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Household Objects

Original LP Cover.

Studio album by Pink Floyd
Released 29 November 1974
Recorded October 1973 - July 1974
Genre Progressive rock, Psychedelic rock, Folk rock
Length 38:10
Label Columbia
Producer Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd chronology
Dark Side of The Moon
Household Objects
Wish You Were Here
1. "Crazy Party in the Living Room" (Waters, Mason, Wright, Gilmour)
Release: 12 January 1975

Household Objects is the tenth studio album by the English progressive rock band Pink Floyd, released on 1 March 1973.

The album was originated from a Pink Floyd project for creating music with homemade noises, such as hits, breaking glass, something being fried and etc.

Two songs were except that, using musical instruments, which were "Crazy Party in the Living Room" and "Sleepover".

The album was not as successful as its predecessor, but had high sales and only one single.

Track listing

Side One

No. Title Music Lead vocals Length
1. "The Hard Way" Wright, Mason -/- 2:46
2. "Wine Glasses" Wright, Waters, Gilmour -/- 2:16
3. "Kitchen" Waters Gilmour, Waters 15:12
Total Length: 20:14

Side Two

No. Title Music Lead vocals Length
1. "Noises on the Roof" Wright, Waters Wright, Waters 6:13
2. "Crazy Party in the Living Room" Waters, Mason, Wright, Gilmour Waters, Mason, Wright, Gilmour 4:45
3. "Take a Shower" Gilmour Gilmour 4:19
4. "Sleepover" Waters Waters 2:39
Total Length: 17:56

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