fedeledi, which they think is on the constellation Enlightment. They plan their arrival to be at OTL 790,000 BCE.


  • Admiral Kurth re-commissions the old Enterprise, still serving as a training vessel, into active service to deal with the Genesis crisis (a crisis involving an attempt to create a habitable planet by using a pre-programmed terraforming device): he did not believe the Enterprise-A was fit for such a mission: after all it was only 10,000 years old, while the original Enterprise has been in service since 1,880,000, for a total of 390,000 years. Enterprise encounters Khai, Kurth's old enemy, who, centuries ago, tried to seize Enterprise. Khai wanted revenge for his exile and for the death of his wife, revealed to be Lieutenant Marla McGivers, who had went with Khai centuries before. When Kurth fails to raise shields, Khai opens an attack on Enterprise, severely damaging the already old vessel (which was the oldest ship in service in the fleet at the time), especially the engineering section and forward photon torpedo launcher. Kurth is able to use Enterprise to drive Khai off. Khai activitates the Genesis Device, but Speck sacrifices his life to allow Enterprise to escape in time.'
  • Dr Elexy Cochrane, Dr. Alexandra Cochrane, and Dr. Lawrence Mavrick are all killed this year.


  • The Enterprise-A, after a slight retardment on Earth, arrive at Enlightment. There, they find the few still material parts of the Fedeledi. Although almost identical on bodily shape, their remains weren't alive. When the Enterprise-A got to them to study, they were taken to the Guardians of Life's headquarters, where they find the Enlightened version of the ex-Fedeledi leader, Feas XII Bobadil. It is almost impossible to communicate to him, but finally the crew gets some information about Ascension and about the Fedeledi's recent history.


Destruction of enterprise

Destruction of the original Enterprise, after 410,000 years in service.

  • Enterprise-A returns from its mission to Earth. They deliver their information about the Ascension and the recent history of the Fedeledi to the Space Probe Agency. The ORIGINAL Enterprise returns to space-dock as well, having dealt with Khai, and is escorted by Enterprise-A. The ship still has visibile battle damage, including burned out parts of the main engine, burns on the saucer section, and burns to the nacelles. Fleet Admiral Harrison Morrow announces Enterprise (not Enterprise-A) is to be decommissioned. Kurth requests permission from Morrow to use Enterprise to return to the "Genesis Device Planet" to recover Speck's body, after finding out Speck had a living memory and personality he transfered to Dr. McCoy. Morrow refuses. So, Kurth and his senior team steal Enterprise from space-dock. Enterprise-A, which is much more advanced then Enterprise tries to stop them but Scotty had disabled her engines and weapons. Scotty (Scott) had also installed an automation system to make it so easy to handle Enterprise that it could be run by "a monkey and two trainees". When Enterprise arrives at Genesis, it encounters a Chardia ship. Kurth puts red-alert on. On the planet, Kurth's son, Dr. David Marcus, and the Lieutenant Saavik, are prisoners of the Chardia. Enterprise at first is able to fire two torpedoes at the Chardia ship, gaining an early advantage. However, when Chekovy tries to put shields on, they are non-responsive. Scotty reported the automation center (which ran the bridge, engines, weapons, and navigational systems) was overloading under the strain of battle: he had foolishly not equipped it to withstand battle. A charge from the Chardia ship caused a series of internal explosions throughout Enterprise and completely destroyed the still overloading automation center, leaving Enterprise disabled. Kurth then feigned surrender to the Chardia, who, wanting to draw his emotions out, kill his son. Kurth, with the aid of Scotty and Chekovy, sets the Enterprise auto-destruct sequence, the only working weapon operated by the computer. They, along with Sulu and McCoy, beam off the ship, just before the Chardia beam on. The computer count-down reached zero, and the self-destruct sequence soon activiated, killing the Chardia, who had reached the bridge. Eurptions destroyed the bridge, and then destroyed section by section of the saucer of Enterprise. One final charge sheared off half of the saucer, knocking what was left of Enterprise out of orbit, where it burned up in the atmosphere of Genesis. Kurth then defeated the leader of the Chardia, who had beamed to the planet himself to kill Kurth and his crew. Kurth defeated the Chardian leader, and he and his crew captured the Chardian vessel. They then piloted it out, with Speck's body in hand.


