Howard Townshend Luther (October 1, 1834 - December 18, 1892) was an American general, known for being the second Commander of the Army of the Dakotas, a position he inherited from Arthur Perry in February of 1886 during the Alaskan War.

While his appointment was initially celebrated, Luther was a feeble commander who stayed at Army Headquarters in Chicago and delegated to his cabal of officers, many of whom were promoted due to his friendship with them rather than merit. The Army of the Dakotas was beaten out of Kialgory and forced south through American soil, finally being embarrassed at Seskanie. Luther was sacked the day after news of Seskanie arrived in Washington by President Blaine and was replaced by Peter Urban, who successfully defended both Omaha and Winnipeg and retook Sioux City, Sioux Falls and Watertown during the fall. After the war, Luther retired and died at his home in Vermont in 1892.

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