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The western part of Lousiana has been massively settled by Huguenots since 1685. In fact, it was due to a lack of restriction to Huguenot to establish themeselves in New France on the western side of the Mississippi river (from OTL Minnesota to OTL Louisiana). The royal power did not fear any kind of alliance with New Spain.

From this POD, the colonial population evolved like New England pilgrims.

Moreover, after 1689, a special immigrant tax fulfilled the royal treasure. So the royal power began to see this unexpected huge immigration very positively. This positive view change was reinforced by the numerous calls to repeal the protestants back done by high ranked royals officers like Colbert and specially Vauban. In fact, it was a go between solution as they remain in the kingdom's land but not in the metropole.

Another contribution factor (POD), was a the launch of naval construction in Québec City, started by Colbert in 1678 (ATL) instead of 1738 (OTL). The shipyards owned by the royal treasure, boomed because of Huguenots orders for vessels and abundant timber and iron ressources. The orders were done by small Huguenots companies or by the Compagnie du Mississippi owned by Sir Crozat. This led that the successor Compagnie d'Occident flourished. In 20 years, more than 400,000 people crossed the Atlantic.

At this point, New France is still restricted for Huguneots in OTL Canada/Québec, Pays des Illinois and Eastern Louisiana/Western Florida.

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