• February 1 2008: The once front runner for the Republican nomination Mike Huckabee announces the end to his presidential campaign after a third place finish in his "make or break" state South Carolina. By chance one of his senior staff jokes about a run as an independent.
  • February 7 2008: After announcing that he will not endorse any candidate Huckabee meets with senior staffers to seriously discuss a possible run as a third party or independent candidate.
  • March 5 2008: After failing in several crucial contests Barack Obama decides too drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination but refuses to endorse Hillary Clinton.
  • March 9 2008: Huckabee announces he will run as a independent saying "there is just not enough from the two highly partisan parties". Pollsters say Huckabee does not stand much of a chance as an independent as polls show he has a mere 22% support nationally.
  • March 13: Huckabee meets with Obama privately, Huckabee asks Obama if he will be his running mate on an independent third party non-partisan ticket. Obama is at first hesitant and requests more time to make up his mind.