Hugo Joao da Costa e Savala (July 8, 1914-August 3, 1987) was the dictator of Brazil from 1974 to 1987, coming to power in a military coup d'etat fomented by reactionary and nationalistic forces seeking to topple a liberal, pro-American government. Savala was a brutal authoritarian who engaged in genocidal tactics and mass murder during the 1970's, waged war against both Colombia and Argentina, started a personality cult, accumulated vast wealth while in power and managed to drain the American military of interest in further pursuit of the conflict. He was toppled in August of 1987, when the Colombian army and the Republicano forces they supported finally reached Rio de Janeiro, and Savala committed suicide. He is ranked typically alongside Albert I of France as one of the 20th century's most brutal dictators.

Early Life and Military Career

Allegiance with National Democratic Party

Coup d'etat: 21 February, 1974

Military Junta

Presidency of Hugo Savala

Personal Life


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