Hsiao-Peng Wu (born May 31, 1959) is the current Chairman of the URSCV Communist Party, and leader of the United Socialist Republics of China and Vietnam. He took over in 2008, after the death of previous leader Hua Guofeng.

Not much is known about Peng's life before his career in politics. Some of the few facts include his service in the URSCV Red Army in the early 1980s. He quickly rose up on the ranks of politics. Hua treated him almost like a foster son, and included him in the most inner party circles. When Hua died, everyone expected him to take his place, which was eventually done.

Western powers had expected Peng to introduce a more liberal and less authoritarian approach in politics; however, he continued Hua's path of orthodox Maoism. His rise to power included the arrest and/or execution of many rival party officials, whom he deemed to be "dangerous to his authority". Peng also ordered quickened nuclear armament and development of nuclear weaponry.

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