In 1777, British General John Burgoyne had devised a strategy to defeat American forces in New York, split the 13 Colonies in half, and eliminate the United States of America. His plan was for three British armies to attack New York State from three separate directions. The British would trap Washington near Saratoga, capture the Hudson River, and thus divide the colonies into two. His plan was unsuccessful- this was because General William Howe, who was supposed to lead one of the other two armies advancing into New York, never showed up. Instead, Howe attacked Philadelphia, and even though he won that campaign, the British lost at Saratoga. France and Spain entered the war following the American victory, and the United States won the war.

But what if William Howe had stuck to Burgoyne's plan, and attacked Saratoga. What if the British won the battle that was supposed to be the turning point for the Americans? This is the POD for Howe's March- William Howe's march to Saratoga along the Hudson River. Welcome to a world where, until 1954, the 13 Colonies remained ruled by the King of England.


  • History of North America

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