Republic of Huixian
Timeline: Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power
明 Ming Flag Chinese Dragon Banner
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Huixian (SM 3rd Power)
Location in Blue
(and largest city)
Language Chinese
Religion Buddhism, Taoism
Government Semi-presidential republic
President Rosanna Wong
Currency Huixian Yuan

Huixian is a nation in Africa.


Huixian had been established by China back in 1840 and remained as a part of China until 1924. By 1950 Huixian suffered a bloody civil war between the Communist Guerrillas and the democratic government which caused the allies to intervene. The Huixian Government and the Allies were victorious and defeted the communists in 1965. By 2000 Huixian had been mostly rebuilt, and is doing well, though it is a bit unstable at times.

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