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Hugo Sperrle (Winged Hands of the Reich)

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250px-Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1987-121-30A, Hugo Sperrle

Hugo Sperrle, Luftwaffe official

Hugo Sperrle was a commanding officer of the Luftwaffe, and later of the Reich Space Force.

After the arrival of the Zheronians, Sperrle was one of the main coordinators of Operation Sealion, along with the Zheronian Fleet Admiral Vor'Kloren, and Adolf Hitler himself.

After the success of Operation Sealion, Sperrle assisted in the coordination of Operation Barbarossa, an operation in which the Luftwaffe played little part, and in a more major role in the Invasion of the United States. Sperrle commanded Reich forces in the battle of Richmond.

As an award for military valiance, the Hermann Goring awarded Sperrle the position of commanding officer of the Reich Space Force's first capital ship, the Reichsraumschiff Reichsadler. As commanding officer of the Reichsadler, Sperrle oversaw skirmishes against the French Resistance, extraction of criminals throughout the Solar System, and a scouting mission to Alpha Centauri.

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