Hubert Humphrey
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Hubert Humphrey CDM
Portrait of Hubert Humphrey

36th President of United States
January 20, 1961 - January 20, 1969

Predecessor Earl Warren
Successor Nelson Rockefeller
Vice President George McGovern

United States Senator from Minnesota
January 3, 1949 - December 20, 1960

Predecessor Joseph Ball
Successor Walter Mondale

Mayor of Minneapolis
July 2, 1945 - November 30, 1948

Predecessor Marvin Kline
Successor Eric Hoyer
Born May 27, 1911
Died January 13, 1978 (aged 66)
Spouse Muriel Humphrey
Political Party Laborist
Profession Businessman, politician

Hubert Horatio Humphrey, Jr. (May 27, 1911 - January 13, 1978) was an American politician from Minnesota who served as the 36th President of the United States from 1969 until 1977. He was a US Senator from Minnesota from 1949-1960, when he resigned to prepare to take office as President. He also served Mayor of Minneapolis in the 1940s before being elected to the Senate.

Humphrey rose to national prominence at the 1948 Laborist National Convention when he expressed his outright support for civil rights, his strong condemnation of both Nationalist Germany and the de jure segregation practiced by the Confederate States as well as racism that still existed in various parts of the United States. During the 1950's he would work closely with Presidents Henry A. Wallace and Earl Warren to end racial discrimination that still existed in various parts of the United States.