Hugh Grant

Portrait of Hugh Grant

10th Prime Minister of the English Republic
October 23rd, 2008-May 4, 2011

Predecessor Jeremy Irons
Successor Jack Davenport

Leader of the Conservative Party
October 18th, 2008-December 15th, 2008 (interim) December 15th, 2008-Present (official)

Predecessor Jeremy Irons
Successor incumbent

Deputy Prime Minister of the English Republic
May 3rd, 2005-October 23rd, 2008

Predecessor Miles Jeffries
Successor Kevin Stuart

Member of Parliament, South London-Wickett

Predecessor James Brian Harligan
Successor incumbent
Born September 9, 1960 (aged 50)
Spouse Elizabeth Hurley Grant
Political Party Conservative
Profession Businessman

Hugh John Mungo Grant (born 9 September 1960) is an English politician who served as the Prime Minister of the English Republic from 2008 until 2011, taking office following the resignation of predecessor Jeremy Irons in October of 2008 and after being appointed subsequent a Parliamentary special election, and was reconfirmed as Conservative Party leader in December after having spent two months as the interim party leader.

Grant's term as Prime Minister was spent trying to undo much of the damage from various scandals during the Irons era and institute long-term electoral and bureaucratic reform, with mixed results. Despite a growing economy, dissaffection with the Conservative Party led to Grant's narrow loss in the 2011 English Parliamentary election to Jack Davenport's Labour Party. Since May 4, 2011, Grant has served as the Leader of the Opposition, and has indicated that he intends to remain the party leader for the foreseeable future.