  • The ex-crew of the destroyed Enterprise is brought towards the Enlightment Ether, where they are brought to experiments to their endurability, and to see if they are ready for Enlightment for their honourable deeds.


Some Chardia try to take over the Enterprise-A, and the captain, Lawerence Styles, is forced to activiate the self destruct sequence. As a result, by the time the Chardia reach the bridge, and hold the captain at gunpoint, the countdown reaches 0. Explosions destroy the bridge and then destroy section by section of the saucer of the Enterprise-A. Smaller explosions rock the secondary hull. One final deadly charge destroyed half of the saucer and knocked the Enterprise-A out of orbit, causing the ship to hurl into the Sun and burn up helplessly.


Okay, this is an example of what happens when a really cool idea for a map game loses all sanity and collapses. It is sad and usually preventable. However, I think that with the map game creator's permission, I could do a reboot. MattiasWestby 19:46, April 3, 2012 (UTC)

If nobody objects, Human Evolution: Third Reboot starts here and now. The game begins in Africa around 2.5 million years ago at the evolution of Homo habilis. At the time, Australopithecus afarensis and Australopithecus boisei are still alive, not forgetting early hominids like Paranthropus and Kenyanthropus. Here, two more modern hominids evolve. One is Homo gigantis, a two meter tall hominid found in Europe and parts of Russia. These brutes are big, but they have brains to match their size and manufacture advanced tools for their time out of wood, bamboo and stone. Even primitive bows and arrows have appeared in their caves, but has yet to catch on. The other hominid is Homo proeliator, an inhabitant of the highlands of Ethiopia fighting with Paranthropus kong, a giant mountain hominid, for the great peaks and slowly coming to realize that their destiny lies beyond the peaks. There are five playable species; Australopithecus boisei, Australopithecus afarensis, Homo habilis, Homo gigantis and Homo proeliator. These are the most intelligent hominids of the time and close to being modern humans. Their destiny may lie with sentience and world domination, or with crushing defeat and extinction. You can only evolve after 10,000 years. Each turn is 1,000 years, and the game ends at 2000 CE. May the best caveman win.


Australopithecus boisei:

Australopithecus afarensis:

Homo habilis:Mr YOLO (talk)

Homo proeliator: MattiasWestby

Homo gigantis:

If there are no objections, would somebody tell me how to post a map? MattiasWestby 22:30, April 6, 2012 (UTC)

You upload it. Then you come to the page and type in: [[Image:Name of Image Here.png (or other MIME type, including .jpg, .gif, etc.)|300px (or however big you want it to be)|border (unless you don't want a border)|caption here]]

If you don't understand, I'll clarify it for you. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 22:57, April 6, 2012 (UTC)

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I know about the sequel. Thank you for clarifying. MattiasWestby 02:07, April 7, 2012 (UTC)Africa-large-BW

Well, as soon as I figure out how to change pixels and all that, Human Evolution 3 begins! Again. For the third time. AND THIS TIME IT WILL WORK, OR I WILL GET MAD!! Just kidding, but seriously, keep this even remotely plausible, OK? The idea is too awesome to wreck with turning it into a Star Trek. MattiasWestby 03:21, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

Okay, how do you edit individual pixels and make nations again? MattiasWestby 23:37, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

I assume that you are going to create a new page for the game? Because we can't have two games on one page. LurkerLordB (Talk) 03:19, April 8, 2012 (UTC)

When you are typing the code in, put a different number before the "px" that way, if you put "450px" in the coding, it will be 450 pixels. If you put "326px" it will be 326 pixels. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 03:29, April 8, 2012 (UTC)

Is that how you make countries, Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum?

And LurkerLordB, you are totally right, from this moment on the game goes to a new page. See you in Human Evolution: The Third Game! (Map Game). MattiasWestby 17:44, April 8, 2012 (UTC)